Dear Dumb Ass (An 11 year olds note to Geek Squad) view!

93 thoughts on “Dear Dumb Ass (An 11 year olds note to Geek Squad) view!

  1. Al

    I mean as much as I agree that GeekSquad is incompetent, it would be nice to see 11 year olds not feel entitled to yell at people. I mean, isn’t that the age when you are supposed to be innocent? It’s kinda scary that THAT came from a kid. We should reevaluate our priorities, if thats what kids are like these days

  2. Shawn Pitman

    You pay for the hours they work on your computer, not the resolution of a problem. Sorry kid. Also, the kid sounds like an ass. He must be a Christian.

  3. Lizette

    Not sure what Christianity has to do with people that can’t do what they are paid for? Why attack Christianity – why not attack other religions too? Christians, for instance don’t fly planes into buildings and sacrifice living human beings as sacrifices to their idols. I know for a fact that those who have issues with Christianity are really crying for help. Will pray for you Shawn.

  4. Chris

    If people knew how to use computers in the first place this kind of stuff would never happen.

  5. Steffan

    No, all Shawn is saying is that Christians generally look down on others and think we all must serve you because you already got your “messiah”. and you’ve further proven that by saying:

    “I know for a fact that those who have issues with Christianity are really crying for help. Will pray for you Shawn.”

    you somehow are better then he is and will be able to help him because your prayer is good?

    Also most normal religions don’t have fags and pedefiles as their leaders… So even if they don’t go around killing people “in the name of god” they do sleep with innocent kids “in the name of god”. lol I’ll pray for you.

  6. paUL


  7. Kate

    How did the whole religion thing get involved here, again? I was a bit insulted by the “he must be a Christian” comment– not because of the implied slam to Christianity, but because it seemed utterly pointless. What on earth has Christianity to do with a kid sending off a nasty letter?

    Let’s leave the whole religion thing out of it, okay? The kid send off a rude letter. Fine. To me that implies that his parents need to teach him some better manners. It does not say anything about the path of faith he may or may not choose to follow.

  8. Zack

    Why judge someone based on religion. Judge someone from their own words and actions. The note came from a hateful kid and thats all you need to know. Who cares what religion he is! He’s hateful.

    It’s interesting how angry people become when one person comments on how, “He must be a Christian.” Then the “Christian” chimes in with, “don’t be mean.” Then the non-Christian chimes in with, “You pussy, blah blah blah.” You all sound like childish fools, exactly like the 11 year old.

  9. Eric

    It appears science has ruled out religion; and paUL has ruled out lowercase letters and punctuation.

  10. Adriel

    Haha well done, Eric. You must be a Buddhist!*

    *Makes about as much sense as everything else above!

  11. Quick

    @Lizette —

    Let’s not pretend that Christianity doesn’t have hundreds and hundreds of years of blood on its own hands as well.

  12. An Agnostic Irish Catholic

    Dear Christians,

    I don’t have anthing to say about why or why not this has anything to do with religion, but while we’re on the subject…

    If you want to find out how christianity came into being please watch the movie Zeitgeist (available streaming online).

    Nobody can prove there isn’t a god, but that doesn’t apply whole business of organised religion and how it came into being.


  13. here she goes again

    okay guys whats you problem about Christians? they are good people, why do you have to bring that into context? thats kinda saying that jews are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about. who cares if he is or isn’t Christian, just keep your comments like that to yourself. all that matters is that kid is stupid and doesn’t need to be saying that and is parents should know better.

  14. I hate Christians

    Why not rip on Christians? they think the world has only been around for 6000 years, and they the need to convert everyone, I hate Christians because they dont want to let people do what they have ingrained in their genes…..FRUNKAS

  15. JULIE

    What the fuck are you guys talking about? This is an 11-year-old boy’s letter to a Best Buy Geek Squad employee and you douchebags are getting all hot and bothered by someone’s comment about him being Christian? Who the fuck cares? I just think that I oughta smack that little prick and smash his face into the computer screen. That should fix his Windows Movie Maker, Windows Sidebar, Sound Recorder, and whatever the hell that little git took time to bitch about.

