Enjoy The View

12 thoughts on “Enjoy The View

  1. Second

    Dear First,
    You’re a fucking cunt. Grow a pair and stop living life through minuscule achievements that mean absolutely nothing.

    Try contributing to society in some way besides bragging about things not worth bragging about.

    Oh, and die.


  2. first

    Thank you for your reply Second.

    I have grown a pair, but chose to ignore the “and die” remark. It’s not on my to-do list.

    And Second? You suck. Like a vacuum cleaner in a black hole.

    – first, AND fourth.

  3. mike yuen ken paahana

    i had 1 steak trailer lunch wagon that was reel high the customer head was right where my dick height was, so when girls wood cum 4 by steak i cood see down there shirt at there boobies

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