The Top 10 Reasons Why Kanye West is a Douche

Written by schmutzie


Kanye West is a douche for many, many reasons, but it is easy to falter and find yourself thinking “Man, that Kanye’s a pretty wicked dude”. It happens to the best of us, we falter at times, but it shouldn’t have to happen. I have narrowed the proofs of his douchiness down to a ten-point emergency checklist that folds easily into your pocket or wallet for those times when his blinding douchebaggery eludes you.

1. He douched out at the Grammy’s when he took the stage to accept his award, refused to leave the stage when his time was up, and then actually told them to stop playing the get-off-the-stage music so that he could keep talking. Me Kanye. I bes vewy, vewy important.

2. His new album, due out on November 24th, is a departure from his usual style, as he sings more than he raps. That is all good and well, because he is a talented musician, but then he had to go and douche it up by saying that this change in style is an attempt to challenge the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney, who he describes as “those artists in black and white photos”, because taking a crap on music legends serves to make Kanye’s genius obvious to all and sundry.

In a recent interview, Kanye said, and I am not kidding: “I realize that my place and position in history is that I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade, I will be the loudest voice. It’s me settling into that position of just really accepting that it’s one thing to say you want to do it and it’s another thing to really end up being like Michael Jordan.”

In that same interview, he showcased his inveterate respect for other performers by slamming Justin Timberlake: “There were people who had the potential to do it but they went on vacation, so when Justin went on vacation I made albums, and it just came out to be that.”

Kanye pulled the race card when it was announced that Britney Spears would be hosting the 2007 Video Music Awards. “I can’t believe she would perform. She hasn’t had a hit record in years. Maybe my money’s not right. Maybe my skin’s not right.” Riiiiight, that’s it.

In an interview with Tim Westwood, Kanye said “I’m doing pretty good as far as geniuses go… I’m like a machine. I’m a robot. You cannot offend a robot… I’m going down as a legend, whether or not you like me or not. I am the new Jim Morrison. I am the new Kurt Cobain… They feel like, yo, you know ‘he’s got a God complex, because he said if they wrote the Bible again that he would be in it’. Duh, yeah, I would be in it. I feel like I’m one of the more important people in pop culture right now… The Bible had 20, 30, 40, 50 characters in it. You don’t think that I would be one of the characters of today’s modern Bible? And people have their own forms of bibles now. It’s a new day and age…”

Watch the interview here.

Somehow, I just don’t think Kanye’s going to be my new personal Jesus.

7. In a display of extremely douchey poor sportsmanship, he now claims that the MTV awards shows are fixed, because how could the “voice of this generation” lose otherwise?

There are ten Facebook groups that come up when you use the search terms “Kanye West douche”.

Kanye West blogs up a storm. Mostly he’s fairly boring, but he drops these gems once in a while that turn being a douche into a spectator sport.

10. When his video for “Touch the Sky” did not win at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Kanye publicly expressed his incredulity. “It took a month to film; I stood on a mountain; I flew a helicopter over Vegas. I did it to be the king of all videos and I wanted to walk home with that award,” he complained. Kanye? Whining about how you are not the most popular will not work to make you more popular, but it will get you a “Top Ten Reasons Why Kanye West Is a Douche” checklist. Congratulations.

114 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons Why Kanye West is a Douche

  1. Alex

    LOL !! I dont like him, but yes he needs to chill out with his cockiness.
    He is not hot, I dont know why keeps telling him that.

    He’s such an ignorant crybaby….”wah wahh, I’m not coming to MTV awards anymore, because I didnt win….wah wah wah” 😮

  2. Emmy

    He told them to stop playing the fuccking music, because he was talking about his dead mother. Get your head out of your ass, and have some respect.

    He’s passionate.

    this list is bullshit.

  3. king

    granted he whines.
    he’s cocky..
    and so called boring…

    he’s also “regular-person-enough” to say, “yeah im a cry baby. im like the spoiled brat that doesnt get his way”

    name anyone with as much or more talent as him,
    name anyone with half the voice of our generation.
    and ill write you a check… if youre right

  4. s8ist

    (+name anyone with as much or more talent as him,)
    Gee.. I don’t know. Maybe Saul Williams, KRS One, Aesop Rock.. I could name hundreds. Musically, lyrically, and technically, it’s not as if West holds a monopoly on talent. The fact that you believe what he’s saying doesn’t make him talented. It makes you a sheep.

