Manly Stuff That Is No Longer Manly

Written by Anthony Burch

There are many things that will always be manly, like stubble, red meat, and being angry. Other things tend to change as time goes on – tend to lose their manliness factor as the world changes. Before you know it, the manliest thing on the planet has been reduced to an effeminate, useless version of its former self. In the interest of protecting our readers from all things formerly-manly, we begrudgingly present a short list of those things which used to be manly, but now aren’t.


Once the symbol of nonconformity in a hopelessly conservative political landscape, the tattoo has now become the exact opposite – total conformity posing as nonconformity. Like when emo kids pretend they’re all total individuals that nobody understands, but they all somehow manage to look, sound, and act the same. Tattoos have taken on many different meanings in modern society: men with any sort of oriental symbol tattooed on their arms or torso are generally pretentious, pseudo-political douchebags. Guys with barbed wire circling their arms tend to be insecure assholes who probably work out a lot, refer to themselves as “badasses,” and secretly hate everything about who they are. Granted, there are still those older men who got tattoos back when they actually meant something, but they are a dying breed in the face of this new wave of tattooed douchebaggery – the men who were getting inked back in the day are forced to watch, horrified, as an entire generation of neo-yuppies singlehandedly steals one of their generational symbols and perverts it beyond all recognition.


There was a time when a man could get a bull ring pierced into his septum and get a little respect. Those days are over. Piercings of any sort have become the method of self-expression to use for emos, Goths, and faux-punk kids all over the planet; it appears that the more boring and self-involved one is, the more piercings must result. Jesus, even women are getting piercings en masse: you find me a chick who doesn’t at least have her belly button pierced yet, and I’ll show you a chick who hasn’t yet reached her eighth birthday.

Stabbing people

In the good old days, one guy would get into an argument with another guy, the words would turn into fists, and the fists would turn into a few inches of cold steel getting mercilessly plunged into the eye socket of the weaker guy. Men would stop, and stare, and as the killer was dragged away by the cops, muttering something about unpaid debts, people would look on in awe – that dude stabbed someone. What a badass. But in a time of so-called intellectualism, fraught with political liberalism and progressive ideals, stabbing people isn’t “cool” anymore. Not only is violent crime now frowned upon, but stabbing people generally appears to be the gayest way to shuffle someone off their mortal coil: years of horror movies and bearded historians have established the blade as the number one phallic symbol of violence on earth (the gun is number two, if only because you can’t kill someone simply by forcing a gun up one of their orifices), and so it now appears that stabbing people no longer has the manly connotation it once had – and pretty soon, shooting people won’t be all that neat either. The only other option left for the violence-loving man is to either not kill people (an unacceptable decision, in every way) or to beat people to death with his bare hands.


Like the tattoo, the motorcycle used to be a counterculture icon – thanks to Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda (two actors who have also lost a significant amount of manliness), the motorcycle was a symbol of freedom, independence, and rebellion. Nowadays, it represents one of two things:

-The fact that your mom bought you a Yamaha, which you will almost immediately crash


-You’re a middle-aged marketing guy who joined a motorcycle club, rides your bike on the weekends, and secretly puts “Born to be Wild” or “Bad to the Bone” on repeat on your iPod Nano whilst cruising down 6th street at 41 miles an hour next to other similarly repressed middle-aged marketing guys.

Today, the motorcycle has lost literally all of its meaning. While the Hells Angels still run around raping men and women all over the countryside (and God bless ’em for it), the motorcycle has completely lost its status as an icon of masculinity, given that those most likely to own them today are either vapid, mid-40’s men trying to channel the spirit of Easy Rider without getting more than a few miles away from home, or spoiled preppy kids who stupidly race their crotch-rockets and end up totaling them once they actually have to turn.


Enough said.


