The Truest Graffiti Message You’ll See All Day view!

Collected by mazy kazerooni

“go to work, send your kids to school

follow fashion, act normal

walk on the pavements, watch T.V.

save for your old age, obey the law

Repeat after me: I am free”

Graffiti on Philip St, Bedminster, Bristol, UK (opposite Windmill City Farm)

This is beautiful.

75 thoughts on “The Truest Graffiti Message You’ll See All Day view!

  1. Delicious Clams

    lern2 sociology fagget

    Those are just social norms, every civilization has them. It’s a human thing to conform; it keeps societies together. You don’t actually HAVE to do any of these if you choose. What more freedom do you want?

    I think I’d choose to walk on the pavement rather than be surrounded by anarchy.

    1. Evil1

      Yeah, people spurting “f the system” annoy me too.
      But I think there’s also another side to this phrase.
      It’s maybe the unpleasantness of social pressure? That people judge you by these mores?
      I know that in my country many women marry young with the wrong guy and then they divorce. TONS of them! But I am always criticized and viewed as weird because I don’t want to marry, unless I want a child (won’t happen too soon…). They act superior and patronize me for my choice, even though I explained to them that I don’t see the point of signing a paper unless I need a guarantee and that I don’t want to hurry, since marriage isn’t taken seriously by anyone anyway. I don’t need to sign for love. Why would the state care what feelings I have?
      Or an other example is: I have to wear high heels and office clothing to be considered a normal and successful person (I guess that’s the respect that I get for going to school… Heh…) . Since I don’t abide to this, people view me as some sort of a person with maturity issues. Some even tag me as being poor, or maladjusted! I have a nice job, but people are used with their corp. jobs and judge me by that.
      And yes, sometimes fashion stresses me out. Since people are so judgmental by such superficial things, I sometimes have to dress up just to fit in. Not because I want to, or it represents me. But because I need to go with this nonsense, just to get on with my life. If I don’t, nobody will ever hire me.

  2. TheRebelSell

    “Those are just social norms, every civilization has them. It’s a human thing to conform; it keeps societies together. You don’t actually HAVE to do any of these if you choose. What more freedom do you want?”

    The Truest Comment You’ll See All Day.

  3. Adam

    Yeah, and I’m going to take a sociology lesson from someone who begins his comment with the word fagget.

    Is homophobia a social norm?

    The point here is that social norms ARE constraining, because going against them, although possible, makes you a pariah. In a truly free society, social norms would most likely still exist, but could be ignored without anyone even giving you a glance.

    Oh, and why don’t you actually read some anarchist literature before using the term simply as a synonym for chaos?

  4. Bastien

    If I do those things it’s because I want to do them and because I want to live into our society. But the author of this tag is true.

    Sorry for my english.

  5. Celicious Dlams
    “1. faggot

    In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used insteap of calling somebody stupid or a loser. ”

    You, my friend, are a fagget. Why faggEt? I like how I spell it.
    Also, I wish you would have started the comment with “go read anarchist literature”, so I could have stopped reading there.

    On a less trollful note, I just get annoyed when a Westerner gets their panties in a wad about this stuff. You want to see control? Go to North Korea. Appreciate what amazing things we have instead of whine about what we don’t.

  6. Neily

    I’m sorry, but that is rubbish. It depends on your definition of freedom.

    I’m pretty sure there is people in some other less stable countries that would disagree with the intent of this message.

  7. Nivekian

    In the U.S.A. (Un-united Snakes of Amerikkka), if you don’t send your kids to school or follow a set homeschooling regiment the government feels they have the right to kidnap them, imprison you and charge you money. How is that freedom? How is that a social norm?

    In the U.S. (not them!) If you appear behave “abnormally” to the wrong concerned individual or group of individuals the authorities feels that they can abduct, drug and imprison you whether you’ve broken a ‘law’ or not.
    Is this freedom? Is it a social norm? If it is a social norm, should it be?

  8. itsalljustaride

    “Oh, and why don’t you actually read some anarchist literature before using the term simply as a synonym for chaos?”

    I’m guessing because he needed a synonym for chaos (which is pretty much the common use of the term anarchy) and not some contrived bullshit political system that most sane people over the age of 16 thinks is a good idea.

    Like it or not, DC is right, no matter how crudely he phrases it.

    This tag is essentially complaining about the bare minimum of societal obligations, and then saying, “see you’re not free”. Well, here’s a gold star genius, thanks for stating the obvious that people have known for eons.

