15 Annoying Things Most Girlfriends Do, That You Put Up With

Written By The Manolith Team


While there are exceptions to every rule, the fact remains that the rule exists. Most women, like men, will behave in certain expected ways, especially once in a committed relationship. Some of us may be lucky enough to find a woman who somehow manages to break all the rules, but those are about as common as unicorns, and let’s just face facts here, there’s no such thing as unicorns. These are the 15 most annoying things that most girlfriends do, and yes — you have to put up with all of them.

Random Item Relocation


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Nothing could be more vexing to realize while heading out the door than that you have no idea to where your hat, jacket, or even shoes have disappeared to. Girlfriends have an uncanny knack for arbitrarily deciding that there is a proper place for an item you have improperly placed for months, or even years on end — without incident. When you finally exhaust your searching abilities and ask them where they’ve hidden your stuff, their response is nearly always that it’s where it belongs. Where that may be, only they will know.

Unwanted “Organization” of Your Stuff


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Much like the singular item relocation, girlfriends will take it upon themselves to upgrade your imperfect organization of stuff, your stuff. Whether it’s your DVD collection, your sock drawer, or everything in the kitchen, she’ll completely overhaul the system you had going. Trying to explain to them that you even had a system to begin with is a waste of breath, since they will promptly explain to you that that isn’t really a system at all and that their way is the right way.

Constant Overdressing


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Whether you feel like going to McDonald’s or the classy joint downtown, your girlfriend will likely dress as though you’re going to a fancy soirée and spend no less than an hour preparing for it. It doesn’t matter that you’ll only need about two minutes to put on your jeans and find where she’s hidden your socks. To the same tune; when winter starts dropping the temperature, she’ll begin dressing as though there’s a blizzard outside when it’s barely cold enough for a sweatshirt. Her excuse for this is usually that her ears get cold, when it’s far more likely that she doesn’t like her light jacket anymore, and wants to wear her parka because it’s cuter.

She’s Late for Everything


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There is no difference between getting ready to go to the bar, out to dinner, out to a movie, to see your parents, or to cross the street and sit at the park. Girlfriends often feel the need to spend an hour (or three) preparing themselves for the outing. If you wise up to this early, and give them a full five hours warning, they will wait until 20 minutes beforehand to begin this preparation. Despite decades of intense social-study on the subject, there is no logical explanation for this.

The Sheer Amount of Toiletries She Needs


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Men like to keep their bathrooms distinctly spartan, that is until a girlfriend arrives and inevitably stakes her claim. We tend to have a couple of items to support our shaving habits, some deodorant, shampoo, soap and a toothbrush. She, however, will bring half of Walgreens with her and set it up on every conceivable flat surface she can find, and possibly even add some shelving to facilitate the takeover.

She Whines About Everything


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Work, another woman’s hair, her own hair, her thighs, another woman’s thighs, the weather, her mother, your mother, your socks; it really doesn’t matter what the subject is, because she can and will whine about everything. Things that guys don’t even think about seem to irk women, and they all come out when a girlfriend takes root in your life.

Pillows – Millions of Pillows


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One might think that beds are made for sleeping in, but they’d be wrong. Apparently, unbeknownst to men everywhere, beds are in fact made to hold as many pillows as possible. Only a fraction of the pillows present are actually functional at any given point in time, while the rest are there for some unstated purpose. Sleeping on the bed requires several minutes of relocating pillows to suitable locations, which of course will be designated by the woman who placed them to begin with.

She Can’t Just Let Food Be Food


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Guys don’t have a problem coming home to a fridge full of beer, bread, ketchup and hot dogs. We’ll be happy as clams in front of the TV with our minimalistic, efficient foodstuffs. Women can’t live like that; they need to have something different every day, and whatever it is, it can’t be plain. It has to be dressed up, special, gourmet. Ideally speaking, women wouldn’t even eat at home if they could help it — there’d always be “that cute little place” downtown. Whatever that place is, it changes with the weather.

