You Know His Name Wasn’t Really Jesus Christ, Right?

23 thoughts on “You Know His Name Wasn’t Really Jesus Christ, Right?

  1. Blaise Pascal

    When I read this on the Surviving The World site a few days ago, I started to wonder how many people I could simultaneously piss off by referring to him as “Yeshua ben Yahweh”

  2. Coyoty

    Yeshua ben Yahweh was wanted for attacking a Jewish temple. He also started a large movement devoted to spreading his ideology, and his followers often kill in his name.

  3. Mark

    He has many names… What’s your point? Using his name in vain is exactly what it means…

    If you want to live beyond the time you have here, it would mean getting to know HIM…

  4. Travis

    Jesus Christ, Mark. Millions upon millions of people have called out “Jesus Christ!” for decades and they still lived in peace.

    Is your faith that easily rattled by some guy trying to share a little information over the internet? Jesus Christ, man!

    And what’s that last line supposed to be, a Holy Threat? Jesus Christ! Since when did you give out HIS death penalties? ’cause if you can actually do that, I’d like to be in on that scam.

    Take a chill-pill, Jesus Fucking Christ. Let us pay for it in our afterlives.
    God said spread His word; not shove it down people’s throats.

    Jesus Christ!

  5. Chris

    They’re just words. The only important part is the connotation associated with those words. If you’re a believer, then it most likely is taking His name in vain because “Jesus Christ” is the name you associate with the Son of God. If you’re not a believer, you wouldn’t care enough to be worried about taking His name in vain.

  6. OrganizedFellow

    I could use his name in vain all I want.
    I smash my thumb? Jesus Fucking Christ that hurt!
    I kick the door jamb while chasing my little girl playing around? Jesus Fucking Christ that hurt!
    I see some nice titties on a girl? Jeeeee-zzzuuussss, those are nnniiiicccce!

    Does that mean I’m going to hell (*eek*gasp*)? Nope. You can kiss my burning ass if you believe in that.
    FIRST, I probably need to believe in it, right?
    Hell doesn’t exist. Only in your own mind. Heaven? Only in your own mind.

    What I DO BELIEVE IN, is my faith in my fellow man. Trust. Loyalty. Good will towards others. Kindness. Courtesy. Sex. Love. Many drugs? And a little Rock-n-Roll never hurt anyone.

    Stop taking your “Bible” so literal. Stop believing all the “Church” tells you.

    This post/article is meant to be a funny joke. If you can take it, then that’s your sadness.
    I find it fucking funny!

    I just bitmyself!
    Jesus Fucking Christ that hurt!

  7. Eric

    While I don’t want to get embroiled in this, it seems that the Mark dude wasn’t close to being as heated as his responders.

    And a sidenote: saying you would have to believe in hell to go there is as logical as saying you couldn’t go to jail because you didn’t believe in it.

  8. Travis

    Jesus Christ, Eric!

    Jail is a concrete, realistic, and solid place here on earth. We actually know people who’ve gone into, died in, or got out of Jail.

    Hell is like an afterlife surprise for all the people God deems unworthy to step into Heaven.

    It’s like you compared the Toothfairy and the Dentist.

  9. Sf

    Travis, you are sad.

    Have you ever seen NGC 2770? No? What about M82? M87?

    Clearly, they must not be, because you have not seen it with your own eyes, people have not gone into, died in, got out of…

    As a matter of fact, you are nothing more than a cleverly constructed set of electrons. You do not exist. I have never seen, met or even know anyone who has known you.

    You do not exist.

    … If you are going to get into an argument remember to bring your brain next time.

  10. pakoda


    let me understand what you are trying to say by means of an example. let us suppose that
    1. you are a heterosexual male.

    So according to your logic just because you have never encountered or had any kind of erotic feelings towards a fellow “male” human dosent actually mean that you are not a homo aka gay person, but by benefit of doubt, it actually means the complete opposite. (just coz u have never seen hell dosent mean it dosent exist and giving it the benefit of doubt, i say it does exist … i am paraphrasing ofcourse)

    Those feelings do exist, coz you are not just a cleverly constructed set of electrons but an actual human being with a really stupid and baseless sense of logic, according to which u are gay even though in reality u are not.

    i think i understand what u trying to say. thank god i remembered bringing my brain to this pointless argument.

  11. pakoda

    also according to your logic dragons and unicorns exist and lived amongst us many many years ago and the Lord of the Rings was something that actually happened.

    P.S. say hi to sponge bob for me next time you go meet him ok …. i presume he is real too.

  12. Travis

    Jesus Christ, Sf!

    Whatever I am, at least I use my real name.

    Even Mark and Eric used names that weren’t as random as “Sf” which are keys a retarded kid could accidentally drop his tongue on.

    And exactly what public school did you fail out of that you don’t know a brain is needed to actually control motor-functions, aka TYPING, which I can clearly do.

    Like I said before, CHILL. Good try at trolling though, but not nearly good enough.

    Oh, and… Jesus Christ!

  13. Rakibul

    Even the word Bible and Christian is not present in the “Holy Bible”.
    You guys are following a false god who haven’t said that i am God or worship me.

    Do you know every prophet is a son of God. In practical god has no son but god calls his beloved prophets as My Son.

  14. Rupert Cornelius

    Sf pulled at straws, and the haystack of fail collapsed on him. Also, Jebus Krizt.

  15. phreakiphred

    The writting on the “black-board” is correct.

    Rakibul (whom I think I talked to in India about my Microsoft Windows 7 but he said his name was “Larry”) is wrong……

    According to King James Version, circa 1625.
    (and the version Christians USED to abide by before those turned it into a Dr Suess book)

    Acts 11:25-26 (King James Version)

    25 Then departed Barnabas to Tarsus, for to seek Saul:

    26 And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.

  16. phreakiphred

    Oh and Rakibul said:

    “You guys are following a false god who havenโ€™t said that i am God or worship me”

    ? Worhip ME?

    Me means ONE (1) and used as the direct object of a verb.

    How do you keep all the following Hindu “gods” straight and did THEY all declare THEY were gods to worship?

    1: Brahma – Durga – Ganesha
    2: Hanuman – Kali – Krishna – Krishna as a baby
    3: Lakshmana – Lakshmi – Parvati – Krishna & Radha – Radha
    4: Rama – Ramdarbar – Ravana – Sarasvati
    5: Shiva – Shiva Nataraj (Nataraja)
    6: Sita & Rama – Sita – Trimurti – Vishnu The Goddess as Knowledge


    When my wife and I have an orgy there are so many arms and legs in the air (see Mahakali our Hindu neighbor bows and prays at the window

  17. Oliver

    i like the fact that everyone believes that if they type intellectually then they will be listened to, almost as much as the peoples belief that they are arguing against, how odd is this ? and btw, all hindu gods originate from one, as is in GCSE R.E. also, who is to say that there is a physical form to heaven and hell ? not to say that they exist, but to say that it must be physically see able, and solid, oxygen maybe as solid as heaven and hell, but you seem to forget that what makes us people individual, is the part of us that makes least amount of sense and is the least physical part of us,

    Jesus fucking christ i love religious arguments ๐Ÿ˜€

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