10 Most Incredible Things to Do Before You Die

Written by Nelson Doyle

Wow! Can you imagine the adrenaline rush you could get from these 10 amazing activities!

It would cost a pretty penny to engage in most of these activities, but what the heck, you can’t take it with you anyway and if you should die in pursuit of completing this list, then you’ll have died doing what only a handful of other people have done in their lifetime.


    Skydiving has to be the most incredible ride of a lifetime. Taking a leap-of-faith out of the cargo hold on a B90 King Air airplane at an altitude of approximately 30,000 and free falling for about 2 minutes requires courage or just an “I am dying anyways” attitude. At this height, it requires breathing pure 100% oxygen, so to prevent getting the “bends” that could result in death.

    Can you imagine the rush that skydiving is falling at more than 120+MPH straight towards the earth, knowing that there is a chance that this jump could possible be your last?


    Skydiving is statistically safer than scuba diving.


    Can anyone spare a little extra change of about $20 million to book a trip to spend a week on board the International Space Station. Wow, this vacation would be the trip of a lifetime. Just imagine, staring out from the International Space Station and gazing at the awesome blue marble that we know as Earth and experiencing weightlessness would be a hoot, too. You’ll be sent a postcard or an email or something for your donation.


    The International Space Shuttle has taken more than 293,141 images of the earth. The Space Shuttle has taken more than 287,116 images, the Mir with 2,512 images and the Skylab with a mere 37 images that are stored in NASA’s databases.


    Ok, you don’t have a spare $20 million to spend for a 7-day trip to the International Space Station. That’s fine, but you don’t have to give up. How about considering a trip to the edge of space in a British Jet Fighter called the Lightning? Just think about it for a minute. Imagine flying 60,000 feet high over the earth at a speed of 50 thousand feet per minute and seeing the curvature of the earth. Now, that would fill a barf bag up with a stomach full of excitement.


    To put 60,000 feet in perspective, it’s like stacking 41.29 Empire State Building one on top of another and still fall a little short of the height that this flight would take you.


    The modern-day cold war will just have to wait until after we get our chance to take a ride on the legendary MiG-29 or the extraordinary MiG-31 Foxhound, while pulling G’s way beyond the speed of sound. The best thing is that the Sokol Aircraft Plant in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia is not that far from Alaska, so if we book this adventure right, then we have the chance to see Alaska, too.


    The MiG-31 Foxhound can travel at a top speed of 1,865 mph using its power- plant of two 34,171-lb after-burning thrust Soloviev D-30F6 turbofans.


    If you feel more comfortable exploring the mysteries beneath the oceans, then visiting the world-famous Titanic must be at the top of any things to do list before you die kind of thing. For a mere $35,000 you could be one of the chosen few to see first hand probably the world’s most famous shipwreck. Traveling down to 3800 meters to the ocean’s bottom where light is a stranger this deep below the surface and the beast are tough.


    Only 706 passengers and crew managed to overcome the tragic sinking and the elements out of more than 2222 passengers and crew.

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11 thoughts on “10 Most Incredible Things to Do Before You Die

  1. KarenB

    Not that it is a huge barrier to doing it, but technically climbing the pyramids at Giza is illegal (or at least against the rules). It’s not to say that with a little baksheesh paid to the right person it can’t happen… but it’s definitely frowned upon.

  2. StephenieK

    That was hott!!! :):):) no I think you like planes to ooo oo oo much. TEEE HEEEE

  3. Kallie Gates

    i think this list is a wonderful idea, but not many people can be an astrount, or ride in a russian space ship. you should defanitly modify it. maybe eating on the iffel tower, or swimming with dolphons. just suguestions.

  4. Stuart

    I think this whole exercise is absurd. Think about it. None of the above are the slightest bit meaningful and it is web pages like these that help give people the wrong end of the stick as to what life is about…

    If you are a thinking human being then you should have realised by now that it is down to individual to work out what it is that is meaningful for that person to be doing. Not spending time putting websites like this together or peddling dreams as if any of the items are worthwhile.

    You are looking life in the wrong way but that is just my opinion.. X

  5. Curto

    I’ve done all them things and while they’re alright they’re not as good as having a poo and a wee at the same time. That’s the business.

  6. Domonique Browley

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