10 Things Your Doctor (Probably) Hasn’t Told You

From the real risks of smoking to managing stress, high blood pressure and diet, get the health facts that could help you live longer and happier.

For better or for worse, your doctor doesn’t always tell you everything, and what you are told isn’t always presented with complete objectivity. In most cases, this is done to prevent you from worrying too much, or to deter harmful activities you might be indulging in. In other cases it’s simply because they’re trying to solve your issue as efficiently as possible, without discussing other potential problem areas or making things overly complicated.

To help you get started with your list of things to discuss with your doctor, our friends at the Term Life Insurance Blog have come up with the following infographic, which hopefully may make the process a little easier, and make things more clear.

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Doctor List

Via: Term Life Insurance Blog

Bonus: This is what happens when I tell people I’m colorblind