7 Reasons Why the New iPhone Sucks

Written by Retrevo

Look before you leap before buying the new iPhone. This is the iPhone that all of us have been waiting for. It promised to address the deficiencies of the first generation iPhone, but does it really?

Here are some reasons why not:

1. Too expensive to own.

Apple and AT&T may have shaved a couple of hundred dollars off the price but they will more than make up for it in monthly fees. If you take into account the regular monthly fee, the data fee, the text message fee, which used to be free, and the $99 annual mobileme fee you could end up spending over $1,000 a year to own an iPhone, that’s 200 gallons of $5 gas.

2. Can’t use the GPS like a GPS.

Forget about getting turn-by-turn voice directions in your car from the new iPhone 3G. The iPhone SDK makes it pretty clear it’s not allowed, “Applications may not be designed or marketed for real time guidance.” Yes it will superimpose your position on a Google map, or show you the closest pizzeria but what about getting real-time route guidance? If you read reviews for other GPS devices you never come across a GPS that doesn’t provide some form of guidance. There’s a rumor that TomTom may be developing a guidance application but you have to wonder how they’ll get it past the Apple police.

3. Can’t tether the iPhone to your laptop.

Want to save sixty dollars per month for a 3G card for your laptop and use the iPhone instead? Not going to happen—not allowed. Although there are plenty of phones, including AT&T’s Tilt, that will allow you to use your 3G phone as a high speed modem for your laptop, the iPhone won’t be one of them so you can add the cost of a 3G card for your laptop at $720 a year to your total cost of ownership.

4. Still no cut and paste.

Cut and paste has been around on Apple computers since the earliest Mac Plus computers. What’s the big problem with implementing it on iPhones? Why is cut and paste so important? Suppose you’re browsing a web site and want to capture some text or a URL, or someone sent you an email and you want to grab some text from it and send to someone else. Not possible on an iPhone. Speaking of email, where’s the spell checker? Predictive typing is fine but spell checkers are everywhere else but here.

5. Wimpy 2 MP camera.

In the world of 5 MP Smartphones and 10 MP point and shoot cameras that you can buy for under $200, why is the iPhone still stuck with a measly 2 MP? That’s so 2003. While we’re at it how come we can’t record video, afraid the non-existent SD card might fill up? The iPhone should be able to stream video by now just like many other cell phones can already do right now.

6. No stereo Bluetooth.

We thought the iPhone was supposed to be part iPod. At least they fixed the recessed headphone jack flaw (and called it a new feature) but the A2DP stereo Bluetooth standard has been around for a while and is missing from the iPhone.

7. The list goes on.

Still no Flash player for rich media content (what grudge does Steve Jobs hold against Adobe). Still can’t send pictures in MMS messages, still no native voice dialing, no mobile TV, no replaceable battery, no flash memory card, and on and on.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I feel better and what the heck, so it’s not perfect but it’s still the coolest smartphone out there (other smartphones) and I still want one. I look forward to seeing you on the line.

Enjoy your new iPhone (and here are some accessories while you are at it).

61 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why the New iPhone Sucks

  1. iphone is great

    Totally wrong.

    1) it’s not that expensive…add up how much you spend out eating, on clothes or on XXXXX.

    2) Who would want to
    3) See #2, seriously..tethering is so 90’s
    4) okay i’ll give you that one.
    5) that’s what camera’s are for.
    6) never owned a bluetooth device….don’t plan on it for a whlie
    7) okay maybe a couple of those are needed…but not that much…

    all in all… I’ll take my iphone over anything else, when i can trade stocks on it i’ll be even happier.

  2. Marcus


    To go along with your worst ever ad placements, your page about why the I-Phone sucks also included an I-phone ad on the same page.

  3. iLaughAtU

    Every reply that dismisses every flaw the iPhone has (i don’t care, it’s not true yet it is) are just suffering from buyer’s regret and do not have the balls to admit they’ve been dooped and suckered by Apple… yet again.

