The Differences Between Star Wars & Harry Potter

6 thoughts on “The Differences Between Star Wars & Harry Potter

  1. cory

    yes, how dare george lucas write a story following the hero’s quest/monomyth structure which has been a stable of story tellin for over 3000 years!

    and how dare jk rowling for telling a story useing a similer structure which has been used for over 3000 years.

  2. Terry Smith

    There’s the next version of that, out there somewhere, that has The Matrix and Lord of the Rings on it as well. Gets a little crowded.

  3. Doryen

    Carl Jung. Joseph Campbell. Jungian Archetypes. The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

    In short: EVERY FUCKING HERO STORY IS JUST ABOUT THE SAME. You could do this with ANY hero movie/book/comic/epic. It WORKS because of the way humans identify archetypes and the dramatic structure, thus becoming empathetic to the story and plight of the heroes. 10th Grade literature class, folks.

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