She’s Attached to Her Phone


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It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of dinner, a movie, a shower, or even sex (it’s happened to more guys than would ever admit it), most girlfriends are absolutely attached to their phones. They don’t actually have to accomplish anything on them, they just have to have them nearby. Usually, it’s a marathon round of texting that began six years ago when they met their best friend, and hasn’t ceased since. During the texting lull, however, you can count on her chatting away incessantly with any number of people, up to and including your own mother.

She Cries at the Drop of a Hat


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It could have been because she stubbed her toe, or it could have been because she thought she stubbed her toe, and the idea of stubbing her toe was stressful enough an event to cause her to cry. Whatever the case may be, she cries at least once a week for what seems like no discernible reason. Technically, there’s always a reason, but it almost always winds up existing solely in her own head.

Movies: She Ruins Their Very Existence


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This isn’t so much because she talks during your favorite part, or that she can’t stop fidgeting or playing with her phone during the movie. Those things are true, but the main problem here is a combination of her taste in movies, her insistence that you watch the movies she wants to see, and her (likely) complete lack of desire to actually pay enough attention to movies you want to watch to actually learn to enjoy them. On the whole, the effect is ruinous. Just bear with her on the chick flicks, and when you want to see something — leave her at home. You’ll enjoy it so much more that way.

She Can’t Be Content Just Staying Home


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Primary motivation for guys to go out all the time as single males is because they’re single males. We go out, whether we realize it or not, with the understanding that we stand a better chance of getting laid that way. Once we have a girlfriend, the going out dwindles to a minimum, and it doesn’t so much phase the majority of us if we’re happy in our relationship. Women on the other hand, feel an intense urge to go out. They want to dress up, to be in public, to feel like socialites, and their logic is simple: They’ve got a closet full of fancy clothes they don’t need to wear at home.

She’s Got a Selectively Perfect Memory


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Girlfriends remember every single fight we’ve ever had with them. They’ve got them all, stored and cataloged in their minds for use at a later date, but they only ever seem to remember the arguments in which they came out the victor. They also remember every single time we’ve been late for something, or forgotten something they wanted us to remember. They remember everything with crystal clarity — when they want to. Otherwise, mysterious memory lapses just seem to strike at the oddest moments.

Constant Guilt-Tripping and Martyrdom


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This seems to go hand in hand with the selective memory and the crying at the drop of a hat. Women can claim martyrdom as a last resort to win any argument, while crying. They might make an outlandish claim, such as “I always cook dinner,” even if you actually cook three times a week. They might claim to clean the house, when in fact you divide cleaning chores evenly. There are any number of ways they can guilt-trip guys into folding in an argument, and they use them according to need.

Deeming All Things Technical to be Unimportant


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Possibly one of the most irksome behaviors exhibited by women today, especially once they’re comfortable with their relationships, is utter disregard for the technical aspect of a thing. When a man sees a sports car, he likely recognizes it for the engine, suspension, equipment and any number of other things aside from the obvious fact that it looks good. Women will look at it and say “oooh it’s cute!” They want the newest smartphone not for its hardware or software, but because it looks new. They don’t care how something works, they just expect it to work. This behavior is largely responsible for the amount of times women will drive a car absolutely devoid of oil for two weeks while they wonder why on earth the warning light is on.

46 thoughts on “15 Annoying Things Most Girlfriends Do, That You Put Up With

  1. Michelle

    I’m guilty of a few of these (especially the organizing one as I’m kind of OCD. Thankfully my boyfriend is so laid back that he doesn’t seem to care. In fact, he’s thanked me on more than one occasion for keeping track of his things since he doesn’t bother to. I’ve helped him find his keys, wallet, iPod, etc. on more than one occasion when he was running late for work.) Overall, though, these are unfair, sweeping generalizations. (Especially the one about the movies. I’m a film geek with a degree to prove it and I ADORE going to the movies and becoming engrossed in the plot.) Would you like it if some woman wrote up a long list about all the annoying things men do that we have to put up with? It’s been done, of course, but I don’t think it’s right. Women and men are known for certain behaviors, but it’s not always a given. Don’t box women OR men into stereotypes, please.