  4. Choice

    I’m sorry, did I miss something? You do have a choice in life to purchase or not purchase what you want…so are you complaining because you don’t have the phone or because you want it but it doesn’t offer what you want? Similar to purchasing a car, if you don’t like it don’t buy it and move on.

  5. John S

    Apple can build a expensive piece of old technology and people treat it like something from another world. The technology in the iPhone is not very good. Apple puts its money into looks and WOW features that impress small minded individuals who are FanBoys of Apple or are becoming one.
    Their sucked into spending money on a image created by Steve Jobs who I must give him a huge amount of credit for being such a con man.
    Apple reminds me of the company Bose who makes very expensive audio systems that look great and seem to sound good too. However their magic too is in their marketing. Their ads convince to spend twice the money for less audio quality. I am not one who has not accepted Apple’s cons and bought a iPod or two and a computer. But when its all said and done Its no better or worse then another product. Its just sold better then the other product.

  6. Doug

    Everyone phone has its flaws. I could spend $200 on a phone that has similar features with the same flaws.

    It IS an image thing. I wouldn’t worry about what/why people buy the iPhone.

  7. Keane

    This is ridiculous. After listing 7 reasons why iPhone sucks, you end your article inviting readers to buy one. That’s really lame.

  8. Evolved Beyond Belief

    I have had my iPhone less than a month…. So far Safari keeps freezing up and I constantly receive ‘no signal’ even in the middle of a major city. It was not worth the price I paid for it. I am VERY disapointed. Save your money, iPhone definitely sucks.

  9. Mike

    This phone is very disappointing. I have put up with the terrible reception and dropped calls thinking that the cool gadgets will make up for the lack of conversation. I have tried to ignore the lack of Multimedia messages I have had on every other phone I have used for the last 5 years, crappy camera, no video, etc.

    The other day I dropped the phone and despite a silicone cover, received a small hairline crack in the screen. Apple and AT&T are basically telling me too bad for you, go buy another for full price. The phone is still in perfect working condition and I originally purchased the Apple protection plan, however accidents are not covered. Apple has informed me that under no circumstances do they repair the IPhone and to go buy another.

  10. phelpsphan

    iphones stink. If u want a good touch screen phone go for the samsung instinct with sprint. U can watch live tv with gps.

  11. Wow

    Well, For the individuals out there who believe iPhone doesn’t have sophisticated software- You’re very wrong: if you’ve ever noticed, the iPhone runs OS X. And I love my iPhone 3G- it may not have every feature I’ve ever dreamed of- but it gets the job done(Since I’m frequently blogging and texting and so on). Though, what the ones who have an idea in their head that it sucks- It’s for the person into serious business, not for someone who just wants it to look really cool. And plus, if this does suck that much, then why has it out-sold the motorola razr(?)- which has been the no. 1 selling phone for the past twelve quarters.. Believe whatever you want, but the machine I’m typing on(iPhone 3G- White) has been a gift from God for me.

  12. jc

    we bought 15 of them for our field IT engineers and it has been the worst mistake ever. Dropped calls are so regular now that it has become a joke amongst our clients
    To the dumb ass that says it’s for serious business all I can say is that it’s a toy. It is definetely just a toy. A broken toy that not even apple can fix.

  13. ...

    I couldnt get one for christmas because it was too expensive im in so pissed off. Everyone else can have one but not me.

  14. Nellis

    I love the “ipod sucks” articles just for the iLoon replies. I have no problem with agreeing to disagree but there’s a special kind of defensiveness that comes from the Apple nuts. Just enjoy being a lemming and stop jumping down the throats of people who who dare to demand a bit of quality.

  15. fukoff

    hella hating on the iphone. get off the iphones nuts. if u dont like it then sell your shit stupid ass people..

