6 TV Shows That Should Never Have Been Canceled

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It’s weird to think that a show can have millions of avid fans and still be seen as a loser to the TV execs. While things that make our eyes bleed like “What I Like About You” or that Dawson’s River show (river, stream, creek, whatever) seemed to run on forever, here’s our countdown of shows that should still be on the air today.

6. Daybreak (13 Episodes)

Taye Diggs wakes up and every day is the same day. And we know what you’re thinking, yes Bill Murray already did that and they called it Groundhog Day…so it’s not a new idea…but like a good cover song (see: Ryan Adams Wonderwall), they took something old and made it their own. Because the day Taye had to relive is the day his girlfriend gets killed and he gets set up for it.

Why it should still be on the air: We liked tuning in each week to see Taye get a little closer…sure, this series couldn’t have lasted forever, but if Prison Break got 4 seasons, we’re pretty sure this could go on just as long. (And any show starring a guy with Digg in his name gets extra awesome points.)

5. Committed (13 Episodes)

It’s the classic story of boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy tries not to screw up so badly that girl leaves. Only in this story, the girl is insane and has a dying clown living in her closet. And the boy is a Ph.D.-having-super-nerd who comes from a family of people who all cross the thin line between genius and insanity, so he works in a record store. This show should have been called “When Crazy People Find Each Other.”

Why it should still be on the air: Did we mention she had a dying clown living in her closet?

4. Off Centre (28 Episodes)

You take John Cho (from the Harold & Kumar movies) and put him in an apartment with Eddie Kaye Thomas (Finch from the American Pie movies) and Sean Maguire (Kyle from “The Class” – another show we wish didn’t get canceled). It was low-brow humor…but it was awesome low-brow humor.

Why it should still be on the air: John Cho is so funny, we peed a little.

3. Jericho (29 Episodes)

Post-apocalyptic movies are awesome. We’re pretty big fans of the idea as a TV show as well (we even liked Showtime’s “Jeremiah” despite it starring Luke Perry). Someone sets nuclear bombs off all over the United States and the small town of Jericho tries to rebuild without any modern infrastructure and lots of looting.

Why it should still be on the air: The most loyal fan-base a show could have. When Jericho got canceled after its first season, the fans united. They started sending peanuts to the CBS building in New York…thousands of pounds every day…after 20 tons of nuts, CBS un-canceled the show and issued a press release saying “we’re pleased to announce the renewal of Jericho for a second season…please stop sending us nuts now.” Due to poor planning from CBS, season 2 debuted almost a year after the first season ended. Coupled with half the second season being leaked onto the Internet several months before they actually aired (and ratings that were never good to begin with), Jericho got canceled twice in less than a year.

2. Arrested Development (53 Episodes)Arrested Development should have joined shows like The Office and 30 Rock for being on a list of shows that were so funny they caused world peace to break out. But Arrested Development never found an audience. We can’t explain why Arrested Development was funny…either you already know or you need to add the entire series to the top of your Netflix queue right now. If you don’t fall off the couch laughing, you can go ahead and start hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, because you’ve got nothing up there.

Why it should still be on the air: There are two dominant theories to why Arrested Development was canceled. One is that the marketing done by Fox was so bad that they could have gotten more viewers if they had just spray painted “Arrested Development” on the side of a chicken and let it loose in Times Square. The other theory is that it was a smart show and there are just too many dumb people out there. All that we know for sure is that if you don’t think Arrested Development is funny, we will send someone to your house to fight you.

1. Firefly (14 Episodes)

There was a lot of debate about which show deserved the top spot, Arrested Development or Firefly, as they are both so awesome that we would gladly let the TV studios stab us in the face for another season of either. Created by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Firefly was one of the best sci-fi shows of all time. We liked Summer Glau so much that she’s about 89% of the reason we watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Sadly, Firefly came and went so quickly that we’re not really sure it was ever on TV at all

Why it should still be on the air: Firefly was so good that not only did they put out the entire series on DVD, but word spread so rapidly that every single copy sold out, every copy they had in warehouses sold out, and eventually some exec thought “hey, we should make a movie” and then “Serenity” got a theatrical release. TV shows that get canceled part of the way through their first season don’t get made into big-screen movies…it just doesn’t happen. Firefly broke the mold though and now we’re all hoping that the rumors of an Arrested Development movie are true as well.

29 thoughts on “6 TV Shows That Should Never Have Been Canceled

  1. Rangerette

    Thanks for the great article. Just wanted to let you know that the Jericho Rangers are still here and very loyal to our show. We are still working very hard to get the show picked up by another network. For any who are interested you can find out more information on how you can help at http://www.savejerichoagain.com. There you will find lots of information about the commercial ad we put together and is now soon to be in it’s third round of airings and links to other sites as well. Thanks again for the great article.

    Rangers never give up!!!!

  2. AngelaRK

    Jericho is such a great show, it makes you think, it makes you ask yourself ‘what IF’. The fans are still very much alive and very active in supporting the show. Jericho will be back, count on it! Thanks for the great article, we very much agree with you!