    Now we can discuss my proposed actions being delegated as “child abuse.” Psh.

  16. Mark

    Once again, you fruitless bastards bring it back to religion. The whole point of Oakman, Al, Bocephus Barclay, Chris, Eric, Adriel, and Julie’s comments is the fact that they’re not ragging on religion. Mind you, don’t forget the point of this freakin article.

  17. kthx

    True. The point is that kids these days are becoming assholes younger and younger. I personally feel bad for their, and our future.

  18. Greg

    I gotta make sure that kid doesn’t succeed in life. Otherwise he just might be the next President.

  19. looshkin

    huh? how the hell did a complaint letter posted by an 11-year-old become a religious flame war?
    content aside, i say good on him. he was the son of a customer whose problem was not fixed, and if an eleven-year-old is infuriated enough to call you a dumbass for not performing the service you were paid to deliver, then he’s right.
    N.b.: if you are dead set on trolling christians, just wait until they break out bible verses. then you can break out the history books. good luck flaming, airheads.

  20. David

    The kid is a cunt, therefore he is Christian. The logic is impeccable.

    And @post 16, I think you missed a couple “R”s in Frrrunkus!!!

  21. Dan

    This is some really silly shit right here! I hate religion but WTF!

    Moving swiftly on. . .

    The kid has a fair point, If the repairs company can’t sort out Windows media player etc. then they really are a collective “Dumb Ass.”

    I can see how he is pretty arrogant to point it out and accept that a smack to the head is tempting.

    BUT . . .

    After this kid gets a few beatings at school for his loud-mouth attitude he will probably put his intelligence to better use.

    I was just like this kid at his age. My arrogance has caused me shit and I’ve learnt from it.

    I can honestly say that with time, he too may become as well-rounded, excellent and generally marvelous as me.

    He just has to learn not to be so arrogant.


  22. Al

    This thread will be in a constant loop forever.

    Poster A: Omg, leik rlgn is teh suk LOL

    Poster B: Ey, I r chrstian and I am super mad.

    Poster C: For srs, stop guys!

    Repeat as necessary.

  23. looshkin




    (April 17th, 2008 at 11:00 am

    This thread will be in a constant loop forever.

    Poster A: Omg, leik rlgn is teh suk LOL

    Poster B: Ey, I r chrstian and I am super mad.

    Poster C: For srs, stop guys!

    Repeat as necessary.)

    damn right, and i’m loving this. if we can suck them into an infinite posting loop that they cannot escape from, the internet is going to be free until the next round of christian fundies and atheist flamers rediscover the internet. all we have to do to keep these guys there is to come here once in a while, scream “FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!1!” and then dive for cover.

  24. Liam

    I think if you just commented pages with “Lol, religion” someone would respond accordingly, warping the comment page into what we see her.

  25. Matt

    I find it funny that the typical left winger harbors such ill feelings toward Christians, but they jump at every chance they get to defend any other group. 100% of you bashers are completely ignorant, as well. Science has done more to prove Christianity than it has to disprove it.

  26. pants

    To ChristianityRocks: I hope you understand that Islam/Christianity/Judaism are, in a nutshell, basically the same thing..hehe

  27. Ad3pt

    Alright, I read this and the first thing I thought was, “man, this kid has nerve.” But, the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that we live in a country where nothing matters more than the good old dollar bill. Geek Squad doesn’t care if this kid’s computer is fixed. I think someone said you pay for the hours worked, not the final results? So why not spit in the face of someone who ripped you off? I mean, come on people… you take your computer to Geek Squad (or preferably not), because they’re a band of geeks you PAY to do a job.

    Here’s a little scenario…
    Say you own a house and you find a leak in the bathroom toilet. Now there’s crap and urine stinking up your house. What do you do? Call a plumber, right! So, are you hiring the plumber to stroke your pipes and flush your toilet for a few hours, only to insist you pay him for his time even though the problem remains unfixed? I highly doubt it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I find the lack of respect this “apparent” 11-year-old has for adults, but I’d be a pissed off *&@%$Q(L* if I took my crap to Geek Squad only to have it returned to me with the exact same issues and a bill for their time.

