Fail Grades In The Exam But A’s For Creativity


8 thoughts on “Fail Grades In The Exam But A’s For Creativity

  1. The Major

    If that’s for real, that teacher is an asshole. Yes, the spelling mistakes shouldn’t be there and should be pointed out.

    However, he’s clearly genuine in what he writes and shows an interest in the subject. That teacher flames him for very little at all.

  2. fucking hell

    oh for fuck sake
    do you really think thats real?
    its obviously here for humor, what benefit do you feel by sharing your pointless idealism themed opinion.

    people like you ruin the internet.
    go volunteer for downer camp you epic cockflop, ughh.

  3. The Major

    Ha ha. We obviously have different ideas on the type of people ruining the internet. For my mind, it’s the cowards who use their anonymity to call people all sorts.

    Also, did you read the opening to my comment “If this is real…”

    “Duh, gee George, this guy, I don’t understand what he’s saying. Maybe if I call him a cockflop that’ll make my self-esteem feel better.”

  4. Howard

    I suggest that the “teacher” is ineffective. She/he also missed several glaring grammatical errors, including the improper use of “effect” in the third sentence. (The word is “affect” — as in, “to influence” — not “effect”, as in “to bring about”.

    The student is trying, but the essay is about as boring as the apparent assignment. If this were written by a junior high student, then it is tolerable, even today’s hopelessly degraded standards. If it was written by a high school or (heaven help us) a college student, then it is laughably pathetic. Judging from the reference to “Phy 302k”, in the upper right-hand corner of the essay, the latter appears likely.

    By the way, I count at least 15 low-level grammatical errors in ‘fucking hell’s” post, including 4 in the very first sentence. That’s an impressive achievement, even by the standards of the author of the “laser” essay.

  5. Mel C

    I agree with Howard… THANK YOU for noticing the improper use of “effect.” I thought it was just me and my pet peeve with the use of that particular word. This might have come from a web-enhanced course, and from the grading (3/3) it looks like a quiz or a piece of homework to me… Then again, it’s dated 2004, so who knows. College professors are just like the rest of the population: you have the really good ones, the jaded ones, the ones who don’t give a damn, etc.

  6. Annon

    Spelling correction fail:

    Look at the word before “Someday, when I have a little money in my bank account…”

    Correction FAIL

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