If a guy says GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH what’s a good comeback?

117 thoughts on “If a guy says GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH what’s a good comeback?

  1. Angel


    Sorry ran out of bread…but here’s my foot instead..gonna kick your lazy a** off the couch and tell you to go make your own f**k’n sandwich
    Sorry ran out of bread but how about a nice bowl of shut the f*** up and get your own!?!

  2. bob

    i wake up everyday..go to my office, do my coffee and open bspcn, to check everyday’s article…are you f*cking kidding me:S what’s all about the article..damn i am dissapointed

  3. Craig

    Boy, a lot of precious people come out of the woodwork when a joke is made against women!
    Reminds me of the old joke, how many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: That’s not funny!
    Seriously though, if we can get away from all the bunched panties for a moment, the comeback is obvious. Go get a sandwich, present it to the bozo, and with an evil smile say, “Here’s your sandwich, go on, eat it, I dare you!”
    So much more effective than the too precious indignation that has been evidenced here.

  4. Ahmed Muhamejad

    If women weren’t meant to cook and clean nobody would ever get arranged marriage!

  5. julz

    Well… I was gonna make you a sandwich but I know how much you love wieners, you sure you don’t one of those instead?

  6. Mel C

    Craig… that’s priceless. I agree.
    Ahmed… WHAT?! You never make sense.

    I like these answers better than the ones on the article.

  7. Cathy

    My answer would be..Of course dear. What part of your body would you like me to use for the filling?

  8. thy

    i’m a woman, and i personally don’t mind making men sandwiches. it’s easy! just a little punch on each of his balls, and there! a nice, ol’ juicy wiener sandwich. it’s their favorite.

  9. Andrea

    Just say,
    “It doesnt look like you’re too busy. How bout making your own, dumbshit.” and smile ;D or “Call up your mother, shell have it in a jiff.”

  10. Lexie

    well, i mean, he only wants a sandwich, i dont think he’s asking for much. You can take like what, five minutes out of your time and make him one. its not like he’s asking for jewlery and crap that women ask men to get them.

  11. Christina

    were out of bread so how bout a nice hot bowl of shut the f*** up? used it and it was pretty good haha

  12. Morgan

    how much time did it take her to actually post that question on the internet? bitch coulda slapped some 75 cent loose meat on the bread and chucked it him. if dude wants the shit he’ll catch it

      1. Haley

        It’s because we’re women. That’s why he get’s a sandwich. Women make men their sandwiches when they want. No buts

  13. u have time to read this but not make a sandwich?

    dont comment on this any more til i get my fuckin sandwich, n if u have a smart comeback ill make u one, this cockmeat sandwich

  14. yez

    The only type of sandwich i make is ‘knuckle’ mother fuckerrr.
    We only have ham, but you canโ€™t eat that, coz that would be like cannibalism, right?

  15. amoeba

    this is what i say, “why, so you can get fatter?” or if they say, “go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” i say, “you need to get out of the kitchen and onto a treadmill”

  16. amoeba

    this is what i say, “why, so you can get fatter?” or if they say, “go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” i say, “you need to get out of the kitchen and onto a treadmill”

  17. scarletv

    Make him a sandwich but up it in a dog bowl because if he''s gonna act like an animal he's gonna eat like one.

  18. DaNinjaFromPA

    You seem angry and stressed. I hear making sandwiches is a great stress reliever. Man, I'm hungry all of a sudden…

  19. bannanna

    the only reason she should be on the computer is to be getting a recipe on how to make a beter sandwhich

  20. KygonsCube

    all the people trying to make a comeback for what the guy said are complete idiots. There is no comeback, except for a sandwich ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Samantha

    well there is
    get your ass back on the farm…you smell like you came from one (heard other girls say that) or my fav
    oh you want a sandwich? i'm sorry, you'll have to go to subway, at least there you can put your cookie in the oven because it won't happen here anymore.


    btw, if you are completely stupid, cookie in the oven is a metaphor

  22. cali

    yu have 2 arms and 2 legs that r not broken get off yur lazy a** and get it yur self!!!

  23. Tim

    Just remember that Jesus made sandwiches for thousands of people. Making sandwiches for the one that you love is an expression of your undying loyalty to your loved one.

    So…you had better COMEBACK with a sandwich. I lol all day when I read this.

  24. claskdhfaosidfh

    Make him an imaginary sandwich and tell him that the day you didn't have to fake it, neither would he.

