9 Sex Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

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Find out what you’ve had wrong all along!

We told you about foods you should eat to have better sex . We told you about the fitness you’ll need to handle that sex . But once you’re between the sheets, there are some myths floating around in there that are in desperate need of busting. Here are 9 Sex Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

1. Size matters

Your penis is of an average-to-small size? Doesn’t really matter, man. Only the lower third of her vagina has hyper-pleasure nerves, that elusive ‘G Spot’ is often only an inch or two inside AND the clitoris, the oft forgotten button o’ pleasure, is on the outside of her vagina. Don’t worry, you’re working with plenty.

2. Size doesn’t matter

But that doesn’t mean that guys with larger penises don’t have it easier. It’s sort of like trying to mow your lawn with a tractor — you can cover a lot more ground with a lot less effort. But it takes a lot of fuel to power a tractor, and the same goes for monstrously large penises. Size isn’t a hurdle for having great sex, but it’s definitely a factor, especially mentally. An anonymous female reader told us, “It probably doesn’t matter outside my own head, but I like to see a big manly man that’s also well equipped.  Seeing that

3. Missionary is boring

The vast minority of porn scenes feature the so-called Missionary Position. You’ve got lots of Doggy Style, plenty of Reverse Cow Girl and lots and lots of oral. That’s because Missionary Position is boring, right? Nope… It’s because Missionary is the hardest position to film. There’s a reason the Missionary Position is the standard move for most couples, though… It’s the easiest position to sustain over several minutes (or, uh, hours, if you’re a freak) and sustained pleasure is key for mutual stimulation.

4. Women love the top

It seems like it’d be true — a girl is able to truly let loose and get wild when the roles are reversed and she’s dominating her man from on top. The reality is that the optimal positions for a woman to reach a vaginal orgasm are laying on her back or laying on her stomach. So if you don’t enjoy her on top either, cut that position out of your routine.

5. It’s your fault if she doesn’t climax

About 30% of women say they can have an orgasm vaginally. Throw in the wiliness and diversity of the clitoris and the psychological condition Frigidity and it becomes apparent that it’s a miracle that any women have orgasms. It’s not your fault she doesn’t climax and both you and your partner should know that… It’ll take the pressure off and change the dynamic of sex from a challenge to a journey of mutual exploration.

6. You give really good oral

We’ve heard just about every guy ever claim he was great at giving head. “Dude, I’m just really, really good! Trust me.” Getting a girl to have a clitoral orgasm from oral sex is even less challenging than getting a guy to orgasm from oral sex. Being great at oral sex is like being the Ski Ball world champion… No one cares, dog.

7. The male g-spot

This myth is probably true — there’s plenty of anecdotal and scientific evidence to back it up. But a guy doesn’t need a stray finger up his butt to have an orgasm. And with sex complicated enough as is without her mythical quest up your ass.

8. She knows what she wants

A big, nay HUGE hurdle for having great sex is a lack of communication. But that doesn’t mean what she says she wants is really what she wants. Women know their bodies only slightly more than you do… They know what feels good when they feel it but they’re clueless about how to get there (and for once, they’re too scared to ask for directions). So take the lead a bit and keep trying different things. If you’ve got confidence in your skills, you’ll get there.

9. Women are secretly porn stars

They’re not. Cum burns their eyes and tastes horrible. Do not copy the last scene of your favorite porn if you want the girl to be able to look you in the eye afterwards. Pun INTENDED.

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  1. Dox

    Brilliant article, love. Walking that fine line between encouraging people to get frisky, while empowering them to be themselves and NOT have to compare themselves to over sexed pornstars. Two thumbs up! (not up the butt)

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