20 More Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Angle

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What is the most critical element to taking amazing photographs? There are a number of candidates including lighting, focus, timing and camera type, but one device has been at the heart of producing some of the funniest and strangest pictures around: proper angle. Sorted into three categories, here are some awesome examples of images taken at just the right angle! If you enjoy these, you may want to look at the others in the series: 20 Photos at the Exact Right Angle and 25 Photos at the Exact Right Time. These also follow in the rich tradition of The 7 Giants in the Streets and The Amazing Little People of London.












Illusions of Overlap: perhaps the most common trick, usually used to comic effect in perfect-angled photographs, is the use of overlap to create an illusion of an impossible, unlikely or entirely strange set of circumstances. These kinds of images are easy to stage, it’s catching candid ones or creating compellingly staged ones that is the real challenge.



Unusual Moments in Time: sometimes a photograph taken at just the right angle and time takes advantage of the peculiarity of a circumstance, such as a man at an intersection with an uncommonly relaxed dog or a worker in a hole with a pudding-covered spoon. Focus is critical, with the first image capturing the expressions of curious bystanders and the latter revolving around the hat and spoon.



Juxtaposition of the Similar: catching similar objects or like poses can create chance relationships between apparently completely different kinds of options, connecting them across scale, material and purpose in curious and comical ways. What’s your favorite? Know of others that would fit in the mix? For more fun images, check out WallStreetFighter, DeputyDog and WebUrbanist.

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