27 Confessions Of A Former Circuit City Worker

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I had worked at Circuit City for quite some time, until recently when I could no longer stand the shady operations of its business. While working at Circuit City I worked in the Media and Technology department. I believe there are a few things that people should know about Circuit City…

1. When buying any product, expect the salesmen to tell you that after around 13 months, a certain part or battery will need replacing. The common manufacturers warranty only covers 12 months parts and labor, so the customer is pushed to buy the extended warranty under the impression it will fail later…


2. If you do get an extended warranty (Circuit City Advantage Protection Plan), push for a lower rate. Nearly half of the cost is profit, so if you’re buying a 2 year plan for you laptop that’s running you say 200 bones, you could easily talk them down to 170, possibly 150.

3. Every salesman is ranked individually (unlike Best Buy) by the number of accessories they sell. When you pick up that desktop, salesmen are expected to add several hundred dollars in accessories and protection plans. If you opt to buy just the computer “naked” (meaning no attachments or extended warranty), prepare to be hammered. While being asked to buy certain items such as a wireless mouse, ask for a discount. Also, as for a “deal” on the protection plan covering it. For the salesman, it’s a win-win situation; all the salesman has to do is discount that 30 dollar mouse 5 dollars or so, and throw in the protection plan. This brings up the next point.

4. Every salesman is ranked by the number of protection plans (or extended warranties) that they sell. At my store all the time we would throw on scratch protection plans to CD’s, since they’re only a buck, most people don’t notice. During the $9.99 CD special days, customers who weren’t aware of the sale were easy prey.

5. If you get an extended warranty, for the remainder of the manufacture’s warranty you will be asked to ship it to them. We have all been trained to tell people to ship their defective computers back to the manufacturer, claiming that it will be “quicker.” If the customer refuses, we may send it back to the manufacturer, only on the customer’s part. Also, to avoid having to pay for fixing the computer themselves, see the next point.

6. For Compaq and HP computers, the “firedog” (Circuit’s answer to Geek Squad) technicians are now certified to work on them, all paid by the manufacturer. For any defective Compaq or HP computer that is still under manufacturer warranty, you can take it in to Circuit City for work free of charge. HP pays “firedog” to work on their customers’ computers. So whether you buy that extended warranty or not on that HP or Compaq of yours, for the remainder of the manufacturers warranty you have free rights to the technical use at “firedog.” If you purchased a laptop, feel free to ask for accessories such as a remote or headphones, we can order them for free. This applies to mice, keyboards, and sometimes remotes for desktops.

7. If you want to try and save money, get an expensive protection plan and return it. The most expensive protection plan I remember seeing on a laptop was around $600, and when thrown on ask for a big discount, expect up to 150 to be knocked off the price of the computer. Then as soon as possible, return the protection plan, and keep the discount on the computer. All discount will always be applied to the product, not the protection plan itself.

8. When being pushed for additional products and services, there are a few different tactics. One is that once you refuse it, it is thrown in anyways. The other is one common at Best Buy, called “Code Green”, in which we have another associate ring you up, and hammer harder to get the additional plans or accessories. Also while pushing sales associates will say that they’re not on commission (true) and it’s all from personal experience (not true).

9. When pressing customers to buy a software installation, we would tell a customer that they need to buy it because it has the AntiVirus and Personal Firewall by Norton, and Spysweeper by Webroot, all for $110. In reality if you want the firewall, you must pay additionally for Norton Internet security. Also, it’s $110 after mail in rebates. The mail in rebate requires that you had purchased their software before or a competitor’s, and have the UPC to mail in. When you’re spending a grand, you will probably not notice an extra bit of a charge.

10. When buying a PC you will be asked to have a backup DVD made for a charge of $30. This is done through an application found on all computers, sometimes hidden. You could do it yourself for free. Also, it was very common to sell this on Toshiba laptops. Little do the customers know, it’s already in the box. So we would charge, and do nothing.

11. Don’t bother calling in to check if we have a CD, DVD or game in stock, chances are they’ll say “no” regardless whether we have it or not. Just laziness.