Whether you like it or not, gone are the days of roses, hastily scrawled love poems, and sweet serenades crooned lovingly outside a fair maiden’s window. Today, women may pretend like they want to be courted by a chivalrous gentleman, but in reality the chivalrous man has about as much chance of netting the girl of his dreams as Helen Keller has of winning a darts competition. Women want a good-looking, arrogant asshole to treat them like crap. You may think that’s overly-misogynistic, but it’s a scientifically proven fact* that once a woman finds out you are attracted to her, her level of attraction towards you drops by at least 50%. Chivalry, in all its forms, focuses on the man professing his endless love for the woman whilst doing quasi-romantic deeds – deeds that, today, immediately drive women away. It’s an unfortunate trend, to be sure, but an unavoidable one: the chivalrous romantic can write all the love songs and give all the gifts he wants, but outside circumstances aside (in this case, “outside circumstances” means “money”), the chivalrous man will end up with nothing more than his dick in his hands by the end of the day, while the cocky asshole who lifts weights and/or plays guitar chokes the girl of your dreams to death with his penis.

Special Note

This article is not meant to suggest that any man who might have tattoos or piercings or leather or a motorcycle are immediately unmanly: we simply wish to suggest that the things, the objects themselves, have lost their intrinsic worth as objects of manliness. If we were to see a 300 pound guy with tattoos and piercings, wearing a leather jacket and holding a knife, we’d still be very, very scared of him, and would certainly be in no position to doubt his manliness. One can possess all these pseudo-manly traits and still be the baddest motherfucker around – it’s just that the actual objects themselves no longer mean what they used to.

*No it isn’t

74 thoughts on “Manly Stuff That Is No Longer Manly

  1. xian

    * yes it is (if you want to take 25 years of my personal scientific research into account)

  2. Jeff

    Here’s what’s left:

    1. Playing a musical instrument… well.

    2. Having personal integrity, and moral courage.

    3. Admitting it’s not all about you.

    4. Disciplining your kids.

    Try them once in a while, won’t you?

  3. Malinki

    (A man) should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, and die gallantly.

    Specialization is for insects.

    -Robert A. Heinlein

    In other words, it ain’t the clothes that makes the man. Nor the tattoo, nor motorcycle, nor none of that. I reject the premise that any of these things are no longer manly simply because they never were intrinsic to the instituation in the first place.

  4. Robert

    Selling fur coats is no longer manly either. Back in the early days of America, it took a real man to go out, kill animals, skin them, and then trade them for other goods or services.

    Now all it takes is a gay man.

  5. B34r

    8( i am neither peppy nor spotty nor 40, in fact im 23, and i bought my yamaha as my main means of transport.
    but i do think this is mostly true except about the bikes ofc (lol) where u are wrong [not that im biased at all]

    PN. Chivalry is only dead in the western world.

  6. B34r

    8( i am neither peppy nor spotty nor 40, in fact im 23, and i bought my own yamaha as my main means of transport.
    but i do think this is mostly true except about the bikes ofc (lol) where u are wrong [not that im biased at all]

    PN. Chivalry is only dead in the western world.

  7. Hugh P. Ness

    This is insane, first political correctnesss and then Metrosexuals. Our society is trying to kill the independant man. Next thing you know, eating heaping spoonfuls of your own hot, turgid diarrhea won’t be manly anymore. I tell you, nothing is sacred.

  8. Mike

    You know why all of these things are dead? Because of women. Way to try and “blend” the sexes because of your own insecurities. Not trying to be a jerk… just stating opinion.

    Well the only one not caused by women is the whole stabbing things… that’s just because people are pussies and they feel the need to use better weapons.

  9. Pete

    Good list! although… I think the motorbike one must be referring primarily to Harley style motorcycles, which we all have known to be ‘gay as’ for some time now (mid life crisis & tools alike). Oh, what he didn’t mention was the scooter, commonly known as a twatcycle (for metrosexuals), did i mention its primary design intent (feet in front)?…. a skirt, yes, it was designed that way specifically so women could keep their legs together. Alternativley, it can be used by men with no (or very small) genitals.

    I’d say the dirtbike and to a lesser extent (damn cafe racers) the fast road bikes are still safe.

