Popular Religions in a nutshell

51 thoughts on “Popular Religions in a nutshell

  1. EnergyGuy

    Mormon religion fits nicely in there as well … Okay, probably any religion that you know enough about fits nicely into that list.

  2. saif

    what a fool! reeeeeeaaaaaaad before u write about something. u r fucking wrong about all the religions those u wrote about.

  3. Fliptrx

    saif…that’s a middle eastern name isn’t it? Islam lets you use words like fuck ?

    “what a fool! reeeeeeaaaaaaad before u write about something. u r fucking wrong about all the religions those u wrote about.”

  4. Paul

    I always enjoyed reading the articles chosen for this blog… until today. You didn’t just pick on one religion, that’s for sure, but the “facts” are way off and your taste leaves a LOT to be desired. I will likely remove this blog from my RSS feed.

  5. Joe

    God I love this blog.
    It’s a joke guys. Some of the points are kind of ignorant, but they’re funny.

  6. M.

    It’s curious to check that people who read this blog never find it funny when the joke subject is their religion. Don’t get so touchy, it’s only a joke. But then again, what do I know, I’m an atheist.

  7. SnefeRu

    Thats bullshit! Stop insulting people and other religions. Belive or not! Thats it! And Muhammad doesnt have 2 viwes, its a big bad lie about Islam! Read more please…

  8. Gloria

    Absolutely wonderful! I have never understood how so many people have fallen for the biggest fairy tale of all time. Believing in god is like believing in the Easter Bunny, the Great Pumpkin, or Santa Claus.

  9. Dark_Flash

    The whole idea is so stupid, and it seems that you ONLY want to have fun or entice people to yourself. Islam is bigger than your poor statements, and even bigger than you.

    BTW: I advice you to consult a psychiatrist before you get so mad!!, because people who have a phobia from Islam getting crazy so quickly.

  10. Mel C

    Let’s get this straight: if you know you’re about to be offended (the guy is about to write something bad/poke-fun-at your religion) DON’T READ THE BLOG! Duh.

    Those of us who are not easily offended (I’m Christian, and I wasn’t) find it totally hilarious. Go read a blog that won’t offend you and leave the rest of us to ROTFL on our own!

    BTW: Dark Flash – your statements made no sense. Are you FOR or AGAINST Islam? I don’t get it. Consult your grammar book and get back to us later, okey dokey?

  11. Fliptrx

    Dark_Flash…who needs a psychiatrist ? Islam murders people in the name of God

    It’s not just Islam that drives people to murder in the name God though. If it makes you feel any better, the Catholics did it, the prodastants did too. (the Salem witch hunts). And now the Jews are doing it !

    Personally I think you all need counseling.

  12. Deathsmiles

    I found it pretty hilarious. I totally agree with you Mel C. If anyone cant handle jokes then don’t read it.

    Move on..;)

  13. pissed off

    Two verses of the Quran don’t count? Where did you get bullshit like that? Did you ever read a Quran or have dared to touch it (was afraid your finger will fall off from all those sins you have commited)? Also, there is no justification of killing people in Islam. Islam does not tolerate killing people. Stop spreading propaganda. Just because God is so merciful that he is letting you spread this crap doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist.

  14. blabber

    I thought the post was hilarious till I read the comments! This shit made me ROFL big time!

  15. WeBeWally

    I love when religious zealous get stress ulcers because other humans insult their god. Chill out, there’s no one up there Judging you. Blind Faith will be the death of us all, open your eyes. Peace and Love. All.

  16. christopher

    lol, the comments on here remind me a lot of Chef on Southpark. Happy to make fun of, and laugh at, shit that doesn’t concern them until something hits home. Then they just can’t take it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Whether you wrote it or not, it was hilarious. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Fhad

    Whoever wrote this..better keep ur humor subtle and to urself rather…think what u write coz no one buys this and will not ever if u do this shit…if u get down to this level go to the ppl who bloody gave u a birth and kick their asses for teaching u this…that would be better…

  18. Bridgette

    Fhad, Saif and all others like them are frustrated because they have small penises. Allah chopped off theirs so he can satisfy his 72 for one ratio of “virgins” in his harem. There is only one god- Prophet Mohammed, and he’s gay.

  19. Rygar

    HAHAHA this is spot on. And hilarious to see the religious people freak out. Don't like it when a mirror is held up to your ridiculous belief systems, eh?

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