20 Things That Happen in 1 Minute

10 thoughts on “20 Things That Happen in 1 Minute

  1. javboy

    bogous facts…. so 1 lb in 8 of trash is food? oh and the population is growing at 233%? what qualifys as an eirthquake?

  2. Max


    you my friend are retarded. And if these facts are true, then it shows how much of an ignorant fag you are.

  3. David

    javboy: when you take in to account the amount of food thrown away by supermarkets, etc, yes, around 1/8 of the trash in the west is food, not what most people would want to eat, but still ‘edible’.

    And the population growing at 233% is per the time of the world’s population divided by the death rate, i.e. if ~100 die every minute and ~250 are born per minute, then for the population to grow, at this rate, by 233% will take 6.2×10^9 (world’s population) / 107 = 58 million minutes (for 6.2bn to die and 14bn to be born, a growth to 233%), or about 110 years. That’s fairly in line with the popular estimates of a population of 10bn by 2050 at te current rate of growth.

  4. David

    The only fact which seems unrealistic to me, though could, at a stretch, be true, is the value for the average american household income. It works out to about 5.5k per year, which is pretty damn little.

  5. Jason Cooper

    David, I think you misplaced a decimal somewhere in your calculations.

    $0.096 per minute for the average American household X 60 minutes in an hour x 24 hours in a day x 365 days in a year comes out to $50,457.60 which seems to be about right.

  6. Kate Ewald

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