    P.S. Religion sucks… name a war started by agnostics or atheists…

  28. AboveTheInfluence

    I would just like to leave a comment on all the comments about religion. Why is religion brought into this conversation at all? What does it matter if the writer is Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, or any other religion? The truth is, it doesn’t matter. One religion CAN NOT be proven over any other religion, and that includes atheism. They are BELIEF systems- what an individual believes. Saying that all Christians are stuck up is like saying that all McDonald’s emplyees are retarded; likewise, implying that Christianity is better than any other religion is as equally an unsound opinion. (I am only using Christianity as an example, I could interchange it with any religion.) If that’s what you think, good for you, but don’t think that everyone else agrees or feel that you are right. No religion is right and no religion is wrong, its all a matter of your own personal beliefs. So please, leave religion out of topics that have nothing to do with religion. The child that wrote the letter to Best Buy could very well be any religion, or none, or a mix of several. It’s impossible to tell from that letter alone, and even if you could determine his/her religion, dos it really matter?

  29. atazz

    damn this sounds like an episode of south park
    oh and for all u religion freaks
    god means
    Gay On Demand
    and all religion’s are fucked up
    *muslin:: blow shit up go to heaven, im gonna do that on the 4th of juy, does that mean i get a free pass to heaven if i convert??

    *christian:: guy gets fucked up and u think he wants to help u after all the hell u put him through

    *hindu:: you believe a cow is ur god, sorry but i ate the left thigh of ur god last night at mcdonalds

    *jews:: created by abraham and god,wait im confused i thot christians only used “god” if they were then that means they made jews, no that cant be right cause jews made christians

    OH and by the way look “world religions” up on google and it wont even bring up christianity

  30. God

    Look, y’all. I’m tired of everyone blaming me and my kid for all your problems. That’s why we quit a few hundred years ago, sold the whole franchise to that Arabian dude Mohammed. Tell the truth, we haven’t done anything since y’all killed my son; why would I want to? Mohammed stopped interacting years ago too, back when Joe Smith got into business; almost sold out to him, but Joe couldn’t get the funds.

    I’ll put it to you like this; we don’t do anything but kinda hang around and let people into heaven or whatever you want to call it (I call it Bora Bora). We’re not telling you what’s right, what’s wrong, or how to live your lives. A few crazed bastards that you call “priests” or “rabbis” or “prophets” do that and you gullible prats believe them. Live your own lives!

    Sheesh, people! We didn’t do anything! Leave us deities out of it!

  31. Think about this... the TRUE topic at hand....

    WTF ya’ll? Why in the hell do people want to rag on religion? its a way of hope and a way to better ourselves and live a good life. NO MATTER WHAT religion it is, its still there to better ourselves and keep our morals to us. Its this kind of hatred and bullsh*t that keeps humanity from further advances. We can’t get past not accepting each other. Its this type of bullsh*t that makes kids like this article more mean, ruthless, and stupid. They see what everyone else is doing and follow it and LEARN for it to be acceptable. this is NO way to have the youth acting… and it ALL comes from this right here. NOW please, grow up, act right, act in a moral fashion, and SHOW the youth that its NOT okay to behave like that.

  32. Jason

    “Think about this…”: Actually…

    “NO MATTER WHAT religion it is, its still there to better ourselves and keep our morals to us. Its this kind of hatred and bullsh*t that keeps humanity from further advances.”

    Religion is *keeping* humanity from further advances. Ever hear of stem cell research? Ever wonder why stem cell research in the US is so limited? Religion.

    I would agree that yes, it provides hope for some people, but I hate when people say that religion is necessary to be moral, to be a good person, etc. People should be good people for the sake of being good people, not because they think they’re going to be rewarded for it. It doesn’t matter how you act, if it’s for the wrong reasons, it still doesn’t make you actually a good person, or actually moral.

    I rag on religion because I see it as an antiquated system of beliefs that was put in place to control the people and explain the unexplainable. However, this was thousands of years ago, times have changed and religion is now holding us back.