  10. Blah

    aside from how *most* teenagers are ruining tattoos & piercing, this article is complete bullshit.

  11. GoRilla

    The part about chivalry is true… theres no way around it… but so is the guys point about it only being dead in the western world…

    good post… No tattoo is the new tattoo

  12. Kat

    This is a bunch of bullshit.
    It’s not?
    Let’s just agree to disagree in this subject.

    Tattoos: Self-expression.

    Piercings: Self-expression.

    Motorcycles: Plain fun! And I still let the man drive.

    Leather: I’ve never liked a man in leather anyways.

    And Chivalry: My boy brings me fresh cut roses all the time, and my wall is full of sweet, make-you-cry poems, and he still sings to me sweet lovesongs when I’m feeling down to bring me back into his arms.

    This article is WHACK.

  13. Sean

    To all the woman posting on this list:
    This is a list based on what other men think is manly, not what woman think is manly. So please refrain from posting on this if you’re a woman.

  14. Amanda

    Good Article, however, the part about Chivalry is bullshit, Im 20 and I know plenty of girls who would love to know that a guy is interested… clearly your talking to the thriving bitch population

  15. Annie

    That chivalry thing is a load of shit…Women, of course don’t want ONLY chivalry…As far as I’m conscerned my husband is a wonderful balance of knight in shining armor and master with a whip and he knows exactly when to switch both of them on and off…Chivalry isn’t dead and women, no matter what statistics say want it…Just in moderation.

  16. Rob

    Chilvary is dead because equality has destroyed it. You can’t do anything for someone who is overbearingly femanist without having to deal with some hour long speech, about how they cand handle themselves and they want to be treated just like anyone else. Strong women aren’t a problem, its just the ones who act like men have become useless since they started working. I still open doors, pull chairs, and i let her into the car first. Tattoos haven’t lost anything i can name just as many people from my generation (im 20) who have amazing work that just wouldn’t ever be deamed socially acceptable. On the same note I can name that many people in my parents and grandparents generations who just got Tattoos because they made stupid decisions when they were YOUNG. Motorcycles have always been a youth and older thing, Bikers are still out there can, and will kick your ass. They were never a giant group of people, and probably have more numbers now. Not to mention your constant use of shit terms like “EMOS” what the hell are you going on about? Emo short for, Emotional, the music is dead, its evolved into modern rock, and is just as good as everything else ever has been. Not to mention the fact I could blanket anything with the term emotional so its just a stupid name always has been and will be. At best this entire article was your own opinion, and just speculation…

    P.S. Tattoos have in many ways become just a big craze in society but many great Tattoo ARTISTS like Nick Baxter etc. are creating peices of art on flesh, they aren’t some pussy lil barbwire bands, that shit is for idiots who were too drunk to realize what they were doing. This is the most ignorant, and utterly offensive thing ever. Grow up.

  17. Merrill

    Okay, that’s really wrong. That’s very wrong.

    You can tell the difference between a “manly” tattoo and a “non-manly tattoo” I am pretty sure. At least I hope you can. If you can’t, at least keep your mouth shut.
    Multiple piercings – it was never about the amount of the piercings involved. It was how obviously they opposed whatever was generally accepted. Now people are stretching out their earlobes and studding up their faces to garner attention. That’s not manly. But like the tattoo, it’s easy to tell the difference between a manly piercing and a non-manly piercing.

    Now, about Chivalry – speaking as a woman (for I am female) I understand that many women these days would rather be seen as one of the guys – except prettier and with big boobs. But by all means, this does not account for a majority of the population. Just because we don’t respond like Snow White did to Prince Charming in the Disney animated moving picture, does not mean we’re not looking for honor and loyalty. However, we’re wise enough these days to know that being “courted” is a means to an end. Few men are chivalrous for chivalry’s sake – or even know what chivalry means. Chivalry was the idea of valuing a woman’s virtue, purity and loveliness – this means, if a man was chivalrous, he’d never think of spoiling her with untoward advances, or even impure thoughts. So Chivalry is not a means to sex, love, and happily ever after. Chivalry is the art of restraint. A chivalrous man would protect his chosen woman, but never think of marrying her or taking her to bed. It’s not altogether dead, however. I’ve had a man or two turn me down because I was too good for them, and subsequently look after me, making sure I stayed out of trouble. That’s chivalry. It was never intended to be manly – it was intended to be next to godliness.