    “In a truly free society, social norms would most likely still exist, but could be ignored without anyone even giving you a glance.”

    Then there never has and never will be a truly free society. How can you call something a “norm” if deviating from that norm causes no reaction from “the normies”? The very idea is laughable and illogical. It’s contrary to our nature, not just ours but every animal on this planet find abnormal things to be worthy of inspection and a bit of skepticism. To be otherwise would mean extinction.

  9. itsalljustaride

    Also, who says you have to follow fashion or watch TV? This tag gets more lame upon closer inspection. It can’t even come up with good examples of social obligations.

  10. Delicious Clams


    Oh it’s on, motherfucker.

    “How is that a social norm?”
    That’s a LAW, not a social norm, moron.
    How is it NOT a crime to prevent your children from getting an education? Many would consider that child abuse, including myself.
    “In the U.S. (not them!) If you appear behave “abnormally” to the wrong concerned individual or group of individuals the authorities feels that they can abduct, drug and imprison you whether you’ve broken a ‘law’ or not.”

    Ok, I honestly have no idea what your talking about. I know for a FACT that my govt doesn’t “abduct” weirdos, drug them and imprison them. You must be talking about something else. Provide an example of this?

    And why do you use two quotation marks around “abnormally” and one around “law”? Which set of grammar rules are you using? US or UK?
    “Is this freedom?”
    Jesus Christ, I’m not going to waste my time explaining Rousseau’s social contract to some idiot online. Google it.
    “In the U.S.A. (Un-united Snakes of Amerikkka)” , “In the U.S. (not them!)”
    Great, another asshole who needs to turn everything into an America-bashing event. Why the hell are you so anti-American on this issue? Do you honestly think that the US has less freedoms than most other Western countries?
    Wake up. All civilized countries will have laws that you will not agree with, not just the US. No country is perfect.

    Also, nice reference to the KKK. You probably don’t know this, but they’re almost completely disbanded and hold practically no power whatsoever.
    Russia holds nearly half the world’s population of neo-nazis, but I don’t see you complaining about them.

    If you live in the US, you’re a combo of the following:
    A) Don’t know how good you have it, or too young to know
    B) Never lived in another country, but still base your opinion off of shit you’ve heard. (read: propaganda)

    If you don’t live in the US:
    A) Never lived in the US, but base your opinion off of shit you’ve heard. (read: propaganda)
    B) MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Why are you so worried about American laws if you don’t live here faggot?

    Either way, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. I suggest you take a government class you uneducated twat. Stop acting like a spoiled brat and appreciate all you have.

  11. Ridiculous

    This is ridiculous. You’re complaining about having society? Do you realize how dumb an idea anarchy is? What alternative to the status quo are you providing? Is your graffiti changing the world and leading to democracy’s downfall?

    You don’t know anything about not having freedom. You don’t know anything about common sense. Anarchist literature exists so rebels without a cause can pretend they have one. Face it, you’re a bunch of post-hippie alcoholic idiots and you don’t care about politics, you just care about making a statement.

    I’m tired of this nonsense. You don’t know what you’re saying. It’s easy to spray-paint some words and make someone stop and think. but eventually any intelligent person will just keep going with their day and forget about whatever line of BS you’re feeding them. If you really want to make a difference, do something besides commit vandalism. You’d certainly get more respect as a movement if you organized.

  12. jim

    i stumbled to this page and i was wondering why you people argue over stupid points in the comments section of a website ?

  13. Stakhanov

    I have never thought I lived in a truly free society. I don’t live in the USA (Canada, so similar social norms and similar laws to a point) but I live in a Democratic government. Meaning in most cases the majority of us get to choose our leaders, who then get extra weight when it comes to legislation etc. We choose this, as a country.

    As stated above, why is this a bad thing? I also prefer to live in a society where there is a set of rules (laws) people generally agree to live on, and there is punishment for breaking those rules. I prefer this kind of society, you are also free to choose to live in the wilderness of Alaska, or Canada, or many other countries where there would be absolutely no one there to infringe on your “freedom”. Mind you…there would be no hospitals, grocery stores, houses, electricity etc etc there either. So choose…if you don;t like how society is (and as far as countries having laws, all of them do…last I checked) you are free to move to an isolated place. Take a look at what the fundamentalist Mormons, the Amish and the Mennonites have done. You could even bring friends!