  33. franz

    This thread will be in a constant loop forever.

    Poster A: Omg, leik rlgn is teh suk LOL

    Poster B: Ey, I r chrstian and I am super mad.

    Poster C: For srs, stop guys!

    Repeat as necessary.
    Best post on this thread

  34. jas

    funny how shit like this turns into stupid debates about religion or racism.

    you all fail at life.

  35. harriet

    I believe that God exists and created the world. But I also believe that God did a terrible job of it and should be fired. F— me if I ever waste one second of my life praying and giving thanks to that bumbling moron for doing such an absolutely piss-poor job of creation. I mean, God can’t even figure out how to prevent innocent newborns from being born with cleft palate. Why should God be trusted with a damn thing. What a bumbling idiot.

  36. Chris

    “Name a war started by agnostics or atheists” – please!

    If we look at the top 10 genocides of the 20th century, which covers about 125 *MILLION* deaths, all but the barest fraction (1.2 million Armenians killed in Turkey around the time of WWI) were killed in conflicts that were neither religious nor sectarian.

    Hitler and Tojo were responsible for about 18M, in total, where it’s a LITTLE ambiguous as to whether religion had anything to say. There was an attempt to attach religion to their movements, but it seems more like a case of them wanting to get some sort of religious credibility to consolidate power.

    In any case, that’s not particularly material in comparison with the roughly 110 MILLION people that were murdered by two “godless communists,” Mao Tse-Tung, responsible for ~78M, in the Cultural Revolution, and “Uncle Joe” Stalin, with about 23M.

    There aren’t any “Christian genocides” that can hold a candle to that, certainly not in the 20th century, and not even in the worst bits of the Crusades or the Inquisitions.

  37. Idea....

    How about…..Instead of comment boards, sometime in the distant future we replace the bottom area of blogs with virtual arenas and debate stages. That way, people could duke it out in more reasonable ways. (And by virtual I do mean virtual, but their needs to be a way to hit some of the dumb-asses on the back of the head…or their noses)

  38. Kräël

    since when have 11 year old kids needed lawyers…??? oh… and nice name “idea…”…

  39. Johnson

    Stalin and Mao may be godless as you say but are they truly atheists? True communists are said to be atheists in most regards, but what is religion really but a system of beliefs followed by a group of people? Could communism as an effect be considered another form of religion in itself? This isn’t to denounce religion, but rather to expand upon the idea. Communism has fanatical cult-like leaders as does religion.

  40. Latex Santa

    @Lizette –you are an idiot.

    And to go on WAR , The Pentagon has lost (pretty much) every gun-toting war since the Second World one. Oops. At least Britain TRIES to be democratic…

  41. terry wagar

    In portland oregon, Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson are in A Murder conspiracy together.
    And Clackamas Walmart are acttively helping them by hideing Eric’s employment there from me and my family.
    For over A year now Eric Carlson has been going by the name gashel, last name unknown by me, he dyed his hair black, and Walmart agreed to hide his Identity from my daughter, who also worked at that store.
    Joan and Eric have friends in Authority protecting Joan and Eric from prosecution.
    I have reported this repeatedly to the Authority’s and they are ignoring Joan and Eric’s CONSPIRACY.
    I would be more than happy to Testify to this but the Authority’s are covering this up so my testimony would simply dissapear.
    My name is Terry Wagar and Im backing up these charges.
    Nomatter how many people Joan and Eric poisoned the Authority’s here in portland Oregon refuse to arrest them.
    Im making these charges public because of the blatent coverup of these charges.
    why is Walmart hideing A BodyDouble?

  42. Jon

    Q: “Name a war started by agnostics or atheists” – please!

    A: Soviet Invasion of (INSERT COUNTRY HERE)
    Korean War
    Vietnam War
    Chinese Invasion of Tibet
    Vietnamese Invasion of Cambodia
    Invasion of Laos by North Vietnam

    Do I have to keep going? really?