  3. kedzucat

    Thanks for including our favorite Jericho on your list. The fans have run tv advertisements, put up a billboard in LA and have supported our troops by sending Jericho dvd’s. We are a tight knit community awaiting either Season 3 or a movie. Season 3 would be our preference, but we will take what we can get.
    I enjoyed your article and hope you will write about it again.

  4. Azlady

    Thank you for the nice words about Jericho. I agree, it definitely should never have been cancelled. Not only was truly one of the great shows on television, it has a huge loyal undying fan base. I hope the producers are making progress in their talks and negotiations to get Jericho a new home on a cable channel.

  5. ana

    WHYYYYYY!!! why was arrested development cancelled (that day my faith in humanity went downhill)

    by the way i also liked wonderfalls it was great…. what ever happenned to that show?

  6. Sjak

    I really love 30 rock and the Office(US), but Arrested Development is just missing something. Not sure. It had good dialoge and some funny situations, but I never got into the characters.

    By the way, I know it´s not a top 6 but still, how come Carnivale isn´t on the list? Best show I´ve ever seen and I watch far too much TV.

  7. silentviewer

    Thank for this article, I am a loyal viewer of Jericho and FireFly. Jericho was the 1st show I watched from one of the 3 original networks. I watched Fox and the WB before it became the CW. Both of these shows are Fantastic in a sea of cloned police, hospital, and lawyer dramas. The cast in both of these shows have wonderful chemistry!!!!! We are still fighting to find a new home for Jericho that will appreciate this original and intellegent show and us the loyal viewers. Eventhough TV pretty much stinks other than the Sarah Conner Chronicles and Fringe. I would trade them in a heart beat and Get Jericho back for sure and more FireFly. All though with the way the Networks do there business I am not counted anyway I have to DVR the programs I watch. I work twelve PM to twelve AM. In this day of technology which makes my life easy to enjoy the same things as those who do not have my work Schedule. These networks need to realize that it TV does not go off the air at 2 any more and it 24 hours 7days a week business.

  8. Doc

    Space: Above and Beyond.

    The third part of Chris Carter’s “X-File’s” trilogy, along with “Millennium,” boasted strong writing, a compelling ensemble cast, great FX, and some intriguing plot points. However, this show was one of the first to utilize the Internet as a means to create a “Fan community” which was an integral part of the show. In what turned out to be the final episode, fan’s internet handles from the site website were integrated into the script as the names of pilots engaged in dogfights in the season’s climactic battle. There was something compelling about hearing your avatar name being voiced as a character, albeit minor, in your favorite television show. “Doc’s been hit!…”

  9. ariam

    Jericho was far and away the best show on network t.v. Makes you wonder…what the hell was CBS thinking when they canceled it???!!!

  10. Katya

    Firefly, definitey shouldn’t have been canceled. I’m sure FOX got a lot of death threats because of that move.

    I also think that Traveler and Point Pleasant should have stayed on the air.

    Traveler was fast paced and action packed. Point Pleasant had an interesting storyline about the Devil.

  11. MikeL

    Thanks for the great words about Jericho. I am proud to have been a contributor to those 20 tons of nuts CBS got! Jake, Eric, Hawkins, et al. are very much missed. Here’s hoping for a Jericho miracle.

  12. Corina

    Yeah, exactly!!! What the ^%$%$ is wrong with CBS for canceling Jericho? Not to mention Moonlight, another great show canceled by them?!?!?!

  13. robster

    arrested development was one of the smartest shows on TV. i never was able to get into Firefly or Jericho – I really tried with Jericho, but after a few episodes – nope, i couldn’t do it.

    Farscape was good until it turned stupid.

    The Traveler was terrible – and I really wanted to like it. It had the guy from Rome in it – I am a huge fan of his and that show.

  14. Miss Marilyn

    TNT’s Saved.

    Easily one of the best written shows ever written. Tom Everett Scott was stellar.

  15. Lisa

    I’m so glad someone else mentioned Moonlight too! I’m still SO angry at CBS that I can’t watch a new season on Friday nights! I can’t believe they got rid of such a good show, and after it won the people’s choice award for best new drama!!!!!!! What are we supposed to do when we need a vampire fix-we need Mick back!

  16. Melissa

    There all great shows, but i think that Veronica Mars should have made the count, it was just like Arrested Developement, just not enought intelligent people out there. It was critically acclaimed, but people like Joss Whedon& Steven King! & only made 3 seasons!:(

  17. S.H.

    Arrested development was brilliant, but it doesn’t surprise me that FOX cancelled it. the writing on the show won awards, but the ratings sucked b/c most americans like easy mindless jokes, not the sophisticated and intricate humor in A.D.
    -FOX also cancelled another fave of mine- Greg The Bunny!! I loved that show and really thought it would be on the list here. it was a while back, and not on for very long- but it had sarah silverman, seth green…and my fave tardy the turtle!!

  18. Katina Lee

    I agree Boston Legal should have been included. It has great actors and compelling storyline. Legal had two to three good seasons left in it..

  19. Cecilia

    Life on Mars (the American version) was so under-appreciated! It was one of the best shows ever to be on TV and it never got it’s chance to shine! Also, Pushing Daisies is not one of the best shows ever on TV, it is the best show ever on TV. Pushing Daisies being cancelled is just wrong and someone should be punished for it!

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