10 Important Things They Didn’t Teach You In School

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3 thoughts on “10 Important Things They Didn’t Teach You In School

  1. Deansdale

    #10 is lunacy.
    First of all douchebags are not “invented” by PUAs. Not all douchebags are PUAs and not all PUAs are douchebags. So all this diatribe against PUAs is just retarded.
    All that hate and misinformation about the pickup community is mindboggling.
    Where to begin…

    “some guys who are being suspiciously nice to you”
    PUAs are not “suspiciously nice”. Ever heard about negs?
    Who's “suspiciously nice” are niceguys who don't know else.

    “many of these men to start hating you. Some of them hate you already”
    PUAs don't hate women. Also, men don't hate women. It's a f*cked up misandrist feminist notion.
    Yes, SOME men get burned by rejection, but they are typically NOT the PUAs. (See MGTOW.) One of the first thing you learn in the pu community is don't get burned by rejection.

    “they grew up hating their mothers and it kind of carries over. Boys are like that.”
    That. Is. Just. Plain. FUCKIN'. MENHATRED.
    Misandry at it's worst. People who write this type of shit ought to have their teeth kicked out.
    By their mothers.

    “This is a loose club of guys who see females as a collection of walking masturbation aids.”
    Yeah, yeah, we all heard this bullsh*t hundreds of times. It ain't true nevertheless.
    Those men NOT in the pu community want to get layed too, only they believe in different methods. PUAs say you can learn this stuff, haters say you mustn't because… well, *just because*.

    “how to manipulate you into having sex with them”
    This is so damn tiring. Improving your social and conversational skills is “manipulation”? F*ck off. What about makeup? That is not manipulation in this sense how exactly?

    “They believe the male/female relationship is adversarial in nature”
    FEMINISTS believe this, not PUAs. It's undeniably evident by now that the writer knows freakin' nothin' about the pu community apart from lies spread by haters.

    “sex is a way of conquering you”
    Again, quite contrary to feminist propaganda, 99% of men don't want to “conquer” women or whatever, they just want to have sex. And there is no problem with that. Women want to have sex too, most of the times just as bad as men. And in case you didn't notice, EVERY people on this f*ckin planet came into existence because their parents F*CKED. (well, apart from IVF but that's about 0.00000000000001% of all people so gimme a break) There is no problem with anyone wanting to f*ck and to demonise men because of their natural desires is – again – braindead feminist fearmongering and misandry.

    “subtle criticisms that will undermine your self-esteem”
    No shit, Sherlock? The problem with western civilization right about now is that people have waaay too much self esteem and also that people are so obsessed with it they keep talking about this forever. The most important thing in the world is that you think you're the most wonderful person ever, so blowing out all the *really* nice guys is not rude, it's fun! Also, there is no need to improve yourself in any way since you were born perfect.
    All the sane psychologists and most of those with common sense see that western women tend to overvalue themselves by miles.
    Also, let's get real here. The classic “nice nails, are they real?” is not the devilishly eeevil mindf*ck the haters want outsiders to believe it to be.

    “This is just one type of douchebag”
    How nice of you to mention this at the end.

    “weโ€™re not telling you not to sleep with these men”
    Now it's hilarious. What DO you tell them, then? Nothing, it seems.
    Apart from lies, that is.

    It's a shame, really, because the overall concept of this article is quite good. Only if they didn't ruin it at the start…

    On a side note,
    #3 How to Cook Cheap Food That Wonโ€™t Kill You
    is a bit off. They mention salt and fat, while actually carbohydrates are the most responsible for the tons of overweight people in the western world. Before you dismiss this out of hand, let me say just this: fat consumption went down in the last decades while carbohydrates – AND the number of overweight people – went up. The correlation is clear.

  2. Jake

    So this is the last chapter.


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