  2. marsnik

    Geez? Really? Young women do these things and you *put up* with it? Why? No, honestly. Why? If even half this list is true, you must be living on a planet full of halfwit ditzes. Surely you realise that if you endure it without saying anything, it’ll never change? How about you stop letting her be a ditz and aim for a comfortable, equitable relationship that you enjoy, instead of being such a whingey wimp? (Either that, or find yourself a nice, mature-age woman without these qualities.)

  3. Radical

    “you must be living on a planet full of halfwit ditzes.”
    Actually, we are. And you’re a case in point.
    Stop with the shaming language already, it got old decades ago. Menbashing is not trendy anymore.

  4. Radical

    Holy crap!
    They dared criticizing women!!!
    Call the gender police, these dangerous criminals must be executed at once.

  5. Courgette violette

    Another crappy article saying “girls suck, boys are superior”, why do they keep getting published on this site, especially after the article published 2 days ago, that was really bright?

    What I especially liked in this article:
    -Saying “Guys don’t have a problem coming home to a fridge full of beer, bread, ketchup and hot dogs.” and then “They might make an outlandish claim, such as “I always cook dinner,” even if you actually cook three times a week. ”
    How the hell do you cook three times a week if you only make hot-dogs?

    -The “She Whines About Everything” part, it’s so true men are a lot better, they do crappy lists on the web to complain about their girlfriends.

    -“When a man sees a sports car, he likely recognizes it for the engine, suspension, equipment and any number of other things aside from the obvious fact that it looks good.”
    very likely, indeed

    And all the stupid clichés about men that seem to be facts in this article, it’s incredible. The writer is really an huge loser.

  6. PKappel

    It must really suck to ‘have’ a girlfriend that does all of these things. I’m sorry that you have to ‘put up with’ such a terrible person. I’m pretty sure that either you aren’t good enough for a smarter girl who doesn’t have these character traits or you’ve just never actually had a girlfriend and are basing your list on generalizations not actually found in most people.

  7. BP

    Half of those are very true, one or two were a little far fetched.
    However, it was funny because it was mostly true in my experience.

    FYI – its not just girlfriends… this applies to wives as well.

    And you can ignore the abuse from the woman in the comments, they clearly don’t like that your outing them, but then thats very much inline with the whole article!
    Whats worse is that none of the woman commenting here would say a thing if the gender role was reversed.

  8. Sorry state of affairs

    Wow – are men so desperate to get laid that they “put up” with this behavior from their girlfriends? As the article that was published two days ago pointed out, if guys had some dignity they wouldn’t have to settle for an annoying girlfriend. And if girls would require respect and commitment before sleeping with a guy, maybe they wouldn’t act so childish. This article was a total put-down to both sexes. Sad, really.

  9. the FRQ

    Honestly, I’m a girl and I found this funny. I would say that I do only do about 2 of those things, like the toiletries thing but I can easily justify it.

    I usually have my face wash, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, leave in conditioner I put in my hair so it’s not brittle, a spray for when I straighten it, deodarant, body spray and lotion.

    All of these things I use so that I smell good, feel presentable and not end up looking like a leather handbag when I’m 30. To me, it’s just common sense to help protect your skin, hair and teeth and really, it doesn’t take up too much room, cuz I keep all of my things in a box so nothing clutters.

    And really, nobody should take this list too seriously, because, LIKE HE SAID AT THE BEGINNING, not every girl is like this.

  10. Daniel

    To all the people bashing this article: actually, my girlfriend exhibits a lot of these traits, and I LOVE her for it. And I spent most of the time laughing while reading this as I can relate to it. And a lot of this stuff mentioned in this article isn’t exactly bad either. So girls are better at organizing than men are? That should come as a compliment. My girlfriend bitches at me constantly for leaving things a disorderly mess. As for the cooking deal, well I’m actually the one who does the cooking, but she cooks desserts and breakfast. I’d say we compliment each other as we are polar opposites but agree on really important things. I think what I”m trying to get at here is perhaps the writer meant to highlight some of the annoying (but adorable) things women do but inadvertently showed how sloppy men are. Granted of course there are always exceptions to the rule (this is what he said in the beginning of the article).