  43. another 11year christian

    I dont make fun of ur religion so dont make fun of mine be the bigger person. that kid was venting his feeling s no one was supposed to ever see that on the internet so back off im speaking for my age i shoudnt have to but somebody does

  44. Sarah

    The comments on this thread have been a thousand times more entertaining than the thread itself. It’s incredible how religion was so quickly brought into this lol.

    As for the kid, I agree that if something isn’t fixed, either fix it or give me my money back (or at least suggest what else I can do to fix the problem). But I can believe he wrote this kind of letter. I hope when I have children (ok, IF), they don’t feel need to call someone a dumbass by 11 years old.

  45. Andrea

    I came across this site during a websearch and I have to say I was quite disappointed in the comments I read from the many readers. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, its true what the kid wrote had nothing to do with religion, just as others had no right to judge other beliefs. Anyways its amazing to know that a simple not from an angry 11yr old can prompt such interpretations from the wider public. Although I have to agree such foul language anomosity at that age isn’t healthy at all. And for the religion bashers you need to look at the bigger piacture and not see what you want to or what others what you too. . .

  46. Zwonkovic

    @Lizette: “Christians, for instance don’t fly planes into buildings and sacrifice living human beings as sacrifices to their idols.”

    No, they just slaughter non-believers and torture/execute purported heretics/blasphemers. Sure, that was a couple of hundred years ago, but the muslims will come around sooner or later, you’ll see.

  47. .


    When you are all suffering by the Antichrist or Burning with Hell well then i will be laughing at you cause the Bible is 100% perfect. Proven wrong 0 times and people have been trying to disprove it for a SUPER long time. THe bible is correct Scientifically – Historically – Geological All the advice given you give it a try and 100% of the time it will be right.

    To Comment #36 Christianity is not going to be found as a religion and any REAL christian will know that being christian is not living a life of rules or being holy or a good person. Being christian is simply accepting christs Death on the cross for ALL your sins the ones you made and the ones you are going to make and accepting that he came back from the dead. Thats it. Christianity is a relationship with God giving him control of your life. If your not mature enough to simply reject this or accept it then you have alot of growing up to do. Us the Christians dont look down on anyone we are actually looking up to you who are not christians because we want you to follow and repent your sins. Not change your lifestyle or change who you are or live by rules we just want you to repent your sins the Big man Up in Heaven.

  48. Havalah

    Steffan said, “No, all Shawn is saying is that Christians generally look down on others and think we all must serve you because you already got your “messiah”….”
    Uh, yeah…’s the Christians who are looking down on others, and the slams against Christianity are so tolerant….{roll eyes}

  49. Earl

    Seriously, how do you *break* Windows Sound Recorder, Windows Sidebar, and Windows Movie Maker?

    What a retard 11 year old. At 11 I could’ve reinstalled Windows. But of course that was only four years ago. And what a loser for paying $140 to fix a computer. Maybe you should be smarter (both computer and common sense) and fix it yourself. It’s quite easy actually.

  50. Kayak

    If you’re looking to get screwed over than feel free to hire Geek squad. I made an appointment with them over a week ago and confirmed it just yesterday. The gave me a four hour window (annoying enough) that they would show up at. I waited the entire four hours at home after canceling appointments. THEY NEVER SHOWED. I called to ask them where they were and they said that the “Agent” that was going to fix my computer quit a week ago. I asked why they confirmed the appointment the day before and they stated,”I’m sorry that happened to you. Would you like to reschedule?” Are you kidding me? Not only do they not have an answer for why they screwed me over but they actually think that I would want to conduct business with them again. This is a poorly run business that had no concept of how to treat its customers. They lost a customer today. And you can bet that I’m going to pass on my wonderful experience to everyone I meet and know.

