Why Teachers Just Don’t Get It

25 thoughts on “Why Teachers Just Don’t Get It

  1. Nick

    This is easily the dumbest thing I’ve come across on this site. I don’t get how teachers don’t “get it”.

  2. Travis

    I think this site is under new management. First, the LAME tattoo post, then the dumb letter about a crappy airplane ride W/O the pics that explain everything in relation to that article, and now this.

    Ugh. One more of these and my bookmark is deleted for sure! dumb!

  3. Major

    Yes, it must be such hard work for you to have to read these lacklustre posts. How do you get out of bed in the morning?

    Seriously though, lighten up. You don’t get this article? It’s simple. Teachers use formula to explain algebra, but if they used real life examples children might understand more. So just take a moment to pause, Nick, before you start labelling people or things as ‘dumb’.

    And I’m betting Travis has one of the tattoos that the article suggested avoiding. Or maybe all of them. We’ll never know.

    I think in a way these three comments are symbolic of what the Internet has become. Criticising for the sake of criticising instead of just enjoying this site for what it is. Why don’t you send us the link to your websites to see what other people think or do you just like being negative about other people’s?

  4. Nick

    Major, I think your forgetting one thing. There are comments on this particular blog for a reason. That reason is feedback. You know, so the users can have their say. I expressed myself as I am allowed to and I said what I thought needed to be said. I have subscribed to this blog for quite a while now through RSS feeds and have been disappointed in the last few weeks.

    I don’t think anyone is ‘criticising for the sake of criticising’, we are really disappointed with this blog. And as far as the internet becoming something that people post their opinions, GET USED TO IT. This isn’t like TV where public access is our only way to get our voices heard. This is the internet. You don’t get such direct feedback in any other medium like you do with the internet, and that is why it is so revolutionary.

    What it comes down to is you would rather stop reading a blog because it has gone in another direction, I would rather stand up and let them know how I feel before I stop coming here.

    Major, I am all for putting people who troll in their place but you so greatly missed the comment’s points I had to correct you.

  5. Travis

    I agree with Nick, I dont think the above complaints, including mine, are trolling are just bashing the site. Ive been with this site since week 1, and this is the worst Ive seen it. Could be as bad as it gets, but somehow Im doubting it. As far as “my tats”, I dont have any. What I found appalling about that crap article was that the writer had tattoos of her own, yet never admitted to what kind and yet went on to bash people who had some of their own. Hypocrite? Oh yeah! She also did a great way of bashing almost any form of tat that 90% people get. Nice.

    Like Nick said, were not trolling. It would appear if anyone in here took anything too personal, it would be you. Link your own site, tough guy.

  6. Chris Webb

    I’m a teacher. I don’t get this. I don’t get why it’s “funny.” I don’t get why Major thinks it’s obvious. I don’t get why people who don’t teach think it’s so easy to teach.


  7. The Major

    Well, maybe I’m just getting grouchy in my old age…

    Anyway, you’re certainly right that the internet is all about freedom of speech and that you’re entitled to say what you like. As did I, but there you go.

    The thing is, Nick, there’s nothing wrong with negative feedback. For example, I said nothing about the poster who said the cartoon is in the wrong order, or about the virgin complaint letter that didn’t have the photos. They were genuine pieces of feedback.

    However, I just felt you were very dismissive of this article, which is only a little joke anyway. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

    And maybe I’m just getting on my high horse. I probably have a tendency to do that but you read so my posts on the net that are just dismissive and negative, I just feel the need to say something back.

    Nothing wrong with negative feedback, as long as it’s thought through. Nick comments on the tattoo article. I can understand what he’s saying and I agree with him. An article like that can often come across as a form of snobbery in the sense that if it’s in the mainstream, it’s uncool.

    Anyway, as you were. Do you really care what I think?

  8. Random Cat Owner

    I’ll agree that the quality of posts have gone down of late. The number of single picture or “lazy” (for lack of a better term, though it is not quite accurate) articles has been slightly disappointing. I still visit, because there is still the occasional gem.

    As for “putting your site where your words are”, I linked to my little contribution to the web. I won’t claim that it is anything fantastic, but I do feel that it’s worth the three minutes to take a look.

    Or not, as you choose. That’s the joy of the internet.

  9. bspcn Post author

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