Geek Graffiti

Collected by Smoont

(Photo by / Ryan Welsh)

15 thoughts on “Geek Graffiti

  1. evgen

    Anne: 404 is the HTTP code for page/resource not found, ctrl+alt+delete was the three-key combo originally used to soft-reset PCs and which now brings up the task manager in windows, #9 is the binary representation of the numbers 65, 78, 77, and 82 which would be the letters A, N, O, and R in ASCII, and is an XML end-tag for the entity “bush” (popular among left-leaning bay-area geeks a while back…)

  2. Anne

    Thanks, Evgen. You’d think I would have recognized the 404 since I’ve hit that wall often enough. The Bush thing escaped me – I guess ‘cuz I’m not American. I got the binary AMOR and the ctrl+alt+delete, it was the “Select * from CMP” and “zoom-in” icon above the Germay sign that stumped me.

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