The point. I think you might have missed it

10 thoughts on “The point. I think you might have missed it

  1. gav

    dont get it either. he’s holding it wrong but thats not a missed point, whats the point of the art?

  2. Mel C

    You mean to tell me you missed the fact that the art itself it TOTALLY inappropriate?! Next to a children’s hospital, no less. The article missed the point: it doesn’t matter that the guy is holding the riffle wrong, the art itself doesn’t belong there. Get it now?

  3. a

    Judging from hte title of the article, I thought he drew it that way on purpose and that the article would explain why.

  4. The Point

    …is that the sniper is off target. Banksy shows this by a) painting the scene near the Children’s hospital, b) painting the kid with the bag (about to pop it), and c) purposely painting the sniper holding the gun incorrectly.

    That’s the point.

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