5 Appliances That Might Be Smarter Than You Are

Written by Kyle Roderick This article is come from Popular Mechanics

Before long, RFID tags in the kitchen will be reminding you when it’s time to buy more milk and eggs. Hitting the market now, however, are brilliant everyday home appliances that can perform next-gen tasks with everything from anti-snoring tech to remote-control flushing.

The Brainiac Dishwasher (pictured above) /// $799-$899

Using its SmartDispense technology, GE’s Profile suds machine spits out detergent on the fly, crunching the numbers so you don’t have to squeeze a blob yourself-or waste any Cascade for a smaller load. With a 45-fluid-ounce bottle of liquid or gel in tow, the dishwasher calibrates for soil level, size of load, water temperature and water hardness (which you can also test against your home pressure thanks to an included test kit).

The Robo Toilet /// $2000

Toto’s Neorest 600 is a toilet/bidet combo that makes the Jetsons look like the Flintstones. After you’re done with the heated seat, activate the quiet Cyclone Flushing engine, then let the Washlet air deodorizer and SanaGloss bowl cleaner finish the job for you. And since it’s rigged with sensors, you can regulate pressure and temperature with front-and-back aerated water spray, step back for an auto flush on your way out the door and close the lid-all by wireless remote. Just make sure you wash your hands first.

The Modded Mattress /// $20,000-$50,000

While you may need to be making seven figures to justify owning a bed with an integrated 1080p LCD projector, four pop-up subwoofers and 1.5-terabyte solid-state hard drive, there is a breakthrough amidst all the technophile gluttony: Leggett & Platt’s Starry Night Sleep Technology bed will come loaded with military-grade anti-snoring capabilities when it goes on sale next year. Using a vibration-detection system, Starry Night adjusts the angle of your position in bed to open nasal passages-then leaves you where your sinuses are as comfy as you are on a coil-rigged, preheated mattress.

The Zen Clock /// $49.95

Sure, you’ve been reading about luxury alarm clocks in seat-back SkyMall catalogs for more than a decade. But how many clocks offer a slow buildup of ambient light, four different scents and six packets of nature sounds instead of a snooze button? Thirty minutes before your set time, Hammacher Schlemmer’s Peaceful Progression Wake-up Clock’s lights start glowing, with its warmth triggering the preloaded aroma beads. Just when you get used to that Ocean Surf soundtrack, the buzzer finally sounds.

The Intelligent Toothbrush /// $21.47 (Three-Pack)

The dop-kit-on-a-brush hasn’t quite arrived, but Radius’s Intelligent toothbrush at least annoys you enough to make sure you give a good scrub before bed. Two architects developed a new ergonomic design for the 3080 onboard bristles, but it’s the 2-minute timer that ensures thorough cleaning, beeping once before flashing every 30 seconds, up to two minutes. And so much for your old dentist’s three-month rule: After 180 uses, the Intelligent’s light changes to red-time to swap in a new brush head.

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