  16. Ty

    Cost? For one, mobile me is not necessary and MOST people don’t have it or want it. If you sign up for a 2 yr contract you can get the phone for 200 dollars. Plus the thirty dollars a month for the data package you’ll spend about 560 dollars on it (excluding the AT&T plan that comes with any phone). A lot different than your 1000 made up number

  17. maralex

    buuuuhhuuu, why did you insult my iphone and all mighty Steve? Buuuhhhuu.

    Could they put everything in including FM radio, voice recorder, .mov playing in Safari what not… but they could NOOOOT!.
    Because there are years to come, there are 3 years contracts to come, there are many geeks to come, there is soooo much money to take from them, from kids and adults who like to be kids…. thats simply why thay could nooooot do that kind of stuff. Who would?!

  18. KR Nixa

    My Q9C is old and still so much better than the fucking iPhone. And for my next phone, the Samsung Instinct. Because it’s massively better than this consumerist crap Apple keeps forcing down the public’s throat. But I can’t blame them completely, because people keep buying their shiny crap.

  19. Missi

    I would sell this stupid peic of crap but there’s one problem. In the middle of the night while I was sleeping it cracked right down the middle and the phone loses it’s color randomly. I never dropped it once. Andalso the screen randomly goes black and shuts off out of nowhere. This phone blows. I never had this much of a problem with a phone before.

  20. ieatpcs

    Well, The iPhone is super pretty, but their are many phones that are just simply better. It seems to be a growing trend for some people to buy an iPhone just to say they have one. I don’t hate the iPhone, and yes I have owned one before. I believe if other companies [e.g. Blackberry] focused more eye-candy they would attract a more broader range of customers. Blackberry’s seem to be the ideal phone.

  21. david

    The phone is so bad Apple has surpassed the Crapberry and every other smart phone on the market. Have you ever been on the internet on a Blackberry? Yuk. There is no comparison.

  22. hatehubsiphone

    my husband and i were shocked to find that there isn’t even a handbook to help with this piece of shit when it does mess up. word to the wise turn your screen off everytime it is not in use. it causes the screen to crack and lose brightness and resolution from the heat, as well as run down the shitty battery you will have to make an appointment with apple to get fixes. no ringtones, video, etc, etc, etc. good news: jailbreak the piece of shit! it takes about 5 minutes and lets you have access to an alternative app store that has apps that allow you to record video and much more. the iphone has capabilities that they don’t even allow the consumer to use without hacking into their own phone. good luck iphone customers!!!!!!

  23. Beowulf

    This gadget fascinates me. I love all the fanboys so thrilled when a new feature is added to the Iphone 3G and I realize it’s something I’ve had in my Nokia since 2004. It is impressive how they can charge so much for something with such limited functionality.

    But it does look really nice and feels solid, I guess some people find it ok to pay for style over substance. While it isn’t crap it is very very basic and definitely not worth the money. Look at a Nokia E55 or E52 for instance and see how much more functionality and tools you get.

    Sure, they’re fugly but they do everything and it’s not a rip-off.

    Keep paying for Jobs toys, suckers!

  24. Jason

    I experience all or more of what you are talking about with my windows mobile phone under verizon. You can’t get on a laptop without spending hundreds and a month. While I can get VZNavigator on my verizon I have hardly used it if at all. It is a good app but is rarely up-to-date.

    All of what you speak of is always a problem on all carriers. It has nothing to do with phone more service that the provider allows. The iphone apps just kill. No other phone can beat that. I have a windows phone and every single crap app costs me 30.00 and does basically nothing. Go on Handango and check it out.

    I don’t own an Iphone but it seems that you are way biased.

  25. Wow

    I think it’s funny how their are so many haters on the iPhone. I’ve owned many phones many of which were PDAs. This phones touch screen is incredible, the multi touch is nice, browsing the Internet is incredible.

    I’m glad this thing doesn’t support flash. If so advertisement populs and banners ail be all over the place. I never cared to send mms nor do I ever even really use the camera.

