Disney Princesses Deconstructed

Bonus: Disney Princes Deconstructed

38 thoughts on “Disney Princesses Deconstructed

  1. Kristina B

    This is a great feminist analysis of something people tend to take for granted in our culture, i.e. the “princess” construct.

    On this blog, I normally weed through overt, ridiculously sexist, backward views to sometimes see a funny or interesting post. Today, you’ve posted something that diametrically opposes many of your “Women are so X, and men are so Y, hahaha!” posts. Good for you!

  2. Dinkydye

    Well I too weed through this blog looking all those things that disagree with my politics sexual or otherwise because it just makes my life so gosh darn fulfilling! Lol.
    What’s that old joke? What do you call two feminists changing a light globe? Feminist : That’s not funny!
    Am thinking of Borat now when he interviewed one of the flannel shirt brigade : “But I had no time to listen to this little old man!”

  3. Linda G.

    And then, when these princesses and buff guys are married and ‘live happily ever after’, the world turns and the women turn into cruel step-mothers and witches, while the men turn into helpless things who don’t parent at all.

  4. bobbie

    bitch at the top:
    omfg stupid feminist..you got equal right stfu already
    and btw this comic is SATIRE
    its pokeing fun at it, slightly twisting it to make it more funny than it is
    thats not how it gos
    disny cartoons do not demine females, this picture just makes it look that way
    think about it, how many copies do you think theys sell if the main charachters were ugly?
    ur dumbbb
    go die

  5. Mary @ fit this girl

    And look at the change in body type as well, Snow White was a fuller figured girl, even her arms, waist and face are fuller than the other, stick like girls? They all look like Posh with huge heads and tiny bodies. Interesting post!

  6. Tom

    I think Kristina’s post is deadly accurate. Most important is the fact that Disney is a sacrosanct archetype of ‘family-friendly’ content. Gender roles are changing but the social content we feed ourselves and our children send duplicitous, confusing messages.

  7. Little Lulu

    @ Bobbie- You’ve obviously never looked into the study of children’s films and literature. Yes we can giggle and say , “disny cartoons do not demine females, this picture just makes it look that way” by the way it’s “Disney” and “demean”. Anyhow, there are studies, research and efforts to encourage parents to realize that the above messages are the basic of what they are getting out of the Disney films. There are documentaries of children being interviewed after seeing Disney films and the responses shocked even their own parents! The look on their own parents…priceless! Horrible conclusions on: Sexuality, intelligence, abuse (verbal, psychological, etc.) gender roles, dysfunctional families, the list goes on and on. AND NO, we’re not just speaking from “feminist” and women only views..it’s about boys also. To help avoid creating more men like the ones that preach about things not demeaning women in his comment that begins with…”bitch at the top:” and ends with “how many copies do you think theys sell if the main charachters were ugly?
    ur dumbbb go die”

    Well, I think we should save our kids before ” ‘theys’ turn ‘dumbb’ as you”. lol!!!

  8. Savior Troll

    Here, Bobbie. I don’t agree with your opinion, but I thought it would be nice to rephrase your comment in a way that doesn’t make you sound dumbbb:

    “Kristina, please stop trying to make us acknowledge that women and men are equal. We treat you as equals under the law, doesn’t that make up for everything else? In addition, this is a parody, and Disney only creates these figures because less attractive ones will not sell as well. Please die.”

    There. You still look like a prick, but at least we can understand you.

  9. Vishwas

    Well, yeah!,
    disney animations, have many times been dependent upon decorative environments, fairy worlds, good-looking girls and boys, beauty etc. The films have been fully based on imaginations, that MUST always attract little kids ( and specifically, the truth is it really greatly attracts little girls ) . These films are mostly dependent upon good vs bad. A clear line of distinction, about goodness and badness. Which is not at all a reality in the practical world.
    after all it’s all business.

  10. Jen

    So, Sleeping Beauty’s prince is “Prince Phillip” and Ariel’s prince is “Prince Eric.” Cinderella’s prince is “Prince Charming.” Snow White’s prince doesn’t have a name, he’s just “The Prince” lol. And actually “Beast” is his name — he doesn’t have a real name either. I looked this one up – I guess fans call him “Prince Adam”


  11. Ken Begg

    And yet the entire moral of Little Mermaid is that the thing that actually make the Prince love her was the voice (i.e., her personality) she traded away in trying to get him, showing that she’d made a bad bargain. But why actually look at what the film’s actually about when you can bitch about the subtext of cartoons. After all, it’s not like the world offers any real things to get concerned about.

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