7 Reasons Why the iPhone nano Is a Bad/Great Idea

Written by Aviv & Doug

7 Reasons Why the iPhone nano Is a Bad Idea

Apple rumors commonly take on a life of their own. The iPhone was this way, the multi-touch Mac is this way, and now the iPhone nano. However, unlike the original iPhone, and the excitement of a multi-touch Mac, an iPhone nano would overall just be a misplaced product.


Prior to Macworld 2007, where Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, heated rumors were swirling much in the same way about the device. Nearly every analyst, blog, website, news publication and magazine had an inside tip, or what they thought was “credible” information about the rumored iPhone. Much in the same way the industry regards an Apple netbook or multi-touch Mac, a rumored iPhone nano has gained some major notoriety lately.

Even though a smaller device may appeal directly to a different market, we can’t help but label such a device as a bad idea. Here are a few of our reasons:

1.App Store

Apple would never sell an iPhone without the app store installed, or without the possibility of gaining access to the app store. The same goes for the iPod touch. In its relatively short existence, the app store has already been proven a smash success. RIM and Google have been left scrambling trying to spring up “app market” clones, but none have had anywhere near the impact of Apple’s app store. To assume that Apple would scale down the app store, or limit applications that would run on an iPhone nano is preposterous. Developers and designers spend massive resources both programming and designing applications exclusively for the iPhone. We can’t image that Apple would suddenly scale down the graphics of these applications, or dramatically alter the hardware that is running them which could in turn harm performance.

2.Virtual Keyboard

Some people love the iPhone’s virtual keyboard, other people loathe it. The keyboard definitely takes some getting used to, however even the most experienced iPhone user will tell you it can be an incredible drag to use. Especially if you don’t whole heartedly trust the iPhone’s spell check. An iPhone nano would require an even smaller virtual keyboard than what the current iPhone has. We just can’t see this being within Apple’s realm of possibility. For a company as focused on the end user experience, a smaller virtual keyboard doesn’t make sense.

3.The Tininess

Unless Apple is specifically designing the iPhone nano for the tiny-obsessed masses in Japan, what is the point of such a small phone? We have absolutely no complaints when it comes to the iPhone’s size, aside from hoping we get one with a bigger screen. As far as a gaming device, Apple is pushing the iPod touch and iPhone platform hard. In all honesty, it’s still a ways behind the likes of the Sony PSP (if only because of the lack of a directional pad). An iPhone nano would make gaming on the device even harder. And what would happen to games that have been developed specifically for the current iPhone? Would the graphics be scaled down? Or would the developers have to design new ones? Either way, the rumored tiny size of such a device doesn’t make sense.

4.Stripped Features

When we say Apple should persify its iPhone line, we don’t mean for them to introduce a new model with less features. Instead, expanding the top line of the iPhone family while making the current models cheaper would make more sense. Taking away GPS, 3G or any of the core technologies users currently rely on would only backfire. The iPhone nano would be stripped down of a lot of the features current iPhones have, and we simply can’t see Apple making this move. As the partnership between AT&T and Apple progresses, the 3G network has become a staple in both of the company’s advertising campaigns. Making an EDGE only iPhone nano doesn’t seem very plausible.

5.Less Storage

Yes, less storage can fit into the “Stripped Features” category, but we’re talking about portable media devices here, storage should be increasing not decreasing. Apple dropped the 4GB iPhone models leaving 8GB at the low-end and introducing a 16GB iPhone. The iPod touch tops out at 32GB and we expect new iPhones to do the same. Storage is after all what makes downloading apps, playing music and videos, storing photos, and playing games possible.

6.Worse Battery Life

The iPhone isn’t all that great when it comes to battery life. Its got an okay amount of standby time, but Apple claims nearly 300 hours. That’s completely different when you’re using the device though, and under normal circumstances a charge is needed daily. Apple claims 5 hours of talktime while using 3G, and 10 hours while using the EDGE network. Throw in web browsing, maps, and some music/video playback, and 5 hours would be a dream. An iPhone nano would have a more disappointing battery life than current iPhones, and Apple’s lack of including a user replaceable battery doesn’t help.

7.Cell Contract

A cheaper, smaller iPhone is still a phone shackled to a cell contract. Making the device smaller and cheaper would not change AT&T’s coverage rates. An iPhone nano as a gift would still be like giving someone a puppy, with an immense amount of responsibility tied to the gift. Unlike a cute iPod nano, if Apple is hoping to appeal to a new market with a less expensive iPhone, AT&T’s plans better be altered accordingly as well.