    The mp3 player on this thing is also great. Nothing compares.

  26. JoeUser

    Ok…. I was duped by Apple and the Apple Fanboys. Bought a 3G (full price, no contract). Screen is nice. Phone is nice. Browser is Ok. Calendar sucks ass, Contacts blows ass, and the Task List sucks…wait, there is no Task List.

    I thought I was going to use this to replace my Palm Treo (because that was another piece of crap), but the calendar and task list blow the iPhone out of the water.

    The iPhone is a really neat toy – as for a business device… it has a LONG way to go. Who wants to buy a barely used iPod.

  27. Rusty

    I own an iphone and i am really happy with it. Especially with the new software update that covers all the faults you guys have mentioned except for bluetooth. It pisses the shit out of me that they continue to block it out of the iphone despite the capability for it to support it. Anyway despite that i still love the iphone; i am not an apple fan boy; the iphone is the first apple product i’ve owned and i got it unexpectedly and for free.The best features are easily the nearly unlimited amount of games and 3rd party apps, the safari browser and the ipod feature. also unoficially teh jailbreak ability that has unlocked a whole new world of 3rd party apps like video, bluetooth!(although you have to pay 14 bucks!!!!), themes, and so much more. Thank you dev team!! anyway the iphone is definatly a great piece of technology and isn’t even that expensive now ($O on the $59 cap with optus over 24 months) (: (:

  28. N95

    Well i dislike most of apple products and more the iPhone is the first apple mobile device as a result it sucks and apple will never make a serious phone

  29. dan

    Whatever crap apple releases, people treat it like gold. Seriously I dunno y iphone is considered ”cool’. Cmon, we know it sucks and it’s not worth it’s price. What’s more, it’s ugly

  30. KPizzle

    “Totally wrong.

    1) it’s not that expensive…add up how much you spend out eating, on clothes or on XXXXX.

    2) Who would want to
    3) See #2, seriously..tethering is so 90’s
    4) okay i’ll give you that one.
    5) that’s what camera’s are for.
    6) never owned a bluetooth device….don’t plan on it for a whlie
    7) okay maybe a couple of those are needed…but not that much…”

    1) Are you fucking retarded? FOOD AND CLOTHING ARE NECESSITY’S OF LIFE, YOU JACKASS. That was a damn stupid correlation, and you should think before you ever try and argue in the future.

    2) Maybe to make getting somewhere easier? This isn’t one of those shows where you have to fucking figure shit out on your own. It’s a fucking iPhone with GPS and should give you real time directions.

    3) What do you mean “tethering is so 90’s”? Once again, you fail to use you damn brain before voicing your thoughts. My blackberry was able to tether, and it’s a damn useful feature if you don’t want to buy a seperate 3G card for your laptop. Not everyone swims in a tank full of money, you asshole.

    4) Wow, finally something that isn’t shit-spewed and retarded (even though you are).

    5) Who the fuck wants to carry a damn camera around everywhere? One of the conveniences about phones today is a camera and the fact you can take a picture at anytime without carrying another damn camera around. Obviously you have no friends or go out much, so you wouldn’t need it. Idiot.

    6) I bet your some little punk ass kid who can’t even drive, huh? Everyone I know uses bluetooth, especially when they drive. It’s against the law to drive and speak on the phone without bluetooth or some sort of headset.

    7) Yeah, flash is needed. I don’t want to watch damn youtube videos all day.

    My conclusion is the iPhone sucks, that you’re probably some idiot ass mother and that your mother fed milk laced with lead to you when you were a baby, and that you should not be able to voice your opinions like everyone else. Also, someone should kick you in the balls with a steel-toe boot so you can’t reproduce. Good luck with your stocks, asshole. You’re obviously not bright enough to make anything of them.

  31. Chaz

    Wow. You listed things that are wrong about the iphone 3G but you still want one? You’re a little screwed up.