    (name anyone with half the voice of our generation.
    and ill write you a check… if youre right)
    HA! If Kanye West is the voice of our generation, then we should all be seriously worried about the future and the idiots whose hands it will be in.

    1. jason

      Lmao, Kanye? the voice of our generation, did someone really buy into his crap. This is a guy who is so gay that he even turned dwayne wade gay for a day (at some paris fashion show). Hell i might even venture to say that justin timberlake is closer to what he calls the voice of our generation. what is our voice anyway? legend the only thing that will keep him in the news is when he says or does his usual bigot crap. because his music is not up to par as far as reaching legendary status. he will always be known as the guy who was called a jackass by the president of the united states, now thats the legendary status he, god bless the president, for renaming this clown who shall from this day forward only be known as jackass.

  5. Billy

    “name anyone with as much or more talent as him”

    Are you kidding?

    Vocally: Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin, listen to Evil Angel), David Draiman (Disturbed), Jesse Hasek (10 Years), Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage), etc. Kanye used an Auto-Tune Vocal Processor on all his songs. That’s not talent, that’s cheating.

    Instrumentally: ANY ROCK MUSICIAN.

    Lyrically: Metallica, Breaking Benjamin (again), Bullet for my Valentine, Burning Borders… the list goes on.

    “name anyone with half the voice of our generation”

    That’s impossible. There is no voice of the generation. No one man can speak for everyone. If you really think that a single person can speak for this entire generation, then you need to get your head out of your ass and wake up.

    You owe me a check. Let’s make it blank.

  6. Smoove Operator

    You forgot one of the biggest reasons Kanye is a douche. Kanye designed his own bland-looking sneaker with Nike that is selling for over $700 online. 700$ Nikes?!! I guess Kanye is so rich and delusional that he doesn’t understand that the entire world is facing a global economic meltdown. Ironically, these holy $700 sneakers cost less $8 to make. $700 sneakers that were assembled by poor malnoursihed Chinese children in a Nike sweatshop.

  7. John Doe

    Wow, i had no idea this guy was so out of hand. I thought South Park was just being a dick to him on the episode, turns out they could/should have done a lot worse.

  8. Lindsay

    I am soo thankful for this list. For about 5 minutes I actually considered that Kanye West could possibly be a nice person beneath all of his doucebagginess. In those 5 minutes, I’m ashamed to say, I began to think of possible excuses for him to act like such a dick: “Well maybe he’s just really sesitive and putting up a guard”, “Maybe he is really nice and people are just exaggerating”, or “Maybe he’s just like that when it comes to business and a really sweet guy beneath it all”. I am both embarassed and appalled by my complete idiocy.
    After reading over this collection of douchbaggery, I came back to Earth and remembered why I have hated Kanye West for years and I have you, schmutzie, to thank for that.

  9. Luis

    The more hate a person receives just means the bigger influence they are in the world. LOL This site cracks me up, man. The effort it took to make this shit could have been used elsewhere. Maybe getting a fucking life hahaha

  10. Anthony

    Luis get real, do you honestly believe that criticism creates influence? I don’t know about you but when I hate somebody I don’t work to live by their lifestyles, besides you wasted your time reading it so fuck you, lol.

    [Name anyone with as much or more talent than him]
    Try everyone outside the mainstream bullshit. In fact you’ll hear more talent come from an underground band’s Rodie than some cocky in-it-for-the-money douche bag like Kanye west. I’ve been listening to metal for most of my life, I’m 25, and I can honestly say that any metal band out there has an OUTSTANDING level of skill, commitment, creative lyrics, talent, and are ALWAYS giving their best effort in creating a well developed song with every part mastered and their performance shows for it. That’s more than you can say for a whiny little bitch who complains because he didn’t win a single award, tough shit. If I was Kanye I’d spend less time designing shoes and more time to stop being a douche bag.

    There is no voice of the generation. If anyone it would be the saviors of society, someone like Jacques Fresco, not a bitchy R&B singer.. sorry.

  11. allie

    #11: He totally was a dick at the VMAs and left everyone, including poor Taylor Swift, speechless with his douchebaggery.

