Science vs. Faith flowchart

Science vs. Faith flowchart


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  1. david

    so are we just going to ignore the slanted test of most scientist and the inaccurate testing methods they use?

    and the fact that there are many scientists who have come up results that support Christianity time and time again?

  2. Ted

    Get idea
    Fabricate evidence
    Develop theory based on fabricated evidence
    Present theory as truth
    Slander anyone who disagrees with theory based on fabricated evidence
    Ridicule differing beliefs
    Ignore Truths based on differing viewpoints
    Persecute anyone who disagrees with theory based on fabricated evidence

    Believe the word of God
    (Enjoy the continuing scientific and Archeological evidence that supports the Word)

    I takes more faith not to believe.
    If I am wrong then nothing happens
    But what if you are wrong?

  3. Brent

    The IDEA of this chart seems to IGNORE CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE of the many scientists who had FAITH in God and the Bible, yet developed theories and advanced our knowledge to help us BETTER UNDERSTAND THE UNIVERSE.

    To name just a few…

    Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Michael Faraday, Gregor Mendel, Isaac Newton, Nicolaus Copernicus, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Leonardo da Vinci, Francis Bacon.

    The truth is that anybody willing to seek truth, whether they have faith in God or not, is able to help us better understand the universe. A belief in God does not preclude rational thought on my part, even if you think he doesn’t exist. And your disbelief does not prevent you from discovering how God designed the universe.

  4. Gary Petersen

    If science truly worked that way all the time, we’d be a lot better off. Too often in science that supports evolutionary theory, the path after No on the “Does the evidence support the idea” decision block is something along these lines:

    Redefine your assumptions to make the results you get match the idea you had.

    And that path points toward the “good theory” block any way.

  5. Chucklez

    Faith bashing, how original. Honestly stuff like this just brings out the worst on either side while sane people who are not self obsessed really don’t care too much, they’re just trying to pay the bills and get by. It doesn’t matter if you prefer creatonism or evolution, and the rest of us don’t care what what you believe in anyway. Your time could be better spent with your family, get a life douchebags

  6. Jeff

    Looks like another myopic view of putting your faith in a flowchart, because it has a lot of boxes in it and looks “sophisticated”. Ever wonder who created the science that you worship?

    All individual PEOPLE are of equal worth…all religions and cultures are NOT.

  7. blitzkaefer

    I for one refuse to support organized crime nor religion.

    “Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  8. altay

    well, if you think science and faith have different origins, your charts may be correct. now, if you think, science and faith comes from god, ’cause god is the source of every knowledge, as he/she is the source of everything, (sounds a bit “gnostic”, but that’s the way sufis like me consider the matter), you have to merge the two charts, i fear. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. uzi

    It’s a shame God would have to exist before he could create anything. That seems to be the biggest fault in the religious way of thinking. And Chucklez is right, that the time making the flow chart would be better spent with the family, but you could say that about anything. Very little would actually get done if all we did was spend time with family. I think this chart, though obviously meant to be humorous, pretty much proves it’s own point when religious people react by posting poison on the comments. It’s actually very interesting to see how defensive people get to a simple image. Like Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, eh? Less extreme, but it comes from the same place, eh?

    Oh, and the “what if your wrong” argument is useless because it assumes that there are only two options. This is a very Christian way of thinking, so I don’t completely blame the author. I think Dawkins put it best.

  10. jason

    lets put the word faith aside and talk about religion and science
    this is just my opinion please dont get mad at me

    religion is just a silly club about how the word began and to add it all up u gotta fallow rules if u want to be in it(go to church every Sunday or women not aloud to show there faces in public.etc) . with no evidence to back up the theory of how most religion believe the world began, they created the word faith. have faith in this religion just believe that the world began this way even though we dont know how but yeah have faith in god he will protect you, pray for god and u might just win the lottery, pray for god and you might just past your exam.( any ways just if your wondering theres no substitution for hard work just if your wondering)

    im not making fun of faith and any religion. im just sick of how they mess with your head and make you believe in things and make you do things that you know you shouldn’t .( like the in the war in the middle east isnt mostly because of two different religious group fighting).and then in that interview with Barbra Walters that Arab guy says that only him a Muslim will go to Haven, i dont know if he really really hate Americans or his religion is messing with his head.

    now with science. ever seen anything with science besides that boring show on the discovery channel “Canada’s worse handyman”.
    there are so many wonderful things about science from satellites to cancer research. but there one thing i dont agree the use of science for nuclear weapons and other dangerous things. but maybe its how we use these discoveries that make science look bad.

    only if Hitler didnt hate the jews ( you see how again religion is the starting point of something big) then there wouldnt have been a war. i wonder what religion he believes in.

    only if who ever invented the atomic boom didnt invented it, then that one president who i forgot his, couldnt have committed mass murder with that powerful weapon.

    all i know for sure is that there is one true good

  11. Jed

    It seems that those who would think of themselves as ‘intellectuals’ can’t handle the idea that faith and science can be in agreement. Evolution (interspecies) is a THEORY only. There is no conclusive evidence to prove it. It cannot be replicated as an experiment. It cannot be observed in practice. The above statements apply to Creation as well.

