How To Care For Introverts

26 thoughts on “How To Care For Introverts

  1. Rosemary Slosek

    The point is obvious if you’re an introvert, or even an extrovert who thinks like an introvert. Respect this stuff, be aware of it. If I count the times… etc.

  2. jane

    Is there such a list for extroverts? Me as introvert and my friend as extrovert often are soo intolerant …

  3. pa

    is ther a joke to this? Is it meant to be ‘respect their introversion’ but then you have a list ‘how to care for them’?
    If that’s the joke then, I’m sorry but I’m not laughing.
    If it’s just an article about how to care for introverst then BSPCN is either short a good article or getting lazy.

  4. Jon K

    I as an introvert testify that every point of this, and I mean every point, is absolutely true. And many points apply to all kinds of people, not just introverts. Come on, you should never embarrass anyone in public (unless he is a friend who owes you money).

  5. Atavism

    Introverts are not diseased or disabled.You don’t need to care for them. If they avoid you, it means they don’t enjoy your company.Just live with. This is nothing but a boorish display of self importance.

  6. olshan

    Atavism, lol I agree with not enjoying other’s company. But yeah this list is good advise for seemingly the majority of people in the world on how to deal with intros

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