  25. Danda Man1

    just because some of us actually enjoy sex, and sandwiches doesnt make us pigs. I like to think its the strippers that make me that.

  26. Pork N' Beans

    Even better: Make the sandwich, Make sure he’s with all of his friends for this-make sure most of the mayo in the fridge is now on that sandwich, bring it to him, slap it (mayo side) in his face-HARD. Throw the rest at him, smile, and say “Here’s your f*kin sandwich sweetie” then pour his beer/soda/water on him. Works.

  27. nabeel

    women ask for expensive purses, expensive clothes, make up, and expect to be treated like princesses all day. so i dont see the priblem with you having to get up off ur ass and do something so small for him once in a while. gtfo off the computer and go back to ur kitchen

    1. ;D

      shut the fuck up you lazy ass. Because I’m pretty sure that i don’t know one girl who demands that kind of shit; and if your with a girl that does..then fucking leave her….dumbass..and for the record..my boyfriend cooks..not me..so you go back to the kitchen you cunt

      1. Whit

        To nabeel: fuck you! Not all women are selfish, greedy and spoiled just because your bitch of a girlfriend is like that doesn’t mean we all are. So grow a pair and move on.

  28. Julia

    I don’t see the problem here, really. If they could ask nicely, with a please and thank you, I’d do it. It’s just a matter of how they say it, besides I ask too, but in a polite way! Bottom line is, ASK NICELY AND YOU GET WHATEVER YOU WANT ๐Ÿ™‚ If not, well, guess who’s not getting laid tonight?

    (I always ask, say the magic words, and no, it’s not “I love you”, well that too!)

  29. masabm

    fuck you guys, its all about equality. get the hell up and make one yourself, and tell your woman you love them once in a while, damn. true bros love their women, not treat them like slaves.

  30. handell

    You got time to be postin online… you got time to make the DAMN!! SANDWICH!! This raises a question…..

    “What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?

    (answer: “Nothing, you done told her twice”


  31. Unwanted truth

    If a man tells you “Go make me a sandwich” you tell him “Go ask your mother for one” and walk away..

  32. flower

    I’m going to make myself a sandwich after reading this. P: yum.

    I would keep yellow play dough handy, ya know, to put a “slice of cheese” in it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I actually wouldn’t mind if the guy said “Hey, could you please make me a sandwich? I’m hungry. Thanks.” When they start saying “Go do it now” and add something so rude as “bitch” to their request, that’s where I draw the line. But nope, some just can’t be bothered to say a few extra nice words… she IS the one making your sandwich, and has control over which ingredients go into it, don’t forget.
    The whole “go back to the kitchen” thing… I get that it is supposed to be used in humor, as a joke, but it’s not funny anymore. It’s stale. I feel bad for the people who take it seriously, and even worse for the small amount of guys who write/say it seriously.

  33. Gwen

    Sure, be right back .. Oh but wait do you want your dad dick in it or you’re moms vagina ?either way I think you should wear a condom on you’re head because if youre gonna act like a dick mightwell dress like one.
    Now I’m terribly sorry but can I ignor you ignorant Remarqs some other time?
    Oh yeah and bi the way … Have you been shopping lately? Because there selling lives now .. You should get one ..
    wow you must of spend all night thinking about that one O.O
    if I want to listen to an asshole Ill juste wait till I need to fart
    I think you would be rich if I had to give you 1$
    everythime you said something sexiest ..
    it’s very assuring to know that there will be ignorant bastards cleaning an flipping burgers for me in 10 years

  34. Courtney Lee

    I wouldn’t mind making a guy a simple sandwich, if he was nice about it and if I wasn’t busy. But if he was rude in anyway, I’d tell him he could either starve until he learns some manners, or go make it himself.

  35. Gee

    i heard a story once.. a man asked a woman to make her a sandwich. he ate it and nearly died from some type of leaf.. or spice poisoning. let’s use any intelligence we have and make our own damn sandwiches, ya fat, lazy beer-bellied old men. and in retaliation … in most cases. women can say:

    “go make me some money ;D”

    i’ll never win.

  36. anonymous


  37. Huh? What's women's rights?

    Men have done everything while you feminazis have done nothing except whine. Men have and will run the world forever. you bitches would be still stuck in the stone age if it wasnt for us men. You dumb cumdumpsters belong in the kitchen, stick to that and go make me a sandwich, I’m hungry.

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