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39 thoughts on “Ducklings

  1. Travis

    wow. its now very apparent that this site is ran by an 12 year old with a very childish sense of humor that really sucks. Bookmark = deleted. Adios, TBAED, you USED to be cool.

  2. Anna

    The problem is that some of the post are too esoteric. I for one love xkcd, but this particular is too obscure for me and for most people.

  3. angfu

    This is what happens when you scare a family of duck. They flee with their mother when frightened and follow her. If the mother is captured or pulled away, the duckings run in circles… A cruel yet hilarious way to, once again; fuck with nature because we can. I’m laughing on the inside.

  4. Bilbo Faggins

    I agree with travis, this site has gone to ass lately. Ill stick to fazed and fark. This site sucks now!

  5. Older than you

    “ITS now very apparent that this site is RAN by an 12 year old”

    …and posted on by 10 year old grammar equivalents. (myself included)

  6. Dafeal

    wow you guys are rough. Sure this strip doesn’t deliver what we have come to expect from XKCD, but I for one did find it funny. Anyway, my favorite thing about XKCD is the complete randomness, it’s like we get to see whatever random thought comes into the author’s head.

    -still loving XKCD

  7. bspcn Post author

    To all above,
    I am sorry for my lazy in these days.
    I will work hard in future.
    Thanks for all the readers.
    I love U. more than you think.

  8. nah

    well i thought it was funny. and no one is fucking with wildlife? its a cartoon and i really don’t think it was meant to suggest people to make a duckling loop. way to read way too much into it.

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