9 Simple & Bizarre Design Marvels

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?Designing is not everybody?s cup of tea? ? Not really! Some of the most creative designs that transformed our lives came not from any great celebrated beings. However, these designs did transform them into celebrities. After all, all of us are quite creative?

Well here are a few Designs that are incredible. These designs compel us to think of ways in which we can express our creativity and innovative ideas to simplify our lives; and thus make things easier for us.


The Flux is in fact a really compact vehicle that was created to offer a pleasing drive to the occupants of the car. The design of the car has been inspired by the umpteen number changes that we go through in each day of life both during play and work. The car also includes a X ? Box console and has a dynamic character to it. The Peugeot car has been designed by Mihai Panaitescu. The car runs on hydrogen and the body of the car has been made of both plastic and metal ? including aluminium.


Writing is something that comes quite easily to most of us, however, little do we think about the complexities that the task involves when it comes to brain and muscle coordination. The sad part is that some people find it quite difficult to perform this complex thought that we find so easy. Here is a pen that Oskar Daniel designed for people who find it difficult to write.

This device is shaped like an hour glass and has a rubber grip knob that allows one to hold the pen and thus write. In this case one would have to use more of the arm rather than the hand; thus, making things more simple for people who might find it difficult.


This really cool sofa is actually a wall. No this wall is actually a sofa. Ok ok, this is a ?Wallfa!? The Wallfa has been designed by a Barcelonan designer by the name of Jordi Canudas. Wallfas is basically a trendy piece of furniture that is double sided. On both sides, the furniture features a sofa. In between the two sides is a membrane that is made of some kind of stretchy material. The design of the Wallfa is fun and also provides for a great deal of aesthetic appeal.


This really cool complex structure in the picture is the design for the New Hamburg Science Center and Aquarium. The design of the structure has just been reveled by the Office of Metropolitan Art and will be able to see the light of the day very soon. The design of the building is quite unique in every sense and it would definitely be quite awe inspiring once finished. The structure will feature 10 blocks that are interconnected. These blocks will feature a Science center, an aquarium, offices, labs, theater and a commercial space. The designer with his design is not only encouraging revolutionary designs but also setting an example for the whole world.


After a rainstorm most of us would like to move out of our houses, into the clean air. This is the time when the mood is just right, however, benches do act spoilt sports. None of really want to sit on those wet benches or chairs in the park. Thanks to a group of Korean designers, we do not need to stand through out. The group of designers includes Yoonha Paick, Jongdeuk Son, Eunbi Cho, Minjung Simn and Sungwoo Park. All of these innovative designers have designed benches that are equipped with slats that can rotate. So when the bench is wet, all one would have to do is use the crackling to rotate the slats. Now one could sit on the drier side. That?s a simple solution! Perhaps not that simple to think about, or we?d have them installed in all our parks.


Who says we are not sensitive as we used to be towards those who are not as physically as we are? Here is another great example of how designers ensure that they make things easier for the disabled. Here is a lightweight chair that is collapsible. This chair is basically a commode and shower chair. The lightweight chair has been so designed, such that it can easily be carried around. The chair has been designed by Julie Clyde with the aspiration to help as the disabled gain more freedom and independence along with some personal space which is very often compromised upon in their case.

The pins on the chair are simple to remove and insert, thus, it is quite easy to collapse the chair. The chair also has castor wheels that provide for easy mobility. The chair also comes with an easy carry frame too.


Here is another incredible design; rather an incredible invention. This invention not only protects you from the rain but also prevents a messy house. This is basically an umbrella that is an inside out umbrella. The outside of the umbrella is an umbrella and the outside of the umbrella is a small bag. After one has used the umbrella, all one has to do is follow some easy steps and convert the umbrella into a bag that can hold the dripping umbrella. This invention has been designed by Seung Hee Son.


Then there is one of the most aesthetically appealing fire places. This has been designed by Bloch Designs and has been created in a way so as to ensure that everybody in the room enjoys the fire from all the angles. The fireplace here is enclosed in a glass case and looks quite contemporary yet stylish. The fireplace is also equipped with a clear smoke glass. The fireplace is available both is triangular and rectangular shapes.

Stunned?! Well this was nothing. There are so many more designs that are not only innovative and unique but also have the potential to transform our lifestyles in a small way.

As long as there are creative designers, one can be assured of the fact that there will be more and more innovatively designed structures and devices.

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