Amazing Piano Freestyle on ChatRoulette

Collected by Dahlia Rideout has brought out the creativity in some very talented folks. This hooded piano player reacts to his victims in real time, always bringing out a smile.

Not familiar with Have a look at this video by Casey Neistat to get a sense of what you may be missing.

I’m not sure how many of these are staged, but here are a few hilarious screen grabs from chat sessions:

And finally, a very concerning video of an awesome Chat Roulette prank:

Update: Ben Folds does live ode to Chatroulette piano guy

Update: Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #2

Update: Lady Gaga on Chatroulette for “Telephone”

Update: Catroulette

Catroulette – Watch more Funny Videos

Update: Epic Omegle trolling. People can’t believe I’m not a girl… until I turn around!

14 thoughts on “Amazing Piano Freestyle on ChatRoulette

  1. Laughingdog

    Ben Folds actually did this during his concert tonight in Norfolk. I guess he saw the video and decided it seemed like a good idea.

  2. liko


    as far as i know ben folds video on youtube is (as the title says) an “ode to merton”. the first video shows merton. So that first guy is NOT ben folds, fyi. The one in the last video IS ben folds, fyi.

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