  11. Squido W Cash

    I tend to agree with the ladies. The article is not that great. Tell me something that I don’t already know.

  12. HLG

    This is a rubbish list, on a rubbish website, pictures too big and in the way.Writing style boring and uninteresting. No headings or numbers make the whole this boring and unreadable. Pictures and imagesource links are an absolute mess
    also this list makes you sound like a massive sweaty boring virgin

  13. HLG

    actually its more of the fact that this article is crap
    badly written,badly laid out and boring
    like u..yeah suck it

  14. HLG

    actually yeah i would say something if some boring prick wrote a list of all the most unoriginal stereotypes that men do.
    i'd say it was a piece of shit writing like this is.

  15. ashley

    this is not truuuue.
    i went thrrru all this shit. and guess what.
    only like two were truuuuue. but coool.
    i dont overdresss , id rather chill in tracks alll my life.
    i dont guilt my boyfriend to do anything.
    i do not orangize shit all. ahah i barely organize my stuffffff, why would i orangize his.
    i would rather have a night in with my boyfriend and play cards or watch a movie then go out.
    i am always ready on time , maybe even earlier.
    i dont cry especiallly all the time. im not two . ?
    id rather watch a horror movie then some sapppy love story.
    FOOOD. i love fooood with my life. i eat anything infront of my boyfriend who cares.
    by thankss for being complelly incorrect.

    1. Lovely lady

      Remember they are not saying all woman are like that just alot of woman have majority of these things and i know many that do the above. I am the same but my bf says i am one of the guys which is great for our relationship cause we are so alike. 😛

  16. Jacynta

    Haha, I love how when woman write those “ten most annoying things about guys.” articles they get mostly praise, yet when a guy does it he's suddenly *gasp* a sexist pig. I didn't see anywhere in where he said they should stay in the kitchen or anything sexist at all.

    I didn't find any of these far fetched really. He did say 'most', and I would assume that would apply to 'most' of his experiences, and those around him. I'm a woman, and I know for a fact these annoying traits exist. Heck I know I've probably done a few of them. Just because it doesn't apply to ME or YOU does not mean it's just a stereotype. All my guy friends have gone through girlfriends like this, and I can even identify some of these traits in my own friends that annoy me. Then again, I'm the kind of girl who is more one of the guys I guess? I dunno. But jumping on a guy just because he's being 'unfair' or 'sexist' when he's not really doing any worse than a lot of girls would, kinda ticks me off, and vice versa.

    Anyway, before my comment turns into it's own article I'll stop. But I laughed at this, and identified with it a lot 😛

  17. eileenie

    Hahaha, relax girls! I thoguht that this was funny. And almost everything is a 100% true.
    But they still love us, wants to be with us, actually – they can't stand being without us! 🙂

    Men have a whole lot of shortcomings too that we complain about EVERY day during coffee break. I mean, think about it; how often don't you whine about other women, complain that he has to do that, has to do this etc??

    Some women must learn to have some self-distance and ignore things said.
    I'm a woman myself, and I just laugh at theese things! 😛

  18. really.

    these women are either really sensitive or psyco, becuase I read almost the entire thing and didnt take it offensively. Some people just have issues… or they are like 13 year old kids.

  19. Kater2

    Anyone who puts up with any of these behaviors if they are truly bothered is a doormat who can only expect to get walked on.

    You've got two choices:
    1. Get a girlfriend you don't despise and stop wasting your time on this planet
    2. Start dating men if “girls” (a large category) are so annoying, even though every human on this planet is capable of being “annoying” to someone, in some way, to some degree.