    Ultimately it is a moot point to say we are not fully free, we aren’t and we never will be. Even if you removed all the laws and levels of government, and social etiquette and standards. There would still be someone who is stronger than you, who will limit your freedoms in some respects (ESPECIALLY in a society without laws etc).

    We sacrifice some of our freedoms in order to live comfortable lives, without having to worry as much about people murdering you in the streets as you would otherwise. The organization and structure of society as well also provides us with a good atmosphere to comfortably sit and study, debate and further our entire species as a whole. Removing laws and government would not help this.

    You are free in my country to wear weird clothes, do strange things and be out of the social norm in some respects. But there are limits to this, and these limits are in place to protect MY freedoms.

  14. B

    through your dismissive comments you’ve all proved that your freedom is shaky enough to be threatened by this piece of graf.
    but are we truly free to live as humans did before the agricultural revolution?
    look past the great forgetting, it is only the last 10000 years of humanity that have been governed by greed and ruthless expansion. for the first 3 million years humans lived in anarchist communes, or tribes if you will.

    anarchism is a viable system,
    ask dissident thinkers such as noam chomsky,

  15. yeah

    I’m pretty sure the artist isn’t so much complaining about laws holding him down, rather than people being brought up to be and do what they should be instead of what they want to be or feel they should do.

  16. phudefru

    Its nice to see some graffiti that has a point, unlike tagging which has no artistic value and/or opinion.

    And about the discussion. Just because we are more free then others doesnt mean that being used by company’s and feeling free (wow you can choose between Hobby A and B, or buy product A or B.) is actually the same thing as being free. Ofcourse, most people that are a part of society wont admit that they actually ARENT free to do whatever they want.

    Stumbled, so see you trolling on some other pages comments page.

  17. me

    Ooh, I only wanted to say thats where I live! I dont have any deep meaning ful comments, I was just surprised to see something from my town when i clicked stumbleupon.

  18. The Shrimp

    You are completely missing the point, guys. It’s not about whether the artist meant that we are not free, or that we ARE… it’s about what YOU think it means. And I didn’t read between the lines and took it to mean that society is a means of freedom.
    Also, the words sound pretty together.

  19. C from NYC

    This is not even Graffiti. This is a whiney piece of writing, wrote with a horrible hand style and fails to possess substance to back up it’s weak and poorly executed message. Stay in the u.k. you fans.

  20. luke watts

    three things

    1. faggot in the u.k is a derogatory word meaning gay, that or a type of meatball

    2. In the u.k you can be illegally drugged abducted and interrogated not to mention assaulted all in the name of state security. It happened to me, to be called a traitor is probably one of the biggest insults you can give a man. to knock me on the floor when i told you i wasn’t a traitor i was god, made you look like the amateur you are. you muppet.

    3. freedom is an undefinable quantity and defiantly open to conjecture north korea have freedoms you dont. At present were all shacled by the laws of physics.

    Freedom is just a state of mind.

  21. Biscuits

    And BTW, how can you just assume that it is photoshopped? There wouldn’t be shadows… it’s spray paint… not a 3-D sculpture.

  22. @Celicious Dlams

    @ Celicious Dlams #7:

    Yes being happy with what freedoms you have left because you don’t live like they do in North Korea is cool with you. Announcing your unhappiness with the status quo and your desire for more freedoms through satirical graffiti, you’re a faggot. You got it all figured out dude.

  23. I

    And cherry pie with ice cream, but sometimes just with a tall glass of milk.

    “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.” -Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

    So why are we all wasting our time arguing on the internet? (for future comments, I’m well aware that I’m being contradictory by posting this comment)

    And why do you all assume that the “artist” is talking about oppression by the government?
    I think the “artist’s” message is more that we are all told what to be and how to act by society, religion, and the media. I think he/she’s trying to tell us to be ourselves, whatever we want to be.
    Or maybe the dude was just stoned and just thought it sounded cool.
    Whatever it means….does it really matter that much that we have to argue about it? I think not.

    Good day, sir

  24. Steronag

    My name’s Rob. Rob the shitty graffiti artist. I don’t have a job and can’t get one cause I’m too lazy. I can’t afford nice clothes, or higher education, or retirement, or a [email protected] TV so I spend the three dollars I steal from my roommate every one in a while on a can of paint, in the hopes that by defacing public walls I can make people think my life is eccentric and hip.

    shut the @#(% up and get a job, Rob.

