My Top 5 Simpsons Sofa Gags

Written by Sofa so Good

Who doesn?t like the simpsons. Who? I started thinking about this as a joke but then it evolved into a serious thought process. I mean imagine being friends with someone who didn?t like the simpsons. shudder. It?s now policy to routinely only accept friends into my inner circle if they are hardcore simpsons afficionados. I mean, they might SEEM ok on the outside but there?ll be something wrong on the inside. Something seriously wrong?

Anyways, I?m now a few friends lighter (and better off for it!) so I had time to compile a collection of my favourite simpsons intros. If you don?t agree, scroll down to the bottom and you can watch every single intro. Ever. In order. I genuinely can?t imagine a better way to spend 7:13 of your life.

1) The Escher Intro.

Simple, elegant, mind f*king. I love it!

2) The evolution of Homer.

Who knew that the evolution of such a simple creature could take so long? Time to marvel in all God?s creations? Hold on, something doesn?t add up there.

3) Star wars Simpsons

In a springfield far, far away? The possiblity of a whole film like this just makes me salivate. (not official this one I?m afraid)

4) We?re the flintstones, we?re the flintstones!

Another cool crossover, this one?s official though!

5) Trippy intro.

You tell me there weren?t drugs used in the making of this. Honestly, what kind of example is this setting for our?erm??our?.for our??.. WHOAH!

Not had enough of simpsons intros?! Well check out this bad boy. Every single simpsons intro. Ever. In Order. Seasons 1 – 10. (Warning, that?s 7:13 of your life down the drain)

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