11 thoughts on “HOW DO I TURN OFF CAPS LOCK?

  1. C

    This site is just a joke that steals articles from reddit, jimmyr, and college humor. Oh, and called, they want ALL THEIR CONTENT BACK. hotlinking homos

  2. required

    I have to admit something like this happened to me. I had sent in my new laptop for warranty repairs, and when it came back the keyboard was all messed up. The few keys that did work only produced numbers, so I couldn’t type in my password. I called the support line again and “Sam” told me to put it back in the box and send it back in.

    It comes back with the note “num lock” was pressed.

  3. Chandler

    I sure hope that this website’s authors do not listen to people’s senseless comments. No shit, this website uses articles from other sites, its purpose is to post interesting articles from a variety websites because I know I don’t have the time to check hundreds of blogs. Unfortunately, most of the subscribers to this website are too dumb to understand many of the posted articles.

  4. Serj

    @required the ones at the support center are bigger idiots than you are if they did not identify your problem trough the phone. If you’r calling the suport line for crap like this you should give up on computers.

  5. Brian Colson

    I like what I see. It’s nice to have certain things all in one place.
    I also like coz when I create a #Label about a specific topic that I am interested in I get ONLY relevant feeds. Is this considered stealing? I guess no.

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