  12. nja

    Honestly, I’m a white guy that does not like any of this guy’s music or anything else that would be termed “Pop” music. He is such an arrogant, self-centered S.O.B. that I’d like to care of him personally…His ego is the largest in history. Disgusting!!!!

  13. Sarah

    he seems to think everyone on earth thinks about him as much as he thinks about himself. he needs to disappear. i would NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER compare him to paul mccartney, jimi hendrix, kurt cobain, or ANY OTHER music legend. what he needs to realize is that those artists never put themselves on a pedistal or considered themselves a cut above the rest. their body of work is what EARNED them their legendary status.

    i don’t even think i’d compare him to the spice girls or weird al…even they surpass this douche bag!

  14. Robin

    This piece of human fecal mater should be banned from any and all award shows. Taylor deserved her moment , and this self important nut sack attempted to steal it from her. He needs to have his brain w/ego removed and destroyed.

  15. Steven

    Kanye West is a fucking douchebag, and anyone who can’t admit it are fucking black scumbags. That’s right, honestly, none of my friends ever mentioned him in our conversations. People who know about him and still support him have to be those black street slums. I don’t think any white or asian person ever liked him or his music.

    That fuckind douchebag and those who would actually support him. Go fuck yourself.

  16. Mike

    I’ve never heard anything from the guy… except his douchebaggy behaviour. How can he be the voice of a generation when no one listens to his music?

  17. FU-KANYE!

    that little baby should be banned from any awards.

    he’s a racist!

    if it had been a black young women, like Rihanna, that douchebag wouldn’t have said shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    taylor won it fair and square.
    the polls don’t lie.

    and besides that, Beyonce got the biggest honor award of the night anyways.

    let taylor have her one moonman compared to Beyonce’s numerous moonmans!

  18. Rodney

    He is the biggest douche bag in the world. He tried to take Micheal Jackson’s title of “King of Pop” after he died. HOW DISRESPECTFUL!!! He doesn’t even do pop….he does rap and it’s not even that good anyway. Whenever he comes on the radio, i turn the radio off and wash the radio because i don’t want any Kanye West-bad-song cooties on it! I am repulsed by him. I support Taylor Swift. I’m so sorry that he had to interrupt her at the VMA’s! He is the jack-hole of the millenium

  19. Cassie

    hes so awful. i just want someone to walk up to him…kick him in the balls…and yell YOURE NOT A GENIUS, YOU ASS!

  20. Jason

    37 responses to this article.
    35 are in agreement with the truth that Kanye blows goats
    02 who disagree but can’t back up it up with good Kanye facts

    So what are the numbers?

    94.6% find Kanye to be the douchebag he is
    05.4% find Kanye bearable

    That isn’t to mention the scores of people who would have found this article by searching “Kanye West is a Douche” and not left comments. And trust me, if you like someoneone, you don’t go typing their name and ‘douche’ in the same search.

    The conclusion:

    With nearly 95% of comments supporting the conclusion that Kanye is a douche, it is undeniable that he is not the voice of any generation. Being the loudest, the most obnoxious, the most inconsiderate person is not the voice of any generation.

  21. Mary

    HELL YAAA Kanye is douche!!!

    I thought he would be one of the great…..but know I can’t even stand to listen to his music the same way!!! HE IS SOOO RUDE!!

    Man!! Didn’t your mama teach you manners!!!

    HE TOTALLY RUINED THE NIGHT!!! I’m sure Michael is looking down at him in disgrace. I’m your mama is ashamed too!!!

    I’m so glad Taylor was so strong and I’m soooo glad Eminem won AND NOT KANYE!!!

    I have lost all respect for him & I will no longer appreciate his music the same way. HE DOES NOT DESERVE RESPECT AS AN ARTIST IF HE CAN’T EVEN RESPECT OTHERS!!!





    ANd @ one British award show he fucking went up stage when he didn’t win an award and he fucking cried about not winning! He said that he had accomplished more than the fellow that won and therefore he believed that since he didn’t win, no one deserved the award. (What an ASS!!)

    Reason ###
    He thinks he’s the shit when in reality he can’t sing (he uses that stupid voice changer shit in all his fucking songs…or should I say samples?!?!?)

    Reason ####
    His songs shouldn’t be considered songs cuz they’re just SAMPLES!! & he can’t even come up with something a little decent and original!!

