Beware of the Book: Seven Banned Classics

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11 thoughts on “Beware of the Book: Seven Banned Classics

  1. Gabe

    That plot summary for Brave New World is total crap. Go to wiki for the real summary and stop pulling stuff from Amazon. I don’t think any one at Amazon even read these books. In fact most of these summaries suck. The Joads as strike breakers? What? Really.

  2. Jennifer Rogers

    All these were before my time. Yawn! One thing you said did catch my eye. “How anything can be racist and anti-white, I donโ€™t know.” I’m just sitting here thinking: OMG! You really don’t understand. Do you?

  3. Seth Timmons

    Anyone of any race can be racists. It is not an exclusive group for whites regardless of what you may have observed in your personal experience.

  4. Portia

    that is not what he said. he said (paraphrasing): “if you hate your own people (anti-white) *and* you hate every other people (racists), then that makes you a hater of people in general.” thus, critics of the book could forgo breaking down the types of prejudice and just call it misanthropist (hater of humankind at large).
    oddly enough, i’ve read quite a few of these…and it was while i was in school (catcher in the rye with my class in 6th grade and grapes of wrath as summer assignment during high school).

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