12. Tags are often in the wrong place, so miss-tagged items are very common. You can use this to your advantage, and move some of those high speed SD cards onto a peg of cheaper SD cards. Customer service associates ringing up customers don’t know jack about anything, so they will follow you back to the product, and then apologize and give you the right discount, just you may need to look a bit upset. Biggest discount I witnessed was an item that was $69 discounted to $12. Also you can look behind the tag on the peg, often people just put new tags in front of old, and leave the sale prices in the peg. Use that to get the (old) sale price.

13. When looking at computers, make sure that the tag you’re looking at matches the floor model you’re testing. We often would only put the faster computers on display that looked the same, so the customer would think that they’re getting this fast computer when in reality, it’s for the tag 3 feet away, and it’s twice the price.

14. All protection plans are replacement plans. Which means it’s a one time use. If you break your computer within the first year on a 4 year plan, you just wasted 3 years of the warranty, and might as well have gotten the 2 year plan, and if needed add the additional 2 years after the plan’s up.

15. All accidental protection plans cover an additional month past what’s advertised. (2 year plan covers 2 years and one month, 4 year covers 4 years and one month.)

16. Don’t buy the protection plans just for the unlimited batteries, you can find laptop and camera batteries online for much cheaper.

17. Sales from ads primarily work off the bait-and-switch tactic. It’s most likely that the item you’re looking for is out of stock or no longer carried. It is hoped that since you came in to buy one and can’t, that you will find a better and more expensive alternative.

18. I’ve seen in the past of people hiding the less expensive speaker wires for car or home theater, or other such cables in the back warehouse. This makes customers buy the more expensive cables, assuming it’s all there is.

19. If you’re buying an item with multiple gift cards, check to make sure that you’re given back the gift card with the remaining balance. Several times I’ve seen associates give back the empty card, and keep the card with the remaining balance.

20. If you don’t get the accidental coverage on the item you just purchased that’s coming from the warehouse, it may be “accidentally” dropped a few times. It’s believed that when the customer comes back in with the messed up computer, that they will then opt for the coverage.

21. Our price guarantee says that we’ll beat any competitor’s price by 110%. In reality, we just beat 110% of the difference in price. Say you were buying an item that’s 110 bucks at Circuit, 100 at Best Buy. The difference is $10, and we will beat that by 10%, which means you only save a dollar by buying it at Circuit City.

22. Real names are not commonly used when answering the phone, just to avoid the chance of getting in trouble for bad customer service. Often used are other associates’ names.

23 . When returning items, with every return possible, we will label the item as defective. For that 3k plasma TV you just “changed your mind on”, it’s most likely that instead of selling it as an “open box”, that it will be shipped back to the manufacturer with some bogus explanation of why it’s no good. Something like “fuzzy picture every now and then”. Marking it down and reselling loses money.

24. Circuit City has violated “minor labor laws” to the extreme. I know of 16 year olds who worked 50 hour weeks, when it was only legal for 20.

25. Circuit City has laid off over 4 thousand employees recently to hire cheaper workers. They fired associates who were highly ranked in sales and service, and paid well for that reason.

26. Stores will keep great coupons such as “$10 off when you spend $100” up at customer service next to our ads that we give out. Sometimes they’re only for the next week, encouraging that you come back Also almost everyday we were given a 10% off coupon to keep in our pocket in case we needed to give a discount to close a sale, making it look like we’re making some special deal for them when really, it’s just a plain old coupon that they could have brought.

27. Another shady fact that may not mean much to others is that they would send out 16 year olds to deliver tvs and computers. That’s strictly against company policy, you’re supposed to be 18 to assist or 21 to drive to a customer’s house.

Goodbye Circuit Shitty.

– Anonymous

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39 thoughts on “27 Confessions Of A Former Circuit City Worker

  1. Rizzo

    As a former Circuit City employee myself, I must say that most of this must be just from your former store. I’m not saying that all of the associates that I worked with were angels, but are work ethic was strong and we had a great team.

    #1, I *never* lied to a customer just to get them to buy something. I’m not saying anything about the rest of my coworkers, but most of them were honest.