    People chose to place their faith in the theory of evolution because the allternative was to believe in an all powerful, all knowing Creator-God to whom they are accountable. Because this idea was unpallateable, it was rejected.

    These days most people accept evolution with a blind faith – they don’t do their own research, and they refuse to contemplate the possibility of special creation and intelligent design.

  12. Chris

    Jed, please look up the meaning of the word theory in terms of its use in science. There is a difference from the general meaning of the word to the use in science.

  13. Kop

    BushCrimeFamily, how sad that it seems people are unwilling to let science and religion live together. I believe in God, I believe that God created the universe, but I believe that he used natural processes that we are able to understand to do so. Why can’t God have created the universe with the big bang? Why can’t he have directed evolution to create humans? Why can’t it have taken billions of years, for what are billions of years in the timelessness of God? Why can’t science and religion coexist together?

  14. Kop

    jason, Hitler didn’t hate the Jews because of their religion, per say, but he persecuted them because he thought them an inferior race who’s bloodlines were “polluting” the bloodlines of the Aryan race, which he deemed superior. In addition, the atomic bomb was created as a last resort, to be used only if a country wouldn’t respond to anything else. It took two atomic bombs before Japan would surrender and WWII could be over. If we hadn’t dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, they would have gone on killing even more people. Kill one to save a thousand.

  15. Kop

    Oh, and more: the Bible was assembled from books written by humans, yes, mere mortals. Although the words may have been inspired by God, you can’t take everything 100% literally. And what’s more: the Bible was assembled. The books that would make it into the Bible were voted upon by a council. No one can guarantee their accuracy.

  16. mrtp

    Miracles performed
    Prophets verified
    God’s Word revealed
    God revealed as Creator
    Creation also reveals that it needs a Creator
    Creator revealed as rational
    Scientific laws have basis for their consistency
    God’s Word reveals man created in God’s likeness
    Man’s rationality trustworthy
    Scientific laws have basis for there understandability
    Have new found reason and motivation for doing better Science
    Proceed to Science flowchart

    Philosophical Materialism:
    Ignore Creations revelation that it needs a Creator
    Proceed to Faith flowchart with this idea:
    All ideas can only have Naturalistic explinations
    Proceed to Science flowchart with this handicap

  17. Auburn Atheist

    Not to bash, but you all are missing the point and are all ignorant fools. First, lets talk about your god. your bible says that he is a perfect, omnipotent, and omniscient god. if this is the case, then why, when he supposedly created man, did he create him with flaws in judgement that allowed for seduction to sin? and why now does he still give his supposedly perfect children, “created in his own image,” sin from birth? does this not lead to the conclusion that your god cannot be perfect if he cannot create a perfect being? now i refer to your satan. compare god to him. your god, from the biblical stories, kills millions to show his power and might, where as satan kills how many? just TEN. you tell me now who is evil and who is loving. if your god was a loving god, why do we have terminal illnesses and why do we have suffering in this world? your all loving father seems to love the banker more than starving little Amar in africa. IF jesus was right, then why must this child suffer whilst the banker can enjoy the fruits of his labor. your god, being oh so powerful could change little Amar’s situation in a flash, but doesnt. explain these to me. also, explain why today, a man in a siut that claims god has spoken to him, has more credability than a bum on the street, and explain to me why you believe that a snake and a FUCKING BURNING BUSH could TALK. to me, it sounds like eve and moses were heavy on the opium.

    Now, on to science. you all think that scientists have banded together to form one massive conspiracy. that everything they say and do is to confuse you with big words and complicated theories. any sixth grader can tell you the steps to the scientific method (except, perhaps those in kansas). you observe an event, you create a hypothesis to explain that event, you test your hypothesis, you observe the test, either the test proves your hypothesis wrong or right; if it is right, you keep it, but if it is wrong, you modify your hypothesis to explain the outcome and retest to be certain of your hypothesis. this is where every theory in science comes from, from quantum mechanics, to evolution itself. and just to be PERFECTLY CLEAR, evolution DOES NOT say we evolved from apes, it says that we have a COMMON ANCESTOR. for those of you that want to rebut this, do your homework first, and stay off the christian propaganda sites.

    so this leaves me to my final statement. Religion Breeds Ignorance. before you go debating a subject, research it so that you don’t make yourself look like an ignorant religious zealot like kirk cameron. and yes, i did go there. ther probably is no god, so stop worrying about it and enjoy your life already. thank the doctors, the soldiers, the policeman, the firemen and the paramedics, thank the professors and teachers, the coaches and the players, thank the government and the workers. thank the people who deserve it, the people who worked for you, not your imaginary friend in the sky that just watched.


    1. herman flor

      actually faith and science are interconnected to each other. why? it is because when science cannot explain some principles in nature , the role of faith will work. so to speak, when science ends, the faith will begin.

  18. James Smith, Joรฃo Pessoa, Brazil

    Why am I not surprised at the unfounded, chuckle-headed comments by the theists? Obviously, they don’t understand the idea of proof so think that, if they make unfounded statements like, “fabricate evidence” everyone will accept that as being fact even with no supporting proof.

    What they are really demonstrating is they think the rest of the world is as stupid as they are.

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