The best comic of all time!

83 thoughts on “The best comic of all time!

  1. denuvian

    This is so lol because there is an ingame “mom” that sends you presents with letters almost exactly like the one in the comic.

  2. Bob

    If this is the “best comic of all time”, I’ll each my feces. I’d say it’s not even among the top 1 million comics of all time. What a crock of sanctimonious, treacly, hallmark-card sentimental shit.

  3. Fred

    I’m with Bob. This is the such a load of sentimental BS. I couldn’t barely imagine anything more shallow.

  4. Alfred

    “Every letter was pretty much the same…”

    Its pretty funny if you can even see past your ignorance.

    denuvian: Thumbs up for freaking getting the point of the comic.

  5. Carol-ann

    That’s such a lovely story, though also very sad. Makes me appreciate my parents more. Thank you. x

  6. melissa adamaitis

    I saved this to my computer a long, long time ago.

    I had long forgotten where it came from, or who made, but everytime I would come across it looking for something, I would stop and read it… and it always would bring a tear to my eye.

    It’s wonderful how universal gaming can be, isn’t it? I agree with Carol-ann (right above me)–it really does make you want to go find your mom (or dad, or both) and hug her.

  7. Corgi

    Thank you, Melissa–I saved it a long time ago as well, and stop to read it every time I find it online.

    It’s seriously depressing to find the horrible comments people have left here. To people like them, nothing is sacred…

  8. Chica

    Some of you guys are so stupid. This isn’t necessarily the best comic to you, but the best comic to the person who made it and those who choose to favor it. It isn’t meant to be as exciting as Batman or whatever geeky Marvel comics you like, nor as funny as the Peanuts or any newspaper comics. It is meant to make you think; it’s just a touching story. I really enjoyed reading this and I feel sorry for the heartless idiots who feel the need to make rude remarks about the comic. Thank you, this really made me think.

  9. Lalit

    My mom would do the same thing! I got her the old Nintendo Donkey-Kong game-watch from around 1982, and she would spend hours on that thing! I got pretty good at it too, but she would spend all her time on it! She passed away a couple years ago after a chronic lung condition that impaired her movements in her last days – some months back I found the Donkey Kong game among my old toys and stuff in the home I grew up in. I put new batteries in it and tried playing it just to see if I still had the old touch – after a couple of minutes I would remember my mother and couldn’t play any more. I gave it away to some kids.

  10. Lindsey

    Thanks, I actually shed a tear reading this. It was very touching. It makes me happy to think that something as simple as a video game can bring someone closer to a loved one, despite whether or not that loved one is still with us.

  11. Andrew Webster

    Bad spelling rather destroyed this cartoon for me: “payed”, “once our twice” etc. In addition it was nauseating.

  12. Alex

    I gotta say, it’s actually a pretty interesting comic. For those who have played the game animal crossing, they know that your in game “mom” constantly sends you presents with text very similar to what’s written in the comic. For those who haven’t played and don’t quite get it, just enjoy your touching story.

  13. Tom

    Ah, good ol’ Animal Crossing comic. I’ve read this a million times, it kind of loses the novelty after a while.

    Seriously, don’t feed the trolls guys. We’ve just seen it too many times and having it come up when we’re stumbling is kind of annoying. They’re not heartless. Just bored.

  14. Em

    bob and “god” are dicks
    you never know if this is a true story
    if it is you are the biggest asswipes ever
    thats really insensitive of you

  15. doogy

    not to burst your bubble, i mean it is a great story line but in the game some fake mom just sends the character letters….but yeah….its cool though that was a great story

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