    #2, In my store, you could not receive a lower rate on our protection plan. Our managers would not offer that. What you saw is what you got. We had no problems with our percentages on protection plans.

    #3, You are correct that we are ranked individually at Circuit City. That was one thing that annoyed me. You are also correct that we are asked to try to push attachments. While I believe there are good intentions behind this, it can be forced upon an associate to get someone to push unnecessary attachments. For example, when buying a laptop, common accessories are a wireless mouse, mouse pad, extra battery, and a laptop case. If I noticed that you don’t have one of these things, I will politely point it out in case you didn’t realize it.

    #7, Once again, we never discounted anything to push a protection plan. In fact, the only people authorized to discount anything were managers or CSA’s. Regular floor associates were not given access keys to discount products for this very reason.

    #8, We were asked to have two associates work together (one sell and the other check out) and individual to “push” the accessories, but we found out that the numbers didn’t really go up, so we just went back to one associate providing both.

    #11, I have seen other associates tell people that we don’t have something in stock without looking, but very rarely. It is too easy for us to look up stuff. All phones are near a terminal with internet access. The terminals are already on circuitcity.com, so we just type in the product and have an answer within a few seconds…so you would have to be extremely lazy to do this.

    #12, Very rarely would you find tags misplaced in our store. Saturday nights are the longest of my schedule. That is when we have to put out the new tags for the upcoming week. Every manager of every department (or leading associate) was required to check each department for expired or misplaced tags. And I can tell you, after looking at them day in and day out for months at a time, you can tell when one is out of place.

    #13, This goes with #12 above. We never placed a model tag with a faster computer to imply anything. What was tagged, was the model you were seeing. In some cases we would have two tags for a model because the two would be so similar that there would be no reason for us to have both computers displayed. But it was not displayed that way to deceive.

    #14, The protection plans are not replacement plans unless we have to replace the whole computer. In that case they are replacement plans.

    #15, AFAIK, the accidental protection plans cover the same about of time as the non-accidental ones (2 years and 4 years), but they are listed in DPS (Circuit City’s POS system) as 25 and 49 months to differentiate between them and the non-accidental plans.

    #16, I agree with this one. Don’t buy the protection plans just for extra batteries. The basic protection plans aren’t really worth it. Although, I really think that the accidental protection plans are worth the money on laptops and digital cameras.

    #17, I’ve never seen us use a “bait and switch” tactic in our sales ads. Everything that is advertised, we have in stock. Very rarely does something get advertised that we don’t have in stock. In that case, we will still honor the sale price for special orders.

    #20, You must have a lot of dishonest workers at your store. Our warehouse workers never knew if the individual got a protection plan or not. A piece of paper just spit out in the back telling them to go pull the unit.

    #23, Agreed! But we still had our fair share of open boxed stuff.

    #24, 25, & 27, I have never seen this, but I’m not saying it doesn’t happen.

    Overall, it sounds like you worked in a store where management didn’t give a darn. It also sounds like the associates didn’t care about anything and were allowed to do what they needed to push the sale. Not good practices. It sucks that you had to work in that environment…

  2. Em

    I also worked for a time at Circut City and quit because I couldn’t stand their shady practices any more. I saw the majority of the things listed here-it was just sickening. Fake sales, bait & switch ads, pushing uneeded warrenties, lying about the availability of items. I’m so glad I don’t work there anymore and I will never ever shop there for anything again.

  3. Jman

    Bogus list. I worked at Circuit City for years and there was nothing shady like this going on. I think you either have the worst-run store in the company or are doing a lot of exaggerating. Too much of what you’re saying is just untrue. Besides, you said you worked in Media/Tech (PST). That means you were either selling CDs or telephones. You would never have sold a TV or laptop yourself, much less spent time in the warehouse, so how could you know what it’s like in those departments? This is probably just sour grapes after you got fired like the rest of us. Grow up and move on.