  20. pleasure

    i agree with bib. horrible article. you'll learn women are very easy to handle when you become a man.

  21. 222222

    that last part… not so true. towards the beginning of the article, i agreed with a lot of it. & it was actually rather funny. i see many women coming into this article, the ones whom it's referring to. many different types of ladies, with different oddities of their own. it was hard to not find at least 3 things but not more than 5 on that list, that i will be honest enough to admit, are kind of like me. but as i read the article, i wasn't trying to take it in from such a self-centred view, but for the majority of women in general & check on it's accuracy… yes, woman (& men!) are becomming more ridiculous with phones/ & hoarding a lot of stuff in general. a woman may specilize in hoarding a different type of stuff, like the stereotypical (yet, unfortunately true) beauty collection.

    & i do believe, if the couple did not acquire the living space at the same time & it is indeed the gentlemen, that lived there 1st. yes/ i do believe there should be some respect. yet the respect should be allowed to shift, as the woman spends more time there, as long as she's participating somehow in the maintenence or ability to keep the place of living. as long as she's providing, it doesn't matter who moved in first… not as much as otherwise anyway… sorry for my drag on sentences, but yes, i feel it would be best to not over populate a particular room with ones things, as that is a sign of being selfish (as a home is a representation of oneself) it shows a lot, when being in a relationship & sharing a home, is supposed to be a sign of equality & one person just seems to take over it all. but as the lady fills the bathroom. what about the man who fills the garage, closets etc with his absurd amount of junk. 2 selfish people, equals one cluttered home.

    gathering can be a sign of selfishness & yes, both men & woman can be that way.
    it's good to learn more about people in general & their behaviors, to figure out what's
    going on inside & why they act that way.

    i don't feel this article is sexist, & i did find it more lighthearted & amusing, than maybe some other women or even men, who read this article… yet i feel there is just so much more to know about the psychology of both genders. i wish the world could advance it's ideas into something more rich, fulfilling & knowledgeable than the things we still laugh at, after the longest time. so many decades at laughing & joking about the same ol shit.

  22. Randi

    It's also a lack of being outwardly conscious to make these funny little mistakes.
    That a woman shares with other women. The things we are compelled to be or feel,
    are very hard to ignore, when we're not working hard to change it.

    & maybe, it just isn't so bad. …perhaps these little things should be tolorated & understood, up to a certain point. something to learn from & to forgive. sometimes people act out, to bring a message across. often, it's a matter of figuring out what the person u care about is trying to communicate through to u. they could be communicating that they are 'careless, rude & don't deserve you' or that they are 'frustrated, bored & ready for more interesting things to happen in their life' especially if they're turning to their cellphones. take that as a sign, not much is going on in her life, besides superficial relationships with superficial buddies. it would be best to discuss something like that, maturely…

  23. Kali

    I laughed because unfortunately I do a number of these and I know my bf puts up with them. We laughed about it together, but he says he does appreciate me organizing his stuff… as long as I tell him where I put it. Oh and he cooks more than I do, so I suppose it's a fair trade off!

  24. yep-uh-huh

    anyone notice that these are mostly women that make these comments? Defensive? Yep single guy here…just for this reason. Bye. 🙂

  25. alex

    _I had to put up with this crap.
    Not all of it of course. But also stuff that is not mentioned.

    The worst one though is lack of appreciation. My woman would never appreciate anything. If I had cleaned everything even inside the oven, and the oven-knobs, she would whine about the plant not pointing the exactly right way instead of just saying anything.

    She would also complaing when I had done the minimal wrong, but seemed to forget with all the things I helpd her out with in her life, which greatly outnumbered them.

    And most western women are like this sadly. Fuck them I say !
    Whiny, spolied up, self-righteous, faire-weather bitches !
    I long for the times when “women” really appreciated them self and to be a “half” of the relation. Not have a “man” to feel their needs.

    The worst thing is that this cannot be agumented, as “tiredofthenonsense” says. With very few women yest, but 99% will just have it their way and see how they feel and what they need.