    REASON #####
    KANYE (geeez I don’t even like the sound of his name it sounds like shit) Oh & i think he looks like a fucking toliet bowl cleaner with his fucking ugly ass hair!!

    Reason ######
    West is a bad example and he is not leading himself and others to a better future. His date to the VMA’s or GF or whatever you call “that” looked like a freaking toothpick. Well I think they deserve each other because BOTH OF THEIR CAREERS ARE NOW OVER.

    All in all, I STRONGLY DISLIKE KANYE WEST! He is just another piece of shit in society!! I mean WHO DOES THAT!?!?! WTF MAN HOW RUDE CAN YOU GET!!!

    Well, I’m just glad Taylor Swift is okay and SHE TOTALLY KICKED ASS!!!
    AND IN SPIRIT OF MICHAEL JACKSON, I’m sure this will all die down and he will make a DECENT APPOLOGY (unless he thinks he’s “too cool” for that too!!!)

    AND ANOTHER THING…I’m SO FUCKING GLAD THAT KANYE DIDN’T WIN SHIT @ the awards!! & Eminem is better hip-hop artist!!! And one more thing…..why the fuck is Jay-Z making selling a new album?!?!
    ISN’T HE SUPPOSE TO BE FUCKING RETIRED?!?! (dude wtf if your gonna lie to your fans…you don’t deserve them)


  22. Mary

    And another thing…

    Kanye West should be banned from the media for a while cuz who knows what else he’ll do the next time he thinks!!


    FUCK YOU!!! Its like you fucking killed a kitten!!!
    You don’t deserve SHIT!!

  23. Kanye

    Man,what the fuck is this fucked up shit?Just because you niggas be jealous of my Mac Book Air?Or is it because I’m mo’fuggin BLACK?Yeah that’s right,it’s because I’m black ain’t it?Well,if you niggas haven’t moticed I AM the voice of this mo’figgin generation!So fuck you and you white ass broke ass bitches!I was typing so hard I almost broke my Mac-Book-Air!
    (plz buy my new album if u do ill forgive u)

    1. jason

      Yaaahhhh u da man kanye!!! lol, i wonder if true icons would agree with your language. i am sure dr. martin luther king is looking down and just worships you. lol. clown does not even know!!!!! ohhh yahhh , also you are the king of blackness. cause those who are truly educated know that color is everything. as far as buying your album, you gets know play in my house, cannot find any reason to allow a bigot to get my money. good luck kanye keep making the black people proud and use that disgraceful word and excuses your whole life.

      1. jason

        oops lol, “know”, hooked on phonics didn’t work for me!!!!!! must have been them broke ass white bitches who created that crappy

  24. Mexican Metalhead

    HAHA this is a great list. To be honest I used to like Kanye, I used to think he was a musical genius (even though he sampled a shit load of songs which is one of the things I hate the most) and I loved his 1st album. I really thought he was like a fresh breath of air due to the lack of talented mainstream rappers at the time. Me being a fan of his didn’t last though, because something happened in between his 2 albums… I had finally discovered METAL. After that happened I completely lost interest in him and rap in general for a long time. I had realized there’s so many metal bands that are far more talented than any mainstream artists. And to those of you douchebags who think metal is all screaming and loud guitars listen to bands like IRON MAIDEN, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dio, Dream Theater, Kamelot, Epica, Blind Guardian & HammerFall just to name a few. If you can’t stand screaming those are good bands to listen to. You could love metal and still hate screaming… just avoid the extreme metal bands. But even the bands that do have screaming and growling are still extremely talented. I’m sure if you checked out early Children Of Bodom, Kalmah, Vital Remains, Wintersun, Ensiferum and SLAYER you’d be amazed. When will you dumb fucks realize that just because an “artist” can make millions it doesn’t mean that they’re talented? There’s so many countless artists in the mainstream right now, yet they’re popular because they can sample somebody else’s song and make it catch and danceable. Mainstream music has been in the shitter for years. I mean come on look at who people consider to be the greatest rapper alive now… lil’ wayne… wtf? Fuck that piece of shit and fuck kanye too. He only had one good album and completely fell off after that, he needs to get his head out of his ass. He’s too in love with himself. Shit I bet if marrying yourself ever became legal he’d do it 1st. Hell he’d love that just for making it go down in history. And as for that interruption he did at the VMAs I just found it hilarious that he complained that beyonce didn’t win that award. That song was terrible and was one of the most annoying songs of the year… yet millions of idiots loved it because it was catchy and it was something they could dance to. The vid was lame too it was just her dancing in black and white with one stupid glove on (wtf is that all about anyways?) Fuck kanye, fuck beyonce (though I must admit she is beautiful), fuck modern mainstream music of all genres, fuck MTV… I really don’t get why they have awards shows when they rarely show music vids anymore. Even MTV2 has lame reality and dating shows.