  25. Cal

    we can be illegally abducted, drugged and assaulted in the UK for state security???? enlighten me on this. though if the state ‘can’ do this then implies legality? if its doing it illegally but people know then where is the shit storm? or is this super secret mi5 operations?

    as for the graffiti, id say its about the fact we are given freedom in name but the whole system is designed to making you become agents and fodder of the system. we are indoctrinated from a young age to do all these things and act in a certain way and then kept catatonic and unaware by tv. we have our life planned out before we are born. alot of you are getting rather worked up about us needing the system. we may need A system but why should that stop us pointing out the flaws of being in a system?

  26. Concerned Citizen

    I’m just going to throw this out there. As much as I hate trolling.

    The idea behind this message seems to be much more subtle than everybody likes to make it out to be. Try something more like “Take that step”. He/she is probably just making the statement that we need to attempt to break these social norms more often. If we’re afraid of “stepping onto the street” than what is there to do? What is there to enjoy?
    *shrug* Take a chance.

  27. Mega Man 2.01

    Here’s a concept for those who believe in no laws, what if someone just shot you dead… is that the type of society you want to live in? A society with every man for themselves. Yeah… right… we wouldn’t be where we are at if we didn’t have a society under a government. Although, I’m not saying any government is good by any means. Most are perfect in theory, like Democracy and Communism. Because of most humans dishonest and power hungry intentions does no government really work.

    Thought I might change up the topic a bit.

  28. DUDE!

    B said on September 3rd, 2008 at 8:38 am

    “but are we truly free to live as humans did before the agricultural revolution?
    look past the great forgetting, it is only the last 10000 years of humanity that have been governed by greed and ruthless expansion. for the first 3 million years humans lived in anarchist communes, or tribes if you will.

    anarchism is a viable system,
    ask dissident thinkers such as noam chomsky”

    And what makes you assume that all of those tribes did not have their own sets of rules?

    The Soup Nazi banishes you for one year. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

  29. A thought amongst spite

    I bet whoever originally did this never imagined that it would start a response like this…. They probably just wanted to make a few people who saw it think, not spark yet another comment-war online.

  30. soapboxguy

    You guys are all assuming that our way of life is an inherently good thing. Our comfort is built on murder and consumerism. Yes, we have the freedom to support that system that is destroying the planet, but do we have the right?

    I’m not supporting a lawless system. But sacrificing freedom for security means you deserve neither.

  31. Thomas Boxley

    OK, after reading all these comments I have found two things to be true:

    1) Everyone has their own opinion on this matter.
    2) A LOT of people who post on comment boards like this must aggressively state how everyone who disagrees with what they think is right must be either gay or an idiot.

    Everyone feels the need to insult everyone or everything (like this graffiti) that doesn’t share their sentiments on the matter. A debate is when people come together in a civil manner and discuss an arguable topic. Just think, if you lived in North Korea under a communist government you may envy the freedoms that American citizens have, then again you may not. It’s really unproductive to trample on someone’s beliefs without first putting yourself on the other side of the argument.

    Think, when has someone yelled an opinion at you and you actually thought they were right.

  32. Thomas Boxley

    As for the abducting, have any of you ever had a mental illness? Well, when the local law enforcement, at least in the US anyway, assumes you are danger to yourself, or to those around you, they can detain you at a psychiatric facility. No, I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, but to say it doesn’t happen…

    Ever heard of the men in the white coats.

    In normal society following this graffiti would make you mentally ill, resulting in your detainment, at least that’s what I got from it. The author could mean something else though, I’m not familiar with the United Kingdom’s laws.

  33. emily

    stop being fearful and just live your lives naturally, without regard for social conduct (this is NOT code for disresepct-you can be individually respectful and ethical without carrying your society’s baggage around with you)

    and why are you people constantly fighting, especially over some picture on the internet? don’t you have better things to do?

  34. john mccain

    this is image is totally photoshopped
    you can completely see the wires attached to the lady hanging off the edge of that building

  35. justme

    Thank you for the reminder, sometimes I forget.

    People, learn to enjoy life, you can not be free if you except the “social norms” as acceptable. Only you should dictate your life.
    You can have a frees spirit without hurting others.

  36. Cam

    I believe the point of this quotation is:

    Think for yourself. Be a part of average, conventional society IF YOU WANT. But don’t do these things just because that’s what people do. Don’t confine yourself to that. And really, is it such utter anarchy if someone decides they don’t want to “follow fashion” or “watch T.V.”? I don’t think so.

    And if you’ve already decided that this is absolute bullshit, then at least it got you thinking.

