20 Signs You Play Too Many Flash Games

Written by forkparty

1. You get invited to a birthday party and immediately start throwing darts at all the balloons.


2. You order a Cafe Mochi Frappuccino at Starbucks.


3. Your Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii are covered in dust.


4. Your notebook is filled with tracks for Line Rider and Free Rider.

5. You freak out when you accidentally close the browser window after you completed the first tutorial level without saving. That was precious time wasted!


6. The word โ€œphysicsโ€ has nothing to do with science and more to do with how blocks with smiley faces fall.

7. You build a maze to your fridge and defend it from anyone trying to get food.

8. The ad loading time before a game is the longest 15 seconds of your life.

9. Someone tells you about a new game that you have to actually download and install and you look at them like they are from the stone-age.

10. Instead of pop songs you get Flash game level songs stuck in your head.

11. Armor has nothing to do with the medieval ages any more.

12. You canโ€™t finish your homework but you can find time to finish The Impossible Quiz 1 & 2

13. You watch Youtube walk-throughs of Flash games.

14. You learned to parallel park from parking game simulators.

15. You feel mentally and physically prepared for a real zombie/alien/penguin invasion from what you learned in Flash games.

16.ย  You believe behind every new PC or console release there is a Flash game they probably ripped off.

17. You think jmtb02 deserves a Nobel prizeย  for his groundbreaking work (he does!).

18. You believe a NinjaKiwi is a real fruit and you want to try it to see how delicious it is.

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19. Whenever anyone closes a door on your room you immediately organize your inventory and try to escape.

20. You are wearing fancy pants right now.

Feel free to add your own signs you play too many Flash games in the comments.


Bonus!: I’m Sorry

12 thoughts on “20 Signs You Play Too Many Flash Games

  1. may tinh xach tay

    I found your website perfect for my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. I have read most of them and got a lot from them. To me, you are doing the great work.

  2. Gregory Alter

    I've been feeling a lot like this recently. I've started up a flash games website and now I have to play the games to try them before adding them to the site! Okay, so some people will say that this doesn't sound so bad, but there's something like 200 new games in the feed every day. So every day I've got to play at least 25. So things in this article are sounding terribly familiar to me now, hehe – like the consoles covered in dust, or seeing opportunities to escape from a room! Great post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps now this is the warning I was needing that I should go for a walk and give my mind a break from games (of the flash kind).

  3. abtr0nix

    Probably the best part about this article is the large Google Ad “A.I.War browser game” right at the end. I guess any die-hard games can read these custom signs that he / she has been reading for too long and needs to get back to that saved game.

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