10 places to have sex at work

Written by Carly Chynoweth

One in five people claim to have had sex in their office building. I did some asking around (and, of course, some looking on the internet) and discovered exactly where:

1. The boss’s desk. Some surveys suggest that up to 25 per cent of people have bruised their spines – or someone else’s – on their manager’s table.

2. All 25 desks in your office. Don’t think that you have the energy? Follow the example of this Australian woman.

3. Against a filing cabinet. It might be noisy and it’s possible that at least one of you will end up with handle marks imprinted in your buttocks; on the other hand, a naked break-dancing civil servant might jump out of the cabinet mid-way through, making the whole escapade less private but potentially more exciting, if you like that sort of thing.

4. The editing suite. Apparently this is the preferred place for trysting TV types, being warm, dark and well-covered with CCTV cameras.

5. On the rooftop or a balcony. Outside, no one can hear you scream. On the other hand, unless you work in the tallest building in the vicinity, plenty of people can see what you’re getting up to.

6. A sofa. Several people questioned in an informal Snakes & Ladders poll of people we thought might be quite naughty admitted bouncing on their boss’s furniture after hours. One person suggested choosing leather over fabric where possible.

7. Somewhere there’s food. Depending on where you work, this could be the canteen (mmm, gravy); the staffroom (particularly useful if you are dating a colleague although not recommended if you are also married to one); or the office tea-trolley. Really.

8. A disabled lavatory. More room than the average cubicle but still smells like a toilet.

9. The nurse’s room. A lock, an examination table and even some wet wipes.

10. In the middle of an open-plan office. Go on. Be a devil. But do plan ahead; you’ll need to think of something good to tell the recruitment agent the next morning when she wants to know why you left your last job.

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  2. S. Mkray

    Srsly? Is myspace that cheap that they are blatantly stealing photos. HA
    Really wasn’t that funny. If you are getting it on at the office there is a huge chance that you are not being faithful, way to support that Tom. Just another way to point out the already obvious 52% chance of fail everyone’s marriage has.

    2 thumbs way down for myspace, just one of many places aimed at teenagers advertising sex.

  3. TiberiusDRAIG

    To S.Mkray:
    You sir, are a dumbass. This isn’t MySpace. Yes, MySpace links to it and opens it with a pane to the left, but this isn’t MySpace content. Click on any of the links on the page and you will see that it is actually http://www.bspcn.com (it even says at the top of the page). The stories you read on MySpace are user submitted and user ranked. Look up Slashdot or Digg for similair systems.

    On Topic:
    ROFL! One question – where’s the stationary cupboard?? ;P

  4. Mike Paahana

    i had sex with a customer in my steak lunch trailer bfore, she cum everyday an finally gave me one bj we when do it after that

  5. Sex freak

    Whoever left the myspace comment is a dumbass. How could u mistake a website for myspace material. If that is the only website that u are on you are a looner. Do u go one facebook if u get bored wth myspace? IDIOT

  6. billytk

    there are some woods behind where i work, this is a really good place as long as my wife and i keep it realitivly quiet….

  7. Christian Schneider

    I thought I was the only one that banged after hours at work. I must have done it at least ten times. I was lucky never got caught! My GF love it! Did it at my cubicle, conference room, copy room, basement, stairs, rooftop, and the elevator. It was an awesome building. Damn I’m getting horny just remembering. Everyone should be allowed to bang at work. Why not, they say you must spice things up!!!

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