    Great job!

  37. oomleh

    i’m pretty sure this tag didn’t specify that it’s addressing the united states, the government, or anything really in particular. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking the public to think for themselves.

    “Men, upon too many occasions, do not give their own understandings fair play; but, yielding to some untoward bias, they entangle themselves in words and confound themselves in subtleties.”

    it’s a shame that this little bit of writing is being exaggerated so much. the fact that you’re attempting to prove yourself superior to anyone else because of your opinion is outrageous and pathetic. virtue can never be proved to be correct. sorry.

  38. Seraphim

    i am thoroughly convinced that at least half the people commenting here are under the age of 16… mentally, as well as chronologically. that being said, i have to point something out to the ‘tards who are bitching about the government ‘kidnapping and drugging’ you when you are a danger to yourself or others, and to the (hopefully childless) idiots who complain about them taking your kids if you don’t educate them..
    one- if you are a danger to others (i wont add a danger to yourself bc what you do to yourself is your own business), then you should be locked up because you are infringing on someone else’s rights and freedoms. however, in order to be forcibly committed, you must display overtly dangerous behavior- in many cases, a person who is a danger is not committed until they have actually harmed someone else. you can not be forcibly ‘drugged’- after an initial hold, once a person is deemed no longer a danger (which can happen in hours, days, weeks, or years.), they are released and have a choice whether or not to stay medicated. which means even if a person is violently deranged, there isn’t a damn thing the government can do unless or until that person kills, maims, harms, or grievously threatens another person. so stfu- nobody is forcing anybody into mental institutions. go learn the law before you comment on it, dummy.
    two- yes, the government requires that you educate your children. why? because your child will become an adult, who, without education, will be completely unprepared to lead a self-sufficient life. the government also requires that you feed, clothe, and take care of your child. why? because until about 100 years ago, there were no laws protecting children, and they were considered property. they were not even worth as much as cattle, pigs, and barn animals, all of which had laws to protect them from being abused. the result was that children were horribly abused, beaten, starved, and in quite a few cases, kept feral (look it up, stupid.), with no recourse or punishment to the parents/caretakers. the first child abuse case was prosecuted under the livestock protection act- they argued that since humans are mammals, and mammals are animals, a child has as many rights as a cow. gee, wonder why the government would feel the need to fix that? and you should be locked under the prison for neglecting/abusing a child. they should be taken. and your ass should pay.
    btw, it takes more than suspicion to take a child. there has to be actual physical evidence. so if i say you beat your kid and they dont have a mark on them, nothing is going to happen. on the other hand, if they are covered in bruises…
    three- i do not, under any circumstances, approve of extraordinary rendition, which is what its called when a government (this term is particular to the us but applicable to any government) kidnaps one of its own citizens for means of interrogation. however, the citizen is usually transported to another country, one with no rules of interrogation, and quite frankly, they usually disappear. which is why i wonder how gordon, who calls himself an accused traitor (and god, at one point), came to be surfing the internet and commenting on graffiti pictures on a website. i’ve never met a political activist- or prisoner- who wasted their time on such mundane things.
    and also, it was jesus who was betrayed, not god, and judas who is thought of as the traitor, (although that is debatable, it is not the time for it.) someone missed his lithium today. you fucktard.
    that being said, i think the meaning of the graffiti is up to the reader. so do you.

  39. Mike

    Im 18 and i would just like to say,


    but really. that oversimplifies life. just like i could say ur born then u die. life is all about the journey. its about getting through the good and the bad with friends and family and shit, so one day you can be like, hey remember, that time? I seriously thought we were gonna no make it, but then, were still standing, HAHA!

  40. monkeipeg

    If everyone just stopped what they were doing right now and smoked a blunt, it would all be okay.

  41. Jordan Strauch

    When I read this I think about what humans were meant to do with life, are we built to work 9-5 five days a week or still be hunting and making fires by rubbing two sticks together? As much as I love the things society gives me I feel empty inside and almost disturbed by trends I’m seeing. Things are changing people got smart and now our greatest strength is our greatest down fall.

    Think about the GLOBAL economy right now EVERYONE is hurting but how is this possible? were did all the money go? Think why Weed is illegal but drinking is not. Think about how the government can listen to you anytime they feel like it.

    I’m not sure of the answer but I doubt its this pile of steaming poo we have for a society now.