  26. Lisa

    Alot of these things are true and if u think u do only a couple your prably stupid and ignorant. That applies to 99 percent of all people

  27. LuckyRubberDucky

    This is complete bullshit, it’s all based on stereotypes. Who let you put this shit here? Whoever wrote this is a total moron. Not even a quarter of this is even close to right. DO NOT GO BY THIS. If you read this and believe it all your future relationships will fail for sure. This must be some kind of joke between retards.

  28. sarah

    haha, this was great!
    actually it made us look like a fun creatures to be with ;p

    thanks for the effort :3

  29. The DreamyWoman

    This is very insensitive!! everything depends on how you look at it!
    I happen to know men who actually like it when their girlfriends do these kinda things!!

  30. Lovely lady

    I can see how alot of these things can be annoying. I just read them to my partner and he laughed and said he feels lucky as although i may be a little of 1 or 2 majority i am not. I am a very natural girl and cant stand spending hours getting ready unless it really is a special occasion.

    My bf says i am the guy in our relationship in many ways but he loves how relaxed i am as i am seen as one of the guys as well as his gf. Although sometime i may do some of the things if in a bad mood especially the memory one i can remember fights from 3 years ago but i couldnt tell you what we said yesterday 😀

    Was a giggle for us both as i do know alot of girls that fit alot of these but usually i dont get on with them i guess thats why most of my friends are guys cause i act like a guy alot of the time. 😛

  31. Gnome

    Hay, so I’m a girl and I found it pretty neat because I’m now aware what kinda things piss you guys off, so I can try and stop 🙂 Most girls only do 3 or 4 of these anyway, sometimes there’s girls that do a lot more though.

    Don’t get thinking you’re perfect though guys, not by a long shot 😉 There are male equivalent lists which seem to ring pretty true from what I’ve seen.

    Seems guys and girls really are just totally different creatures from my experiences.

  32. Annie

    This article is ridiculously stupid and offensive. It is so stereotypical and just makes whoever wrote it look dumb. I’m a girl and i could CARE LESS about how a smart phone looks- um hello if women are supposedly attached to their phone and need it so much why would they not care about how it works, the amount of memory, etc. Yes, I am attached to my phone. And no, I would not choose a phone covered in pink jewels if it had shitty hardware or software. Who writes these articles? Grow up, learn something and get over your stupid ideas of how women act. Try writing something about women that is educational and informative, that will actually help men understand women. Because this article is total crap.

  33. Anon

    Oh, I’m sorry! Did my being female disturb you men at all? Oh, silly me. Excuse me while I go turn into an emotionless, boring, unorganized, selfish, perfect little prick like you. 🙂

    I found this article offensive. Yeah, I organize things and move them around, because I’m a clean organized person. Yeah, I have face wash, lotion, scrubs, and a ton of body spray in my bathroom. Don’t like it? Leave. It’s not in your way. Yes, I look at my cell phone. It’s not like you take your eyes off of your video games at all for me. Yeah, I’m sensitive. I usually cry when someone is treating me like crap and hurting my feelings. I whine. But no one ever said you had to listen. I’m not gonna just put my phone away so you can have absolutely ZERO disturbance while watching a movie that probably isn’t even that good anyway. And yes, I have better things to do than sit around and play COD and drink beer at home all day. I decorate my bed with pillows because I like it. You can always sleep on the couch if it’s THAT much of an issue. It’s okay that I remember every dickish thing you’ve said to me. Finally, I don’t give a fuck about smart phones.

  34. Lol!:D

    I’m a lady myself and I found some of these things kind of exaggerated but I can also relate to some of them too 🙂 The whole thing about taking up bathroom space.. that’s me. but it could be fixed. And I don’t understand why everyone else is getting so offended! And yes we cry, but not over everything heheh. (well thats me anyways) & i’d love going out,, but i’d stay inside and play a video game or.. go fishing. it wouldn’t kill you to do something your boyfriend wants to do too!!! 🙂

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