  4. Rob

    Well I agree with many of these things, especially violating the minor labor laws. Aside from the store director, nobody cared about the labor laws. When i was 17, i worked a 13 hour shift without a break. I also had went on deliveries, though not many, when i was still a minor. As for even shadier, an ex manager who just got laid off in the recent string of layoffs used to go back into a ticket after a sale was done, discount a tv and add firedog installs just to make the numbers look good for HTI.

  5. Rebenga

    I worked in a Staples store in the late 90’s, and this list sounds very similar to the practices of that place. Lots of shady tricks pulled on the customers, lots of really shitty customer lack-of-service.

    I was flabbergasted in the beginning but quickly realized that this was pretty bog-standard as far as the retail business goes. Hell, if you’d have given this list to the managers of that hell-hole they would have made everything on it mandatory for the sales and techs. Everything that cheats the customer, that is.

  6. Boogaloo

    As a customre, this sounds just like Future Shop in Canada. If I have to go in there, I just duck my head, buy the product and execute aikido moves on the sales people.

  7. bayoujim

    CompUSA does the same things, I was asked to leave the company because I would be honest to the customers and only sell them what they needed.

  8. Steven

    I work as a (PST) Merch person, CDs, DVDs, and Games and phones and shelf steros. A good 80% of the shit you said isnt true. Changing prices on the City Advantages plans? Im pretty sure not even my managers can do that, so you can huck that claim out the window. I have been working there long enough to know pretty much every Movie, CD, and Game in that store and thus I usually don’t look something up if I know its not fucking there. No we do not work on commision, and yes the Managment ranks us, but I dont care how well I do because they cant fire me for not selling the plans ๐Ÿ˜›
    To me it sounds like you have made half of this crap up because you hate the company, and I understand that but a majrity of the people that work at CC arent retards, we know how to do our jobs well enough that im not selling a $70 dollar SD card for $15 cause its in the wrong place and a customer moved it tehre. Its called Data Catch bitches and I check it every time I get a “it was miss tagged” speal from someone.

  9. pagan

    the firings described in the original post made front page in our newspaper due to the unfairness . by the way they were invited to reapply for their job at the lower wages. after that i can believe anything about CC

  10. cc emp

    The individuals that said that the list was not true is probably a web editor that work for circuit city or a “damage controll specialist”. I worked in 5 stores in two district for circuit city and the shady practices are obvious and very similar….. the company puts too much pressure on its individual store management and employee to meet “goals” that they end up coming up ways to cheat. Firedog sales and extended warranties percentages are their highest priorities, that sometimes they will sell things under firedog skews that normally have nothing to do with firedog services; for instance making individual deliveries or sending out an employee on their lunch break to program a remote for a customer.

  11. Chris

    uh oh we got some peoples paid to surf to web and discredit bad reviews!
    anyway this is pretty easy to get away with. My sis does this to my dad when ever we go shopping, convincing him that we ABSOLUTELY MUST throw in this extra or 10. of course its unreasonable to expect every store to have practices like this.

  12. George

    Having been a Circuit City “commission salesperson” and sales manager, I can say that most of what was stated here is true. With that said, it all depends on management and how they treat their employees. I finally left after they hired a bunch of kids to replace the “overpaid sales people.” The “new employees” were fine, but the training they received lasted a week. I remember when they wouldn’t let you on the sales floor for almost 30 days, and certifications meant something. The “Wal-Mart executives” that they brought aboard as store directors, district managers and regional managers are a joke. CC brought them aboard in order to “restructure” and change the image of CC. Well, congratulations because they have, and not in a good way. You can tell because in the old days the stores were setup differently. Now, they are merchadised like a Wal-Mart. All of the smaller items are on the floor, while the larger items, large flat panels and the aging projection TV’s are in the now smaller warehouse. It is true that the “product specialist” are ranked by sales of warranties and any extra services and accessories. So, Steven (PST), unless you have been with CC for quite sometime, to the point where the store managers don’t want to waste their hiring someone new for such a menial job, for lower pay, your days are numbered. They don’t care and will make any changes that keep any heat off their backs. Trust me…I was forced to fire a longtime employee two weeks before Christmas. Not cool. I was tired of the way I was being treated and the way they were expecting me to treat the employees. To this day, I will not step foot in a CC and I refuse to give them any more of my money.