  42. HP

    I’d say this isn’t a call for anarchy, it’s pretty ignorant to read it that way. It is however a good reminder of what enslaves us in our everyday life. Whether you think that is good or bad, that’s up to you. Personally, allthough I think anarchy is right next to utopia, I agree there is something very un-free in what society forces upon us. If there were 1000 times less people in the world maybe we would have room for utopia, but this plague upon mother earth we call human race needs something else. Unfortunately I might add. I appreciate any outcry of the fact that even though humans can not really do it any other way, it is still important to realize that there is something fundamentaly wrong in the paths we’ve chosen, as a race, not as individuals. We value a human life above anything else. The consequence is just about any problem society faces. We have to deal with it, even though one could argue there might be better options. Allthough I usually find graffiti a proof of a huge lack of brains, this one appeals to me because it might make people think. Or discuss stuff on a forum. How can that be a bad thing.

  43. Shitgahdam

    hey hey hey who wants to write a long ass comment… !!! not me. here ya go don’t like the 9-5 ? feel empty???? the entrepreneur of today is some what the hunter of days of old you go out there and get what you can find and then you take it home do all the gutting and skinning your shitty self!!!!!!! If you don’t like working for someone else work for your fuckin self and then realize you can’t hang with that extra responsibility… stopp bitching…. and step it up.

    Legalize it. and and lower my fucking taxes !!!!

  44. Squid

    anarchy isnt a bad idea. God gave us rights, not society, not government. Even if your not religious you still have unalienable rights that you naturally have that can not be taken away. if not anarchy then limited government. now if the U.S. Constitution was taken literally, that would make it a near perfect society. no one would break laws because people will be able to have guns and shoot anyone who tries to harm them. Think about it. let it fix itself.

  45. aaron

    stay at home, and keep you’re kids home too
    be a slob. act like an ass
    walk on the grass, read a book
    spend compulsively, break the law and get your ass thrown in jail
    repeat after me. i am in jail.

  46. Most People Are Stupid (I Mean You)

    Seeing how most of the people arguing on this forum can neither spell nor think in any coherent manner, it would appear as a practice in futility to post anything. On that note, using as a reference for your use of the word faggot is only further proof of your asinine and ignorant thought processes. For those who use a comparison of a heavily fascist nation (i.e. North Korea) as a way of showing how “free” a less overt fascist nation (i.e. United States) is apparently don’t understand what the anarchist’s arguments are. That example is the equivalent of telling a victim of domestic abuse that they “didn’t get it too bad” when compared to a rape victim. Chances are, those most opposed to anarchism have never picked up the countless volumes of valid philosophy that have been produced for the past two hundred years (in the western tradition). Also, most sixteen year old “skater-anarchists” (you know, the hot topic shopping herds) have never read any Proudhon, Goldman, Bakunin, Chomsky, Zinn, or Chuang-Tzu (my favorite ancient Chinese anarchist). As for “America-bashing,” America has been bashing every other indigenous peoples across the globe for years (American Indians, African tribes, Arabs, etc.). Perhaps it’s time America had a real good bashing; maybe then Americans will wake the fuck up and get free. And read a book for once in your pathetic, insignificant, toilsome, labor-filled, television worshiping, flag waving, corporate whoring, ignorant excuse of a life.

    P.S. Don’t look any of the above philosophers up on wikipedia, it’s merely a tool for the lazy to “disinform” themselves. Do yourself a favor and read the original texts by the original authors. But, I honestly doubt any of you will.

  47. David A.


    November 8th, 2008 at 21:59

    stay at home, and keep you’re kids home too
    be a slob. act like an ass
    walk on the grass, read a book
    spend compulsively, break the law and get your ass thrown in jail
    repeat after me. i am in jail.

    LOOOOOL, too funny! -David aka CuCo

  48. St. John

    This graffiti job is brilliant. Why? I’ll tell you why, It ruffles feathers and causes disturbance. Any graffiti that has the power to make people stand on their personal soap box and begin a debate has officially served its purpose.

    Now imagine a bad graffiti job which inspires no conversation at all. For example, “Korn rulz” or something along those lines. There are likely to be only 3 subjective responses which are, “No they dont,” “Yes they’re amazing,” or “This isn’t art it’s vandalism.”

    Want to know my opinion? You’re all sheep. Go to pasture and get your fill on life.

  49. Ritchey

    Wow, people, I really like the massive debate this thing has brought fruition. Really? Don’t waste your time, you are all spitting your opinions at opinionated people.

  50. Victorysensors

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