  51. excuses are like assholes...

    i have loads of veiws about relligion just save them for my rs teacher.
    i would have to say that religion is stupid i dont blame cunts for following them its ok, society accepts you so dont be ashamed.
    (just imagine i said a whole load of stuff about god that pisseed you off) cos i cant be assed i have looked into religion stuff for 17 months and have come to many different conclusions on both sides of beleif.
    but my main and faverioute one is that religion was created because some people wanted to shift the blame for something horrid theyve done to god , and because their too thick to live life the way they want to.
    but its okay to follow religions cos obviousley your parents were stupid enough to intruduce it to you.
    imleaving this forum know so that you cant reply with some thing stupid like i understand your anger so i will pray for you.
    it fucking pissess me off when wankers show conncern for you instead of themselves after youve totaly trashed them its os fucking annoying.
    as hard as it may be please attempt to excuse my rudeness afterall we all follow gods example.

    …everybodys got one.

    pontis pilot

  52. Alison

    Post #59

    “When you are all suffering by the Antichrist or Burning with Hell well then i will be laughing at you cause the Bible is 100% perfect. . .

    Us the Christians dont look down on anyone we are actually looking up to you who are not christians because we want you to follow and repent your sins. ”

    See, they don’t look down on anyone! They just laugh as you burn in hell. Totally rational.

  53. Cheryl Fontaine

    And therein lies the crux of humanities problems: Parents who think it’s (pick one or more) cute, funny, smart, wise, just plain okay to let their kids wise off to adults and/or use foul language. It annoys the adult and erodes the kid’s self image, but then you’re probably not smart enough to understand that.

    There are more efficient ways to deal with bad service, this angle just makes me want to smack the kid.

  54. Wanker

    Anybody that believes in any kind of religion is just plain delusional. Some say “atheism” is a religion, but there really is no such thing as atheism. There are tons of Gods that I guarantee you don’t believe in, no matter what your religion is. I know you don’t believe in Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. What about Zeus, King of Olympia? The truth is, there are thousands of religions out there, and people are introduced to one of those thousands arbitrarily as a child. There is no God, period. Even if some intelligent thing created the universe we live in now, it doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you now, so stop devoting your lives to it. There is no such thing as “atheism”, because everyone is atheist. The rational people just believe in one less God than the Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Dumbasses.




    The fuck.


  56. jason maraz

    i think that everyone but me is a dumbass i know that people would love be me i am kevin rudds son from aussie

    p.s i write these things becuase i have no freinds ):

  57. elt

    and in this corner: religion, weighing in at countless wars and hundreds of belief-based throat stuffings
    in this corner we have: atheism, weighing in at countless wars and hundreds of lack of belief-based throat stuffings

    woot im a lauchlanist, my religion :):)

  58. Derek

    This kid is right. Geek squad is terrible.


    I myself am a Roman Catholic Christian. All of you atheist bitches posting anti-Christian comments can go to hell!

  59. tiredof this

    To all of you who have a problem with religion and believe all religions are the same, YOU ARE WRONG! Religion doesn’t make you a christian.
    Christianity is a belief that Jesus died on the cross and rose again.
    It’s amazing the people who don’t believe Jesus came back from the dead but can believe that we (humans) can come from a monkey or that the world was started by a big bang in space. Look around Jesus is everywhere. Christians are not perfect just forgiven.

  60. Mark

    Oh come on guys.. People pay good money so they are expecting that what they paid for is working properly or at least with minimal problems.

  61. hatta32 americans make me laugh….geez, so much for freedom of speech…whatever happen to freedom of using your brain?
    ah, both religion and atheists are assholes…i met christians who are/were assholes/i’ve met muslims who are/were assholes, so on and so forth, including atheists BUT not all in the religions/science faith? are the proverbial asswipes, of course not, but you guys are just plain dumb to realize
    Look, first to the atheist, if a person dont at least believe that their religion is right, why the hell would they need to be in it in the first place and to the religious ones, if they believe their daddies and mommies are monkeys, so be it…hell, when we all die(most prolly by nukes), we will find out whether we want to or not, who the hell was right…but as far as you guys go, you really ruin a stupid but at one point funny post…
    Thanks….for nothing..
    from an 11 year old asian..haha..

