Wow! 10 Awesome Interactive Websites

Written by R J Evans

Interactivity is the name of the game at the moment. Here are 10 websites that are a combination of the fun, the weird, the educational or the simply bewildering. Prepare to be awed!

  1. Alien Empire

    Although this website is primarily aimed at kids there is so much information here about the alien empire that is the world of insects that adults will want to explore it for hours! You may want to take a look at how insects are designed and how they go about the sometimes dangerous act of reproduction. There is a look at the wars that go on among insect communities and it also features the ways we and the bugs co-exist – or not!

  2. The Universcale

    Size matters, or so this website will have it. This amazing site shows you scale as you have probably never seen it – from the smallest speck to the largest asteroid and beyond. Fantastic graphics will give you a real idea of your place on the planet – or indeed the universe.

  3. Make a Flake

    Something a little less noisy and strenuous. If you like the myriad shapes that a snowflake can take and find it fascinating, then why not make your own? You are given a piece of paper and a pair of scissors – virtual ones of course! Then you can chop up the paper and create your own snow flake. Hugely enjoyable fun, you can even save the flakes you create so that others can view your handiwork.

  4. The Mini-Mizer

    Have you ever wondered what you would look like in plastic and miniaturized? No, well, maybe you are reading the wrong web page! This site allows you to build up a picture of yourself as you would appear if you were three inches tall and made of the rubber stuff! You could even make little versions of your whole family to give them a momentary laugh from something that took you five hours to do!

  5. Interactive Radio

    This is music to match your every mood and takes the shape of an astounding interactive radio station. You can choose the genre, the mood of the music and the era from which it should come. The website will then give you a very specific selection of the type of song that you have requested. So, whether you are looking for swinging tunes from the fifties, brooding jazz from the sixties, pop from the seventies straight up to contemporary music, this is the site for you!

  6. Neave Television

    Click on to this sight only if your PC can take a little action! You will need broadband and a desire to be completely bewildered. If you enjoy channel hopping then this might be that ultimate experience you have been waiting for. Click on the screen to start hopping and when you are fed up of one channel click again to hop to the next. Utterly barmy and strange fun!

  7. Kaleidoscope

    This could keep you busy for hours. The block on the left gives you a choice of shapes and colors which you drag in to the circle. A blue pie shape sweeps past the objects you have placed on to the circle. The block on the right then shows you the kaleidoscope effect that this sweep produces. Hypnotic and mesmerizing fun!

  8. Neon Bible

    This will knock your socks off! A music video that is interactive? Possibly the shape of things to come, this will certainly have you scratching your head and wondering how on earth they did that!

  9. Mr. Picasso Head

    Have you ever wanted to paint like Pablo Picasso? Here you get the opportunity, with a huge variety of permutations and combinations that can come together to give you your very own take on the great man’s style. Once you are done you can save the Picasso style drawing that you have created it and email it to your friends – or possibly some of your enemies too!

  10. Autopsy

    This website is definitely not for the faint hearted or for those who do not like the sight of a little blood. It is a step by step guide to what happens during an autopsy procedure. Watch with glee or your heart in your mouth as the first incisions are made and the bodily organs removed. A superb guide to what goes on in the autopsy room, but don’t blame me if your dinner makes a reappearance!

8 thoughts on “Wow! 10 Awesome Interactive Websites

  1. Yoseph Elmusleh

    I think that all these websites are really cool, I really liked the universcale website. The way they showed the scaling was something I absolutely couldn’t imagine. I honestly didn’t know that they would be able to put the whole universe in scale do to the fact that it is the universe. The way they took a thing and made it in comparison to something else was really cool.

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