  25. JayTee

    kanye is the biggest asshole of all times.. he’s just contributing to the stereotype of how black people act… making it not so much a stereotype anymore but a fact…

  26. TLCURT

    Quoted from s8ist

    “I could name hundreds. Musically, lyrically, and technically, it’s not as if West holds a monopoly on talent. The fact that you believe what he’s saying doesn’t make him talented. It makes you a sheep.”

    This says it all. Awesome.

  27. Cysko

    Who the fuck is Kanye West? I have literally not heard one song of his, so I don’t know how the hell he could call himself a genius voice this generation. I can’t say I’m in his generation…more like in Kurt Cobain’s (Did Kanye really call himself the new Kurt? …nigga, please.) but I’ve heard quite a few more bands and rappers alike more worthy to claim that title than this gay fish.

  28. D'Range

    Woman-hate much. Kanye? You’ve outdone yourself. In trying to impress Beyonce, you just showed everybody -including Beyonce- what an ass you really are. Not like we didn’t already know. You stole a young girl’s special moment, and I believe your momma’s waiting at the door for you with a belt in her hand… or she should be.

  29. Tool Meter

    Yup, this guy a a total d-bag loser. Somehow he thinks everyone cares what he has to say. What a tool.

  30. Viper

    Yeah, actually I DID find this by searching “Kanye West Douche”. A bunch of my friends were bitching about him and I didn’t know much about him other than thet he’s a rapper… or something and a gay fish. He’s certainly not MY voice. I’d go with Bill Leeb or Trent Reznor before I designated West as my “voice”. Prick.

  31. Scarlett

    SO, i think you can add, the taylor swift incident to that list.

    He is NOT the voice of our generation, he has jack shit to say!!

    If womanizing is our generation, then let the D-bag be king.

    the reason michael jackson or elvis were kings, was because they revolutionized the music world.

    Give me some examples of how he’s revolutionized music, he’s an arrongant, average performer.

    Usher is better, chris brown is better(he’s a d-bag too)

    taylor swift is even better than the self-rituous ass we all know as

    Kanye West,
    King of D-bags.

  32. Kevin Johnson

    That first reason is bullshit because his mother had died around that time and he told them to stop because he was talking about her. The other nine are 100% correct, but that first reason is bullshit.

  33. Jennifer

    Kayne West is a total douche!

    Especially what he did to
    Taylor swift at the MTV music award.

    It was so immature; and just what
    a douche bag like him would do.

  34. Terrance

    Fuck Kanye’s life…how he acts, whines, or behaves immature. So what if he’s cocky. I dont know the nigga. All I know is that he samples classic songs and makes great music.

  35. Juelz

    I still listen to kanye, I don’t care what he does , he produces good music and now everyone hates him is like a trend to be cool. Stop acting and admit you like his music and him no homo and I do .

  36. maddie

    kayne just needs to go hide somewhere and never come out.
    no one cares for his douche behaviour, and actually we dont have to “stop acting like we dont like his music” cause most people ACTUALLY DONT.

  37. the...person

    i used to like him but in one of them i think he was a COMPLETE idiot your not god ok? your not that much of a center of attention you went too far with this one it bothers me how i see ppl wearing those kanye glasses in school >_< but i do have to admit i did like his songs homecoming and stronger but i do have to admit i dont listen to that kind of music anymore i listen to metal plus we already have a god your not gonna be written in the book if you keep acting like that plus you dont have a god like complex ive read the bible xO your not in it wut!!!