    Things about the Iphone:

    1. The first phone that does internet!
    (Really? I thought I was surfing on my Blackberry back in 2000)

    2. There’s an app for just about anything!
    (What about sharing pictures with other people? You mean, I can’t even do that!? Sucks…)

    3. No detachable battery
    (ZOMG! That is soooo awesome! So when the battery dies, I’d have to get a whole new one!? YES!)

    4. Want bluetooth and etc? Jailbreak it!
    (Cool! I could be a l33t hax0r with my $300 phone!!!)

    5. Lots of people have it! Yeay!

    It’s pretty sad that I’d have to jailbreak something to be able to enjoy what normal people that don’t have an iPhone already have. In California, bluetooth or headphones are essential for driving and therefore, bluetooth on phones are a must. I’m a blackberry user and it’s so much easier to text, send pictures, and email while on the go.

    People, there are better phones out there. Don’t be a sucker and buy something else!

  32. Param SharmA

    WTF WTF WTF!!!!!! The iPhone is a beast. I’m on it right now. THERE IS A APP FOR EVERTHING. Can you buy a movie off the blackberry or other phones no u can’t. BUY THE IPHONE CAN. What happans if you lose your iPhone u can track it down but if a criminal has it u can remotly wipe the memory clean and no other phone has video editing and publishing to you tube the iPhone has soooooooooo many feutures. Man ur mad cause u don’t have one. BTW ADVICE FROM A 13 year old.

  33. Param SharmA

    WTF WTF WTF!!!!!! The iPhone is a beast. I’m on it right now. THERE IS A APP FOR EVERTHING. Can you buy a movie off the blackberry or other phones no u can’t. BUY THE IPHONE CAN. What happans if you lose your iPhone u can track it down but if a criminal has it u can remotly wipe the memory clean and no other phone has video editing and publishing to you tube the iPhone has soooooooooo many feutures. Man ur mad cause u don’t have one. BTW ADVICE FROM A 13 year old.
    A Hehdh


    WTF WTF WTF!!!!!! The iPhone is a beast. I’m on it right now. THERE IS A APP FOR EVERTHING. Can you buy a movie off the blackberry or other phones no u can’t. BUY THE IPHONE CAN. What happans if you lose your iPhone u can track it down but if a criminal has it u can remotly wipe the memory clean and no other phone has video editing and publishing to you tube the iPhone has soooooooooo many feutures. Man ur mad cause u don’t have one. BTW ADVICE FROM A 13 year old.

  35. jim

    The iPhone never sucked, but it was pretty lacking early on. I had a Nokia n95 which I upgrade to the 8gig version, and my friend had an early iPhone. I much preferred my phone and while he was unable to cut n paste or use satnav, I used both.

    However the iphone is far better now, and I just got an iPhone 3gs. It’s come a long way. Pretty much everything in that list doesn’t apply anymore with this new version. The satnav is good, the cut and paste is there, it cost me absolutely nothing because it was bundled with my phone service, and the camera is damn good quality for a phone. I really love it, it’s my prized possession. I only really use it as a phone, web browser, mp3 player, films, and for gaming, and all 5 of those things couldn’t be better.

  36. jim

    BTW Chaz, pretty much everything you said is wrong. Not sure if that’s because it was September and things have changed since then though.

  37. NerdBlaster

    All phones are terrible. I use tin-cans and baling wire. It only fails when struck by lightning.

    When Apple incorporate a ceramic element hair dryer and a bowie knife into their phone, that's when I'll be buying. I mean, seriously, why can't companies like Apple adopt true convergence.

    Ooooh, it makes me so mad. Beware everyone, NERD RAGE is coming to a town near you!

  38. RealityPerceiver

    The reason people hate on the iPhone reminds me of the way clost gay people will make fun of gays in order to conceal their real inner desires.

  39. ImmaturityDetector

    I flagged your comment. There is NO excuse to talk to another person that way and reveals what a sick soul you have.

  40. Danyelle Sebron

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