Best NBA ‘Separated At Birth’

Written by Lang Whitaker

Everybody looks likes someone sometimes…

Since we now know that ESPN the Magazine isn’t above jacking an idea without giving any credit, I suppose I should do the same to them. But I won’t.

I saw a link the other day to something on ESPN the Mag’s website which was billed as a list of all the celebrity/athlete lookalikes in sports, and I was pretty disappointed by their brevity as well as lack of creativity. Heck, we’ve been doing just NBA/celebrity lookalikes for nearly 7 years on The Links, and I was almost certain I could come up with more on my own.

Then I started thinking about it and realized that someone needs to create the world’s most comprehensive list of NBA lookalikes. So I’m going to run the list of all the lookalikes I can come up with, and you guys feel free to supplement the list in the comments section with your own observations. And for the record, I’m only using current players, coaches and refs.

Anyway, here are ones we’ve done on SLAMonline over the last 8 years. Some of them were mine, some came from the SLAM staff, and a lot came from you guys. Any photos used in this post were made over the last seven years, either by me or you guys. (Oh, and by the way NBA Friday – Fri-day! Yes! – will pick back up next week.)

And away we go…remember, don’t forget to add your lookalikes in the comments below…

Gilbert Arenas (self-portrait from adidas ad) – Junk Yard Dog

Mike Bibby – Dr. Evil/Mini Me

Steve Blake – Gummo (main character from the movie)

Andrew Bogut – Ashlee Simpson (pre-surgery)

Bruce Bowen – Droopy Dog

Kwame Brown – guy from movie “The Air Up There”

Mike Brown – The Grimace

PJ Brown – Willem Dafoe

Andrew Bynum – Tracy Morgan

Rick Carlisle – Anthony Perkins (Psycho)

Sam Cassell – ET; Gollum

Nick Collison – Sam Rubenstein

Danny Crawford (ref) – Kwesi Mfume

Mark Cuban – Joaquin Phoenix; Elephant Boy from The Howard Stern Show

Baron Davis – Kanye West

Big Baby Davis – Fat Albert

Michael Finley – Billy Ocean

Kevin Garnett – Heidi from “The Apprentice” season one

Devean George – The Grinch; the Chicago Bulls logo

Manu Ginobili – Rick Reilly, Balki from Perfect Strangers

Drew Gooden – New Orleans’ mayor Ray Nagin

Rip Hamilton (with braids) – Jar Jar Binks

Del Harris – Leslie Nielsen

Walter Herrmann – Fabio

Robert Horry – Will Smith

Bobby Jackson – Don Cheadle

Phil Jackson – Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings

Anthony Johnson – Wyclef Jean

Chris Kaman – guy from “Children Of The Corn”

Kyle Korver – Ashton Kutcher

Jason Kidd – Vin Diesel; MLB infielder Keith Lockhart

Tyron Lue (with hair) – Li’l Bow Wow (when he was younger)

Corey Maggette – Xzibit

Donyell Marshall – Ludacris

Andre Miller – Richard Pryor

Mike Miller (long hair) – Hilary Swank

Mike Miller (short hair) – Steve O

Reggie Miller – dude from Star Trek

Cat Mobley – Method Man

Adam Morrison – Tina Fey

Steve Nash – Gabriel Batistuta; Kelly Leak from The Bad News Bears

Don Nelson – John Madden

Nene (with hair) – Jules from Pulp Fiction

Joakim Noah – Bizzie Bone

Jim O’Brien – Reed Richards (Fantastic Four)

Emeka Okafor – Taye Diggs

Paul Pierce – Beetlejuice

Gregg Popovich – James Woods

Ahmad Rashad – Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons

Zach Randolph – The son from Family Matters

Nate Robinson – 50 Cent

Brian Scalabrine – Michael Rapaport

Wally Szczerbiak – Zoolander

Robert Swift – Freddy Krueger

Sebastian Telfair – Bucky from Fat Albert

Kurt Thomas – R. Kelly

Hedo Turkoglu – Alfred E. Newman

Jeff Van Gundy – Gonzo from The Muppets

Stan Van Gundy – Ron Jeremy

Anderson Varejao – Sideshow Bob

Ben Wallace (with hair out) – Fredrick Douglass

Bonzi Wells – Jay-Z

Shelden Williams – Mena Suvari

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  1. thisissobad

    This is the worst thing ever posted on BSPCN. sooo f’ing bad makes me want to delete bookmark

  2. Joel - Traveling to Mexico

    Your post about Mark Cuban and Joaquin Phoenix reminded me of a breaking news story I read today.

    Joaquin Phoenix announces the he’s retiring.

    Hey more power to him. It sounds like music is his thing and he wants to devote more time to that.

    Sometimes ya gotta go with what you feeling your gut.

    Seven years ago, I did something totally out of the blue and retired at 46 and moved to Guadalajara, Mexico.

    I am so glad I did what I did and have not looked back.

    Happily Retired Boomer in Ajijic, Mexico,

    Joel Smith
    Casa Preciosa, Ajijic, Mexico

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