  62. tragedytrade

    haha…man, when religion vs. Atheists fights happen, it is so entertaining. great god(yourself if you’re an atheist) almighthay(if you’re christian)…some of you have really crappy vision of ppl who choose their religion (of course, some of us are force into it..for that i hope those in it get freed).
    my god..hello, ever heard of staying relevant to topic?
    geez, i have to admit to the guy who said..must be made war..haha..
    why do you other christians bother? as if you can change the minds of ppl who already made up their mind and are adament of staying that way…not everyone can be changed..not everybody wants to..hell, i’m a christian but i remember getting force-feed by your kind(Somewhat) and i hated it..hell, put yourself in their shoes man…they dont like, move on…dont bother
    ooh so he’s an atheist..ooh, he’s a buddhist..tell you the truth, as a christian i couldnt care less (so to speak), i mean it would be cool if they wanted to know but it’s also cool if they dont want to take it that way and for the atheist, dont force feed your shit as well k..otherwise you’re a hypocrite (well, actually every human in this world are hypocrites)…then you can join the rest of us at the religion side eh, we got room for some more…man, we humans are so dumb.
    so much for the free thinker theology. haha..keep it up..i need something to read when i’m pretty bored.

  63. Andrew

    Wow, a story about a kid writing a letter to Geek Squad turns in to a religion/no religion debate.

    It’s actually kinda funny.

    This story has nothing to do with religion.

    The atheists will not changes the opinions of those who believe in God or a god. And those of various religions will not changes the beliefs (or unbeliefs) of those others here.

    But, while I’m submitting a comment, I might as will say, Go JESUS!
    Have a blessed Easter, He is risen, He is risen indeed.

  64. Tim J

    OMG! This is the most fucked thread I have read in a while so I just had to comment!

    Its actually entertaining if you can just accept peoples comments with no malice or ill feelings back. This is like another sort of reality TV series but its a blog! … stick a bunch of people (or morons) together (in this case we are together because we are on the same web page) then say one random thing (Calling someone a Christian for instance) and what us all fight, I do hope all of us (including me now that I’m in it) end up on our favorite reality TV series together… Muhahaha

    hmm hang on, may be this is it and we are already in it…. oh dear

  65. woodadz

    Your all mutts for thinkin anyone but a drunk fuck like myself are goin to rwead anhy of this and impact anyone and the only reason im writing this is to give someone more of a laugh then they already did from ythis site you jewish burnin fucks

  66. Bob Brown

    I think the letter is a fake. Besides, those are basic programs that come with windows. What could they do to make them work any better? I already know the answer … not much. This is fake letter written by some Microsoft Hater, Linux or Mac User. They have a beef against Bestbuy and Geek Squad, but they can’t resist taking a poke at windows. You people are too busy arguing about things that don’t even matter to see the bullshit in front of you.

  67. Marty

    I thought this letter wuz gonna be about ‘Dear Dumbass’ the book by Nick Teplitz. That shit is funny yo!!!!

  68. unknown

    As for the Geek Squad, they are there to help. You guys are playing for their knowledge. Some of the Geek squad are very knowledge while some others are not. Their main goal is not to rip off customers but to help others in need. Its funny how customers threaten to sue Best Buy. One person against a larger profitable company. good luck with that lol

    As for the religion part, for all those who claim to be a Christian but yet putting other people down by cussing or bashing other religion? def not a good idea. You’re putting a bad label on yourself.

  69. Phineas T. Fogbottom

    @Matt PS Not just left-wingers think God is no longer a relevant concept: check out Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin on the topic. Oh, & me.

    @Earl Good one! Now go fuck a duck, you flaming right-wing Free Mason.

    and finally @Bob Brown
    Why pick on Mac or Linux as culprits? I have a Vaio running Vista and now I hate Microsoft, too [but not Sony].

  70. Phineas T. Fogbottom

    OOPs, just one more:

    @Zufolek—that’s right, roll ’em around with your tongue. Then give just a little sucking tug. Oh yeah, that’s it. Oh, slip your tongue up in there. Yessss.

  71. Jack

    what is religion got to do with the letter? just stop arguing all of you! i belive in god and i pray and bad stuff still happends to me so it is not all christians who are good behaved and perfect (nobody is perfect except from Jesus Christ A.K.A God).

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