  38. the...person

    -___- kanye? go to sleep my darling its your bedtime you compliment your self too much that your making good ppl look bad the most important person in pop culture is jackson ok? but sadly hes dead *takes pillow* just stop talking and sleep whiner whines too much -.- at first i felt sorry for him cuz of his mum but now hes acting like hes perfect nobody’s perfect =O we are all wierd in our own way and now hes turned so wierd hes an alien 0_0

  39. Heather

    Dude, you are so, so, SO right. He thinks he’s perfect. Flat out awesome. How can he even THINK that he could be in the bible?? Maybe as a tax collector who doesn’t listen to anyone. Also who is arrogant. Even Jesus would be like, “Dad, are you f***ing KIDDING me??” xD Kanye is a douche. PERIOD. South Park is my favourite show because of that gay fish episode (Gay Fish yo!). He just plays the ‘racial card’ whenever he feels like it just to get what he wants. Pfft. He totally f***ed himself up EVEN MORE when he jumped up onstage at the VMA’s (me is rhymin’! I can be Kanye West now!). And it was TAYLOR SWIFT! She can kick Beyonce’s music video’s ass any day! But at least Beyonce let her do her acceptance speech for her. 🙂

  40. n0n hater

    Everyone on here has been sucking kanye west so hard, 1. If people didn’t like his music he wouldn’t have more than 10 grammys in his house
    2. The sales of his overpriced shoes all go to charity, but u wouldn’t kno that because you don’t look up research, jus hate hate hate
    3. If he was unlike all his albums wouldn’t be platinum smh
    4. He compared his name to other big artist because he’s the only producing his own songs then make classics on the beats
    5. He’s arrogant and makes mistakess, but being humble and quiet is s00000 borinnn, wh0 wants a boring artist dese days
    6. He asked the musik 2 stop at the grammys becuz its distasteful and he was speaking of his deceased mother.
    7. He didn’t slam justin timberlake, he calls him the MJ of our generation(b4 mj passed away)
    8. All the hate u give he literally feeds off it, listen to Hater- jay-z ft. Kanye west..its about u lol
    9. All this hate is so guys need to grow up…HATE! HATE!…i laff at u guys

  41. p

    This asshole hasn’t got one bit of talent.He compares himself to Jimi Hendrix???? Jim Morrison??? Are you kidding me??

  42. sees whats really goin on

    its amazing how everyone would jump on the band wagon and want to sue him and ruin his career if its not already but bc he’s black he can be more racist then anyone else and its ok that’s the problem with this world today many black people or more racist then any other people why bc if u go out looking for racisms that make u a racist and I know a many ah black person is quick to blow the racist horn

  43. Tonay

    The guy thinks he’s Jesus….I mean isn’t that enough right there? Man fuck Kanye, the kid is a punk. The guy is a loser. He’s just the worst role model for anybody and he’s the worst musician if u can even consider him that. How he got to where he is now, I don’t know. I never liked this bitch, even with his first cd that should have flopped from the get go. I guess its purely marketing…and auto tune…Fuck Kanye.

  44. nanofcb

    well i have to be honest, I used to love Kanye’s Music but he’s such a douche bag and that’s what I hate the most!!! Just look at what he did to Taylor swift !!! this is the most ridiculous and disrespectful act I ever seen !! Even kids won’t do what he did !!

  45. Bowie

    I actually thank God everyday that he interrupted Taylor Swift on national TV because it finally made people see what a waste of sperm and egg he is. Last I heard, nobody listens to him anymore.

  46. shut up

    god you people are such losers, stop taking personal offence to something that happened on tv.. listen to his or her music based on what you like not their personality, almost all of you people are way more rude to other people than kanye was to taylor swift. take your own advice and also realize that you yourself are a douche.

  47. ryo

    only one other person that i saw mentioned this, so i'll mention it too

    kanye further prooved his douchbaggery when he was on the show “Punk'd”, showing how childish and dipshitted he acts.

  48. micro sd card

    As the founder and treasurer, Kanye West, Jesus is my club, my swizzle heresy. I urge you to anchovy pizza, grilled vegetables. I urge the steak with parsley. Great, now I am hungry, because the message, and all places in the dining center is closed. Here it is: You are hereby excluded Kanye West Jesus is my new club. Well, not exactly banned, but you must pay the entrance fee is 50% higher.

  49. G218131


  50. Replying-to-idiot

    Another pathetic fanboi trying defending his douchebag hero by putting down others. You are a loser by choice. Now quit leaving comments, forever. Idiot.

  51. None

    “being humble and quiet is s00000 borinnn”

    Thats why you choose to be a douchebag. You and kanye are brothers in douchebaggery. And he only sells records because of no-taste douches like you.