  13. Gizmo

    I dont really want to waste much time on this particular subject since most of it is the biggest bullshit ive ever heard, and this guy probably is the rare few that would do all of the things mentioned above. and just so its clear, circuit city fired associates who had been there for around 10+ years, and where yet salesmen still, not managers or supervisors. Instead took advantage of the raises they got and not doing the company any good by just being a salesmen. And ive noticed great teams being formed at circuit citys nearby. So pretty soon they the numbers will show it.

  14. HB

    Gizmo, those people were still salesmen because they were REALLY good salesmen.

    And by the way, my aunt was NOT a salesperson and had worked her way up through the company for years when she was laid off to save the company money.

  15. Mary

    ok, why are we even fighting about this?! I work for circuit city. As much as our employees are pushed to make these “extra attatchment sales” such as CCA plans, or accessories, they are not mandatory. I don’t know which store this person worked for, but shady business practices ANYWHERE are dependant on the managers running them! Don’t generalize that because these situations happen at this one store, they MUST happen everywhere, not only is that bitter, and disrespectful of those of us who are educated and competent that work at these stores…it’s just ignorant. These kinds of business practices can happen at ANY retailer…as I previously stated, it all depends on the management team of that specific location. Please. Next time you make a rant, make sure you educate yourself on “the norm” before you embarrass yourself by publishing it.

  16. Sean

    Well I agree with all of the above in the list. Circuit Shitty is way over priced and will not pricematch or 110% of the price when the other store is out of stock of one item, say season 6 of a dvd collection. Even though they have 4 and 5 in stock and at a discounted price. Shady Shady Shady. Will not shop there ever again and will not recommend to anyone.

  17. James

    i used to work at circuit city and they actually have become more shady. they demanded that we tell the customer before we ring up their sale for a computer “Do you want the fast computer or the slow one?” in hopes they would purchase a firedog optimization… also they demanded that when they said “no it’s easy i can do it myself” we had to respond with “So is getting an oil change, but most people take it to a mechanic.”

    also i would overhear firedog techs laugh about all an optimization is, is deleting all the icons off the desktop not necessarily uninstalling them.

  18. JDG NYC

    As a former CC customer, I went thru hell in dealing with the “Protection Plan” that I was advised to purchase along with an expensive MP3 player. So I bought a 2 year plan, unfortunately soon after my purchase I had problems with the product. After mailing it in to try to have it repaired, twice, which took over two months, CC finally replaced the item with a new one. When I went to pick up my replacement item, I was again advised to purchase the “Protection Plan” to cover it. I told the CC employee that I had well over a year left on the plan that I originally purchased with the item, and that’s when I discovered that it’s a one shot deal. A CC “Protection Plan” regardless of how many years it’s for, can only be used once, no matter how far into it you may be, it’s done.

    However, worse than the “Protection Plan” experience, was dealing with the CC telephone customer service. I’m by nature always polite and courteous when dealing with people, especially in business. My thoughts have always been that epresentatives who answer calls, have nothing to do with my problem, they’re just there to give me the same information that they’ve been given, but this was something else entirely. Each call to CC was truly an odyssey of uninformed, ineffective, rude and insulting representatives. I avoid confrontation at all costs, I hate it, but the representatives that I encountered, repeatedly, really had me on fire.
    Since this ridiculous thing over a MP3 player had been going on so long, I asked one of the representatives if I could speak to someone in Customer Relations, or perhaps someone on an executive level – the representative told me that “there is no one else to talk to, this is the end of the line” – which was all I needed to hear, I politely said thank you and hung up. I then got on the internet, found the info for the Circuit City Corp. Offices, found out who was the CEO of the company and then called him. I thought that he should know what my experience with Circuit City had been like. Shortly after my conversation with the CEO, I received a gift card in the mail for the amount of my original purchase.
    If you treat people well, there is never an “end of the line.”

