Top 5 Best Yahoo! Answers

Written by Ned Hepburn


Yahoo Answers is where anyone with a Yahoo account can pose a question to the rest of the internet and have any person from the internet ask it. Simply put: Yahoo Answers is a goldmine for comedy.

Why? Because there’s a lot of stupid people out there. Either that or a ton of bored 13 year olds.

Without further ado here’s some of the cream of the crop. These Yahoo Answers, and the answers themselves sometimes, made us all at Manolith laugh our asses off and he hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

5. The Joy Of Painting



4. Smurfs



The best part is the “i know this is a common question” part. Wow.

3. Canada Eh!



I always wondered the same things about Canada, too, y’know, after always hearing about it on the TV. But do “Canada People” look like Americans? This is what the internet is great for.

2. My Girlfriend is Pregnant…. and…



Ah, the age old question. “Is my unborn son drinking all the blood”. And to think we give these people drivers licenses and the ability to buy automatic weapons.

1. Emo



And my personal favorite. Good ol’ entry level emo kids.

It makes the internet a gigantic playground, it really does.

Big thanks to The Yahoo Answers Tumblr kids!

(Photo By: ooJasonoo)

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Yahoo! Answers

  1. e2

    Come on, there are alot of yahoo answers that are way funnier than these.
    Just go to, if you look around you’ll see them.

  2. Juice

    dude, awful photoshop job on the photo next to the headline. you can literally see where the magic wand cut, and where the photo bleeds outside the monitor frame. FAIL!

    oh, and the article sucks. whats new?

  3. Cheryl F

    The truly scary part is, if you read Yahoo Answers, or questions for that matter, you get some insight into just how incredibly stupid an overwhelming majority of people are in this country. It is frightening.

  4. Wil

    With the recent suicides of bullied 12 year old boys from relentless taunting of being called “gay”, the emo story should be removed. Suicide is not funny.

  5. Bajaraja

    Suicide? It’s called Darwinism. Sucks to be those idiots.

    As for the article, I bet most of those morons were just trolls, trying to trick people into actually answering their “questions” which are really just calls for attention.
    Yahoo answers is fun for that kind of BS.

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