Did You Know? It Will Blow Your Mind.

13 thoughts on “Did You Know? It Will Blow Your Mind.

  1. Adam Prall

    This video is not irrelevant. From someone who has been online, and using the internet before it was capable of multimedia, this is fascinating, and judging from its two sequels with a total of over 2 million views, I would say itโ€™s very relevant. The question at the end was โ€œwhat does it all mean?โ€ My answer to this is โ€œit means weโ€™re quickly become a technological world society.โ€ Society is changing, good or bad. I think itโ€™s good, as long as we balance out our lifestyles to not be caught up in the technology 100% of the time. If we can overcome this hurdle, our world population has the potential to become a more interrelated, connected, sympathetic and economical, ecologically-forcused group of human beings. Sharing information rarely results in war.

  2. Celso

    Speed reminds me of Chaplin on The Great Dictator: “We’ve developed speed and got lost into it”. What it all means is that this will be a lot different and we may just get lost.

  3. Samuel L. Jackson

    What the hell, that video tricked me into thinking all that shit was meant to be important. After that ending, why the fuck would i care about this shit?

  4. Andy

    This video means a lot of things. It’s really up to you to decide what the relevance of it for you is.
    It means we have to stay up to date with technology, as it is changing so rapidly, if we want to compete in the work force with the thousands of new, highly educated Indians and Chinese workers.
    Fewer and fewer people can afford to avoid new technology as it is becoming exponentially more ubiquitous.
    It means we can’t afford to be complacent with our skills or avoid developing new skills when it is becoming cheaper to outsource jobs to these overseas locations, especially if they have comparable English abilities.

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