  19. jorge

    I worked for CC for 4 months a few years ago and I hated it, at first I was actually excited because I like electronics and tech stuff. after the so called training the fun started, you were forced to push the so protection plans or your sales didn’t matter. I hated lying to people and I often told them not to purchase the protection plan. CC seems to get the worst possible customers too, I was working in a perdominantly arminian area and the armenian people, employees and customers were rude and annoying, I hated the long low paying hours, one day I just walked out. God that was the worst job I’ve ever had.

  20. Justin

    Well that picture, is 510 parker street east springfield,ma circuit city, and that’s the back of my moms head.. now that’s a fucking coincidence.

    But i love circuit city, you just have to know what your buying when you walk in there or they will bombard you with idiotic statements to get more money like “lcd is better than plasma”.

  21. Mel

    I understand opinions are opinions, but this article is teaching consumers how to rip off the company without obvious theft, which is fraud. so in turn this would be conspiracy to commit a crime if anyone was planning on using this information. i know the customers always right is a great saying, but really this article is seriously the wrong way to find a deal.

  22. Bill

    I quit my third day after I discovered I would be doing sales. I hate sales and I hate pushing products and services onto hapless customers. I was originally under the assumption that I would be a PC tech but they dumped me out onto the sales floor.

    Screw that.

  23. Jin

    I currently work at Circuit City (no I am not a paid damage control person) and I have to say that (at least in my store) while there is a grain of truth to the allegations being made, most of them are, in my experience either hugely exaggerated or overly generalized.

    The truth is, Circuit City as a company does promote a sort of a shady way of doing business evident in the fact that we are encouraged to try to sell Circuit City Advantage (warranty) plans to EVERY customer who is eligible, sell credit to EVERY customer who is eligible and sell accessories to every customer we can. Basically CC is more concerned with maximizing their profits than they are with providing good honest service to their customers. But that’s at the corporate (and sometimes the management) level.

    As far as the employees, despite the bullshit we learn in our supposed training, many of us are honest hardworking people who genuinely care about our customers and all but refuse to deal with them in a shady or dishonest way. A lot of the things you mentioned I have never seen or heard of any of my coworkers do. Sure, some of the people I work with could be described as lazy and/or incompetent but I rather resent the fact that you are attempting o paint them as manipulative hustlers who tow the party line without any morals of their own.

    There is a lot that could be fixed at Circuit City, but please don’t sensationalize it. Many of the employees are working their asses of to make sure that you (the customer) are satisfied.

  24. An Associate

    I just want to say one thing, whoever is the anonymous clearly shows that he got fired for a very good reason from Circuit City. Any other kind of company asks their associates to improve sales. Then, that shows that every thing hat you said is BS.

    Go to work at Macdonalds.

  25. not going to say

    Many of the employees are working their asses of to make sure that you (the customer) are satisfied.

    Bull crap I work at circuit city and still do yes you can change the warranty price we do it all the time. You do it by adjusting the item price not the warranty price.Yes its shady. All they care about is warranty because that is the biggest profit, by the way its subcontract through G.E. so circuit makes a shit load of money on those. They Don’t give a crap about about old ladies or there employees. The motto is take old ladies money and after you rise up in the company and start making a decent pay they fire you because you are earning to much corporate profit. My lead got offered a management job and declined on it because he is scared he will get fired later on.

    I work at a new store “the city” concept its even worse. Its not fun, its very stressful, managers are against each other. They know someone is going to get let go soon so they each play the blame game. They steal each other sales. I’ve seen employees refuse to ring up a “naked” sale because they don’t want it on there numbers. Excuses like well they need my help in HE, i got to go to bathroom so can you ring them up for me. Its circuit citys motto which creates this horrible environment. I still work at “the city” because I hope for change in the company. At least change is coming to America. Obama for president in 08 tax the hell out of companies like circuit city. THEY ARE THIEVES

  26. josh

    haha i start working there next friday, its a retail store, things like this happen, believe me i used to work at petsmart and it was worse than this. they used to have a room full of sick hampsters and birds and when we would run out of medicine, the managers would tell us “just dont worry about it” and they animals would die….. beat that in shadyness

  27. Fang

    Hillarious commentary, guys. You don’t even want to know what goes on at RadioShack…
    I start Wednesday at my local CC, just a part time holiday job for xtra christmas money. Most of the real complaints I read in this article are true of any retail environment (graded on Service plans/accessories, talk people into buying, etc…) I hate to break it to you but Sales is all a part of Retail Sales. These “shady” selling techniques happen everywhere from Best Buy and Wal Mart to Automobiles and Homes. Welcome to America. We have an economic system here known as Capitalism. If you don’t like it, grab a passport and move to Canada.

