Best Wedding Invite. Ever.


12 thoughts on “Best Wedding Invite. Ever.

  1. Lori

    Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for posting such diverse articles everyday. I look forward to this article along with my first cup of coffee. Hope you ignore the negative comments.

  2. David Hawthorne

    Good luck to Jill and Matthew. As a 30+year-married-New Yorker, let me explain that your relationship is about to get complicated. Those languorous hours on the Trailways/Greyhound when the only thing on your mind was the blurred landscape, the sounds from your iPod, and the slap of speeding rubber on blacktop –are gone. You will no longer know where you are headed, or why you are going to all the trouble of going there. You have arrived at your intended destination for the last time. From now on, there will always be something else you should have done instead of what you did. It will cost as much to go 5 miles in Manhattan as it does to go 500 hundred miles between points on the eastern seaboard. The sense that it is takes far longer to get from uptown to downtown results from the greater anxiety packing density in taxi cabs. You will now choose between condo, co-op, or rental; between public or private, among Italian, French, Asian-Fusion, trendy, or classic; between theater, movie, museum, concert; jazz, rock, classical, east side or west side, uptown or down; fabulous or funky. Good luck. Enjoy. Try to remain calm.

  3. april

    Don’t mean to be a “Kill joy” or anything, but that first invitation makes it sound like Jill just married Matthew because she thought she owed it to him. That seven year courtship only lasted because they didn’t get to see one another everyday and absence make the heart grow fonder. They’ll move in together, see each other every single day, the fun and mystery gone, and the marriage will last two years.

  4. Mihir Lakhani

    super cool Yo !!
    i m getting same made for me when i m getting married ๐Ÿ˜›
    but my story wont match ! sigh !!
    ok i will 1st make same story, but convert years into months ๐Ÿ˜‰

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