The bottom lineโ€ฆ An iPhone is not a keychain. Instead of focusing on such a niche device with limited features and storage, we expect Apple to leave this one for the cloners.

7 Reasons Why the iPhone nano Is a Great Idea

Let me break this list down 1 by 1 and tell you why an iPhone Nano is not only a great idea. . .but also, why it would sell well.

1 – App Store – This article says that if Apple released an iPhone Nano then they wouldn’t allow the App Store on it.
This is completely bogus. The best part of the App Store is that most of the applications work on both the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Yes there are some that use GPS and require the iPhone 3G. . .but for the most part, it’s all compatible.

2 – Virtual Keyboard – This article says that the virtual keyboard for the iPhone Nano would have to be smaller.
The virtual keyboard for the iPhone Nano wouldn’t have to be smaller. It might need to be re-designed, but that’s it. The iPhone Nano would have the same width as the regular iPhone(as least by the concept art), it just has a smaller height. Open the Notes application and notice the extra space above the keyboard, and below the text that’s actually being typed. There is room to fit the keyboard.

3 – The Tininess – The article says the iPhone Nano would sell well in Japan(they like tiny gadgets).
The size of the iPhone has always been an issue. Yes some people would like a bigger screen for playing games, but not everyone plays games on their iPhone. Look what Apple did with the 1st revision of the iPhone(they made it smaller). . .and the same can be said with the iPod Touch. The icons that appear on the home screen are scaled down, so why wouldn’t they do it with the iPhone Nano too(with all other images).

4 – Stripped Features – This article says the iPhone Nano would have to be stripped down.
Yet another bogus prediction that has no merit. It’s almost been 2 years since the launch of the original iPhone, why would they need to remove parts. Hardware gets smaller over time and all it really takes is a re-design(internally) with new, smaller parts.

5 – Less Storage – This article says the iPhone Nano wouldn’t be able to have the storage that the new iPhone models get.
This is the only part of the article I agree with. But that is only true if you want to one with a 16GB or 32GB SSD chip. Yes there are a lot of people with iPhones that think even 32GB isn’t enough. Then again, there are people that still have a 4GB iPhone and have yet to fill it up. I could even see a 2GB iPhone Nano(micro SD cards are pretty small).

6 – Worse Battery Life – This article says the iPhone Nano would have a smaller battery, hence a shorter battery life.
Even though this has the potential of being true, I think that a smaller device would be easier on the battery. Especially when it comes to a smaller screen. Personally I don’t have an issue with the battery life. I go days without having to recharge my device. Then again I’m not using it with wifi, bluetooth, 3g, and gps all the time.

7 – Cell Contract – This article says the iPhone Nano would still require a cell contract from AT&T.
This one makes me laugh the most. Personally I think they would have done better and left it at ‘6 Reasons Why an iPhone Nano is a Bad Idea’, and left this one out. I guess fluff is fluff though right? Of course the iPhone Nano would require a contract, but did that prevent you from buying the original iPhone(or iPhone 3G)? It didn’t prevent 10+ million other people from buying it(I don’t know the exact number of iPhones sold). If you don’t like a contract, jailbreak it and unlock it(that’s what I did).

Look, there will always been a market for small devices. Whether it’s people buying netbooks instead of laptops or people buying a PSP/NDS instead of a full console. Tiny is good, even when it comes down to losing some functionality. . .Apple and Steve Jobs have proven this with the MacBook Air. The bad part is that the smaller a device gets, the more it will cost(again, refer to the MacBook Air). I wouldn’t be surprised if an iPhone Nano would cost upwards of 400-600 dollars. And just like before, there will still be millions of people willing to buy it.

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  1. Ranjana

    I phone nana is great because , The size of the iPhone has always been an issue. Yes some people would like a bigger screen for playing games, but not everyone plays games on their iPhone. Look what Apple did with the 1st revision of the iPhone.

  2. Girls mats

    An iPhone nano would require an smaller virtual keyboard than the current iPhone . The virtual keyboard for the iPhone Nano wouldnโ€™t have to be smaller.The size of the iPhone has always been an issue. Yes some people would like a bigger screen for playing games, but not everyone plays games on their iPhone.

  3. Shutters

    i Phone nano would overall just be a misplaced product . Apple would never sell an i Phone without the app store installed, or without the possibility of gaining access to the app store.

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