We are The Big Three. We Don’t Need to Compete.

It’s funny because it’s true.


9 thoughts on “We are The Big Three. We Don’t Need to Compete.

  1. Kyle Rohde

    Besides the ignorance of the content of the ad (visit http://tinyurl.com/6zqvhd and tell me Ford doesn’t have competitive products), Ford has NOT asked the government for a bailout. They secured their own private financing over a year ago. They have been going to Washington with Chrysler and GM because if those two companies go down, Ford’s suppliers will be in major trouble, which will then hurt Ford. Ford itself is going to survive this downturn and be the best off of any of the three. Get your story straight.

  2. Jonathan

    Wow, nice link, Kyle! Too bad my 2009 Toyota Corolla (which is NOT a hybrid) gets 43 MPG highway/35 MPG city. It’s still a lame attempt by Ford. The Prius still gets over 50 on the highway, and nearly 60 in town. And they had that technology 6 years ago. The Big 3 are a joke. Period.

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