9 Mind Blowing Flash Animations

Written by R J Evans

How Do They Do That? Flash animation still represents the cutting edge of internet animation. Here are 9 of the best on the net at the moment.

Whether you are new to flash or a seasoned professional, these sites will make you sit back in wonder:

1. Bird on a Journey

A little bird flies on his way home to his lady, avoiding some pitfalls on the way. This brilliant animation combines drawing and photography to stunning effect, together with a weird and wonderful soundtrack.

2. Drum Machine

If you love oriental music – and drums – then you will love this animation. Seven Japanese drummers deliver the goods in this beautifully constructed piece of Flash. The skill and time that went in to this beggars belief!

3. Online Shopping

Be patient with this one. At first glance it looks like just another website that offers you household goods to buy. But hold on a second – didn’t that mug on special offer just fall over! That’s just the beginning of the fun – a joy to watch!

4. Icon War

These desktop icons decide that they don’t like each other any more. War breaks out! Who will be the ultimate winner as icon fights icon! Oh, the humanity! Extremely entertaining flash animation.

5. Kaleidoscope

This is an amazing pattern generating piece of flash animation. You can choose from lots of different varieties and the patterning effect follows your mouse around in a myriad of colors and shapes. Inspirational!

6. Silhouette Sounds

A single silhouette becomes several then becomes many, with each producing a different sound to produce a tune. Fantastic black and white animation that is eye catching and very, very different!

7. Doorway

All the guy wants to do is get through the door! Unfortunately, there are lots of things that do not wish to grant him passage. Superb European style flash animation you will want to watch again and again.

8. Falling Dude

Superbly irritating but extremely watchable, this animation has a roughly drawn boy falling, and falling – oh, and then falling some more! You will love it!

9. Jackson Pollock

Ever seen a Jackson Pollock painting and thought “I can do that!” Well, here is your chance! Let your mouse do the walking as you produce works of art that the Saatchis will be after in no time at all!

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    Why isn’t Little Foot (or any thing else from that author)? Thats like Disney quality animation (actually, he used to work for Disney).

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