College really isn’t necessary

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  1. Mike

    Surely this girl isn’t serious?

    The marking itself was a bit lenient I might add… the girl has horrendous grammar, she is repetitive and ludicrously misinformed. I firmly believe that girls like her are the reason that sexism exists.

  2. Jeff Harrison

    Obviously written by someone who has not progressed from the world of childhood into the real world. Wisdom is something that is learned through experience, and until wisdom is learned one cannot comment upon how things should be done. She is looking at a fantasy life, and how she would like to live it, it will be interesting to see how her opinion evolves once she enters the real world and actually moves out of her bedroom with the K-Fed posters and wall-to-wall carpeting.
    In the real world you need some form of an education to fall back upon or you get stuck. If you decide to take the baby machine route and want to do nothing other than be the Betty Crocker wife what do you do if you find yourself unhappy, or abused. You want out, but you can’t leave because with your lack of education you have nothing to fall back upon and you find yourself stuck, continuing to be unhappy, continuing to be abused. College is necessary, not for everyone, but unless you are one of those rare people who can make it in the world on your own at least take the two years to get an AA.
    This little comment/blurb written by a man, owning his own house, divorced, and actually having an understanding that in the real world life doesn’t come without challenges, and life does not just come because you want it to, you have to work for what you want in it.

  3. Lintu

    I’d say that’s the whole point. She, as a reporter, certainly knows how to write. Her point however is, that if one doesn’t go to college, that’s the result. Poor language, poor thinking, poor argumentation. Sarcasm, anyone?

  4. Nikki

    Pretty sure it is a joke. No newspaper editor is that much of an idiot to seriously let this article get all the way to printing. I like it though; it proves its point.

  5. Forthac

    This looks like it came from a school newspaper. Having been on the staff of a school newspaper, I can say these kind of grammatical and structural problems should at the least been taken care of by a copy editor at the very least.

    Then there is always the point of her statement.

    I would like to point out that she completely destroys her point.

    “…I can understand if girls want to go to beauty school, cause every girl should have options…”

    Well, I do believe that IS the point of college. Regardless of what you major in or how far you go with it, education is for falling back on. Education is to show your minimum level of aptitude.

    I could go on, but this level of stupidity is just mind boggling.

  6. anonymous

    Haha wow, I love this article. Mostly because I’m unsure if she is proving her point in an ironic way, or means what she says literally.. I think most people will be too blunt to find the irony in it though, and think she’s just a dumb blond.. (making them the dumb ones, lol). Genius.

  7. Maya Mah

    This is scary stuff. I like your comments..Definitely the most useful thing anyone can do with this article (use it for laughs). Quite amusing this was even published…I feel sorry for her poor English teachers

  8. James

    I think the girl should have learned how to write in high school. How did she get her high school diploma with the writing skills she displays here?

  9. Paul

    I can’t imagine what paper would publish this, school or non-school. It does look like a school paper but, wow, I’m hoping it was a satirical piece or something…

  10. Hi_Hater

    Whoever edited the article, isnt much of a genius either…what does “O, rly?” and “F+” mean? lol! If anyone of you are having problems viewing the picture on ur cell phone web browser, try the new Krave (, it has great quality

  11. Lol Guy

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  12. Lol Guy

    Anyways that article is totally like made up lol, cause what idiot would seriously allow that article to be published?

    God hopefully that was a joke, wait why am I saying god, I don’t believe in the guy

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    Anyone on the earth?

    nope all cancer like organisms that spread and to destroy the world

  13. Isabell

    I haven’t read the article. All I read was I believe sexism exists because of girls like this. And that made me angry because it sounds like your deciding based on actions or some criteria on whether a gender is equal.It shouldn’t be a debate it should be a given. Women are equal because we are human beings. How would a guy react to a woman deciding men were unequal because a whole bunch of men did stupid things. Would a guy not be frustrated that he was now thought of less than equal as a human because many of those in his gender did stupid things? It’s not a debate, it’s a given no matter what people do they are equal because they are people.

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