Top 10 Most Annoying “Lost” Moments

Lost is an awesome show. But every now & then I wonder just what the writers were thinking…

10. Nikki & Paulo

Yes, they were by far the two most annoying characters in television history. I’m glad to see them gone. But, with Patchy resurrecting all the time, Locke cured of paralysis, Rose cured of cancer, and Christian Shepherd sitting around in Jacob’s cabin… Might we see Nikki and Paulo again too? Say it isn’t so! I for one am hoping the immortality theory is not true.

9. Libby’s Death

Guess I’ll never know why she was stalking Hurley at the mental institution. Great way too create a really compelling mystery and then destroy it.

8. Eko’s “Smoky” Encounter

This left something to be desired. Sure, the morphing of Eko’s brother into Smoky was really cool and helped us realize many of the Losties’ hallucinations were actually Smoky appearances. But the next scenes where Smoky was tossing Eko around like a ragdoll were unfulfilling, to say the least. Sometimes Smoky looks and acts way too much like the water creature on “The Abyss” to be taken seriously.

7. Hurley’s Diet

Hurley wouldn’t be the same – or as much fun – if he were skinny. But Hurley really should be losing some weight on the island. He was sneaking Dharma food for awhile, but isn’t that long over?

6. Fake Smoky Appearance

Big goof. Lost viewers everywhere discovered that in the pilot episode, a “smoke monster” was seen hitting the airplane turbine shortly before it exploded. Much speculation ensued about this find. Sadly, the producers later confirmed it was a CGI effect left in the show in error. You can see it here:

5. Charlie: Death by Stupid

Charlie’s death was sad. But the saddest part was that it didn’t have to happen. He could have run to the other side of the door and shut it. There was plenty of time.

4. The Lost Experience

OK, a lot of people will disagree with me on this. Sure, The Lost Experience kept us entertained one summer. But the revelations ended up being very out of place. The solution it offered to Hurley’s numbers was unsatisfying and has never been mentioned on the actual show. Does anyone still believe that was really the answer?

3. Locke’s Bizarre Trust of Ben

Seriously Locke, grow a brain!

Ben shot him and left him for dead in a mass grave. Ben admitted to gassing all those Dharma people and thus committing mass murder. He’s insane. Yet Locke continues to release him and actually believe him. Utter stupidity. Why does Locke insist on trusting liars?

2. Lack of Curiosity Killed the Cat

How many times have we yelled at our TV screens because Locke didn’t follow up on a mystery when he was with an “other” or Jack seemed to care more about Kate and Sawyer than the smoke monster that was killing people? There were plenty of times the Losties didn’t share vital information with one another or “forgot” to ask Danielle or an Other about a question that was bugging all of us.

Sure, Locke finally asked Ben what the smoke monster was. And Ben said he had no idea. But really Locke, of all the people you could ask, you choose Ben?

1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Ah yes, it was the fodder of forum humor everywhere: Michael and his ever-present Waaaaallllltttt scream.

Waaaaaalllllltttttt! haunted us in our dreams. Sadly, we saw it again before “Meet Kevin Johnson.” Think the love of Waaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllttttttttt is over? Just run a Google search on Waaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!! and you’ll see we’re all still talking about it:

Notice the third entry in the picture above. Apparently Waaaaaaaaaalt!!!! translates into any language. No wonder Walt doesn’t want to see Michael anymore.

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Annoying “Lost” Moments

  1. -Anonymous-

    Oh boy you are absolutely a genius!!

    I thought exactly the same things a million times!!

    But I don’t think Nikki and Paulo were the most annoying characters of the series, the were totally overwhelmed by Michael.

    I would also add the moment when Sawer threw the diamonds over the dead bodies for no apparent reason.

  2. Slaine

    To me the most annoying character was shannon.
    It’s painful to watch scenes featuring her.

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