  28. Circuit city employee

    First off this arse hole is full of shite. I work for the City and get a warrenty off anything that cost over 200 bux. From CC to guitar center. I know how I am and I break things. besides that we dont make commision so I dont give a damn if people buy from us or not. I just hope they get what they need and thats all that matters to me. up yours you best buy robot! CC for life fool!!!!

  29. Seth

    i’d have to agree with this. i used to work at circuit city. basically everything on this list is true. circuit shitty is corrupt. fuck ’em. i made my money at the time.

  30. John Doe

    Whether anyone believes the guy or not, Circuit sux, always has…if they didn’t then why the bankruptcy? Oh yeah because they suck and going there is like pretending you’re not getting ass raped.

    Cya CC, sux to be u

  31. CC CSA

    I’m a CSA member at CC and I’ve gotta say that this stuff is just CRAP!!! Some of the people that have posted on this site need to grow up and get over the fact that they were probably fired because they were a shitty worker!!! The only discounts that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen ’em all–only CSAs and MGRs are allowed to do any sort of price adjustment) are the ones for the people that spend multiple THOUSANDS of dollars…so they kind of deserve it!!! We might discount some of the wires for someone that just bought a $2000 TV and a $350 Blu-Ray player…but that’s just common courtesy!!! I love CC and hope I’m there for a while to come!!! And the crap about bankruptcy–Best Buy, CompUSA and many others are on the verge to file also…it’s just a shitty time for ANY business right now!!!

  32. Joe Doe.

    Well I am currently working at Circuit City right now as a CFA2 guy I sell laptops pretty much and while I do agree with most of what this guy is saying, not all circuit city stores are that way. I have an amazing managerial staff at my store and yes it is very stressful tryin to keep up with percents and everything and Firedog and attachments but lets face it, thats business and thats how it is right now take it or leave it. I personally dont plan on working there much longer though because I can stand everyone in the store except the Store Director when he gets on his bad time so for the record Circuit City as a business is shady. But its the people running it that do what they can to make the experiences work but you have to realize both my managers have multiple kids and a wife. What would you do in a situation like we are in this economy its just unheard of. People need money to support their families so naturally anything goes. Thats not neccessarily a good thing but take a deep breath and think about what each and every one of you would do in such a perdicament. The answer is obvious you would do anything in your power to make sure your families are taken care of. However there are a TON of arse holes only looking out for themselves which is why I will not be workin there much longer.

  33. JT

    yea, being an associate at Circuit City.. I do agree on some things about how we WILL give the customer the price on a mistag…. and people who take advantage of this may be the reason why our company has had problems.
    Frys (one of my favorite places to go get components) has NO customer service and the price of the item at the register is the price you pay.. no matter what. And a lot of what Risso said on that how our warranty is to live as long as the stated date… not only until it is used.
    We really have a lot of customer service, basically if you buy something from us… and it breaks, we will have no problem to get a new one for you and swap it out. Its a good company for the most part, we just have people like you to pick our brains.
    We wont try and screw you for money, I always try and offer a cheaper price on something if I know it is good. And most info comes from personal experience.

  34. JB

    Im a former manager at CC. and yes most all of these things are true. i was very lucky to quit 2 weeks before they went out of business. Management was great at my store in Las Vegas. but as a whole this company did may stupid discussion as a company. Like not allowing us to have all our games in the back and only have paper slips for the customers to grab. Yes i did take advantage of them getting paid alot and felt bad because most of my fellow coworkers were being paid a merly 8dollars an hour were i was pulling 3 times more than that. Well Thank god CC is out of business.. Viva 3425!! lol

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