The 8 Best Recurring Arrested Development Jokes

Collected by Sub-Zero

“Look, for the tenth time, it’s pronounced ‘a-NAL-rap-ist’ “

Now that the Arrested Development movie has been confirmed as a sure thing (knock on wood), I felt it was the time to take a look back at the series’ best running jokes. The show failed because 90% of the jokes were based on older episodes, and that didn’t make for very good promo commercials, because people are stupid. But here they are, with as much video evidence as I could provide. I’m hoping all of them make a cameo in the movie, which knowing the show, I’m sure they will.

8 ) I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

Perhaps the most pervasive joke in the series, it always popped up at just the right moment.

7) Hey Brother

Buster’s greeting never changed, and took a scary turn when he started sneaking up behind Michael with his hook hand before saying it.

6) Gob’s Final Countdown Dance

He may not be a great magician, but he’s sure got a damn good opening number.

5) Never Nude

“There are literally dozens of us!”

4) Steve Holt!

Maebe’s crush and Gob’s son had the Pokemon-like trait of expressing himself by saying his own name emphatically.

3) Franklin Delanor Bluth

Sadly, I could only find an audio clip, as copyright police have all but silenced Franklin from the airways. Enjoy this snippet from “It’s Not Easy Bein’ White or Brown.”

2) Tobias the Gaffe Machine

Tobias’s sexuality was highly suspect from day one, and his choice of words throughout the show never helped his case.

1) Chicken Dance

“Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?”

22 thoughts on “The 8 Best Recurring Arrested Development Jokes

  1. Brandon

    Nice list! And nice addition Matthew.

    A few of my favourites that weren’t listed:

    “Her?” – In reference to Anne/Lucille

    “NO TOUCHING!!!”

    “He’s very good” – Barry Zuckercorn

    I can just keep on going. What an amazing show.

  2. Jennifer

    There are waaaaay too many to choose from, but analrapist is my favourite. When Lindsay says “You almost got arrested for those business cards” I lose it EVERY TIME lol.

    Best. Show. Ever.

  3. mikeb

    What about hand references?

    When I rewatched the first season, they I found they were referencing Buster’s hand being chopped off as far back as the middle of the first season, way before it even happened

  4. Nick

    George Bluth Sr. talking to the dolls in the attic.

    “I wine em and dine em but i don’t let em tell me what to do-I DON’T. LET THEM TELL ME. WHAT TO DO.

  5. Mike

    I know it wasn’t recurring throughout the entire run of the show… but the story arc with Charlize Theron as “Rita” and the whole “Mr. F!” and “For British eyes only!!!” Bond-esque songs were great.

    I still do the “Mr. F” jingle from time to time… it cracks my fiancee up every time.

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