Truth About Sun, Sunscreen, and Skin Cancer

Where did this summer go? Seriously. Even as we near the dog days of August, some of us still look pasty white — on purpose. Yeah, we know a tan’s a great accessory to a sundress, but cancer? We’re not really into that. That’s why we’re serious about how we protect ourselves. (Besides, we don’t want to have to reevaluate our term life insurance policy or start having regular checkups to get that weird mole checked out; we’re busy enough as it is.) So check out these tips, spread on the sunblock, and enjoy that margarita guilt-free.

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4 thoughts on “Truth About Sun, Sunscreen, and Skin Cancer

  1. Patrick

    Yes, and if you live your life in a protective airlocked bubble with no outside contact, im sure you would avoid alot of the other ailments life brings.

  2. Mike

    thats an awful lot of trouble to go through just so you can be hot. no thanks. ill just stay indoors with the ac and a fan.

    sunlight also causes wrinkles ladies.

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