    Sadly you will never grow up as you are just another immature fanboi sheep doing whatever you can to defend your douche-hero. You would have done better not to show everyone who you are.

  52. None

    Quit wanting everyone to be a loser like you. You are in your own boat moron. Along with all the other douches, but intelligent tasteful people like the rest of us will never choose to be a loser like you.


    Wow he really said he'd be a character in a modern-day Bible?! Wow he is a douche haha. It's a shame too, because he's one of the most talented (if not most talented) individual in mainstream hip hop today, but how can you expect people to like you when you talk like this? Think before you speak, Kanye.


    Yes, much more disrespectful than Chris Brown actually assaulting Rihanna or that senator interrupting the fvcking president. Yeah, a lot more ridiculous than that.


    Emmy is a moron is the douce for finding it neccessary to respond to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT supporting Kanye

  56. brennan

    HA!! i cant believe that he would even CONSIDER comparing himself to Kurt Cobain. Or Jim Morrison. WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!! i always laff everytime i see the south park episode where kanye west is like, im not a gay fish! imma muda fucken GENIUSSSS!!!!! sorry Kanye, ur definitely a gay fish!

  57. Lilli

    You totally forgot about his douche move against Taylor Swift. I admit, I love kanye's music, but what the hell is he thinking that he is the next Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison… what the fuck kind of drugs is this guy ON?

  58. emmy is a bitch

    he should get just as much time as everyone else not more just because hes talking about something special, fuck you and fuck kanye, stupid nigger.

  59. Kriskomar

    name anyone with as much or more talent as him:
    Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Danny Elfman, Trent Reznor, System of a Down, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Styx, Foreigner, Eminem, etc etc, holy cow i could go on and on. There are so many more artists that are more talented than Kanye West EASY.

    The fact that you worship him is what has made him so falsely cocky.

  60. Wordpress

    I would never ever compare him to paul mccartney, jimi hendrix, kurt cobain, or any other music legend. what he needs to realize is that those artists never put themselves on a pedistal or considered themselves a cut above the rest. their body of work is what earned them their legendary status.

  61. Mychael Margott

    That first reason is I think really bullshit, because his mother had died around that time and he told them to stop because he was talking about her. The other nine are 100% correct, but that first reason is all bullshit.

  62. Byron Shikuma

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  63. dontworryaboutit

    Kanye West is BETTER than kurt cobain, jimi hendrix, the beatles, and any other artist that ever existed. He is blatantly full of talent and for you to disagree, you just sound like a fucking dumbass. and at the end of the day, Kanye has more money than you, more bitches than you, etc. Kanye is a hard-working artist who deserves respect. The amount of passion and hard work he puts into his work is unprecedented. haha how the Fuck could you compare KANYE to kurt cobain anyway? that talentless fuck killed himself, MAJORLY disappointing all his fans and Kanye is the whiny douchebag? (YEAH, THINK ABOUT THAT ONE!!!) idek of any kurt cobain or jimi hendrix songs. no disrespect to other artists, but KANYE WEST is and will always remain King. Give the man the respect he deserves

  64. Lindsey Brooks

    Hello mate. I am still really noob on blog and all things about this field. There are lots of jargons I still can’t know. I’m not even sure I will be able to write half decent to yours. I am gonna read the entire site perhaps I will be able to feel your blogging style a little.

  65. riley fucktheguywhowrotethisarticle jacobson

    Let’s be honest here. Kanye west is a god. Anybody who disagrees with that clearly has no eardrums. The time he puts into he’s music along with the talent that is required to make it is just astounding. EVERYONE says things they don’t exactly mean. He’s a person just like us. We put celebrities on these pefastils and pounce on anything they do wrong. Kanye West is a douche? No, fucking Schmutzie is a douche. A low life who spends time researching things he doesn’t care about to get a hit online. Seriously his ipod is probably filled with music like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and other emo. No-talent crap. Mtv voted kanye west as the greatest MC ever. You think you could ever amount to that? The truth is we hate Kanye because he’s got balls. He walks up on stage and slaps Taylor swift in the face with words and he’s not afraid to do it. he doesn’t hide behind a blog and a care beat username. Do you see how many people are upset by this guy and spending their time freaking about him? that’s power.
    Every celebrity is a douche, Kanye is just blacker than them.

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