    Moving on. Now we come to motorcycles. No, a Yamaha is not manly – it’s a Japanese brand, no way in hell it’d be manly. The Japanese have always had an association with androgyny (kabuki theatre, anyone?) A Harley can still be manly, depends on how it’s ridden and who is doing the riding. Just because the man in the seat is not manly, does not make the muscle-bike any less a man symbol. You see a Harley, you still expect to see a grizzled old biker there.

    You forgot the muscle cars. One upon a time, the Mustang and the Jaguar were symbols of prosperity, masculinity, and the American Dream. Now, you still find them in possession of America’s Golden Boys, but they’re the children of the people who chased the American Dream, the ones who were born with a silver foot in their mouths. The wusses who wouldn’t last more than two minutes in an actual street fight.

    Leather. Leather is still manly. It’s rugged, very sexual, and daring. What is unmanly is pleather, or PVC. Need I say more?

    What about stabbing people? Nicking someone’s finger with a penknife is not manly. Waving a machete at someone is just plain insane. A perfectly good rumble is still manly. Switchblades are still tokens of manhood, and fathers still give their sons knives when they come of age.

    Shooting people? That’s the pussy’s way out, these days. You don’t have to get close to your opponent, you’re not looking in the eye, and unless he has an Uzi, he definitely has less of a chance of killing you. Guns are the woman’s method of choice too. Try googling Margret Rudin. She’s just one example.

    Being angry is no longer Man’s world, either. Thank you Avril Lavigne.

    It used to be manly to be successful in a corporate or commercial setting. Now it’s all about the pretty people, or the ones with the most savvy. Cowboys used to be manly. Being gangster (not gangsta, I’m talking Old Mob Gangster – 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s – Al Capone and Lupkey and Dopey) used to be manly. Now you have these posers from New York who think that wearing G-Unit and busting a rhyme on the sidewalk means you’re rough. Government agents (of the .007 variety) used to be manly – the James Bond men once ruled supreme in the field of masculinity. Now we’re suspicious of them tapping our phones and reading our e-mails.

    Smoking – used to be bad-ass. Now it’s bad for you and people are trying to outlaw it. Oh well.

    Drinking – used to be bad-ass. Now anyone who can hold their liquor is called an alcoholic. Who would have thought?

    I could go on, but I have to get ready – my (male) friend is taking me out to dinner (his treat, his ride, his money) and I can’t wait for him to see my short, unfeminine-yet-oh-so-womanly, close-cropped hair.

  18. Alastor

    Wow, people actually take this shit seriously? Whatever happened to a sense of humor. I personally find his observations, while somewhat purposefully overstated, to be all in all closer to the truth than the hormone induced answers and replies he has generated. So everyone, rent a sense of humor.

    P.S. Chivalry may be dead within the mainstream, but it still does exist. Especially in the “punk” sub-culture.

  19. kub3l

    Your article sucks. Not just a little bit, but a WHOLE lot. It makes no sense, those are still manly you are just pissed because you don’t have enough balls to express yourself….or feel pain, it’s one of the two. Example: Tattoos – involves pain and commitment, you have neither do you? Piercings – involves pain…oh shit, there it is again, you better run…like a pussy. Motorcycles – danger, possible pain, and balls….again, three things you are afraid of/ don’t have. Stabbing people – more hardcore that being a pussy and shooting them, which apparently you consider badass….yep, it is so badass to be out of reach from somebody where they can do nothing about it. Chivalry – it takes a man to be a man, just because you are afraid to be sweet to a girl doesn’t make it “unmanly” it makes you a stupid loser with no confidence. I agree with you on the leather part. Not trying to piss you off, since you know, that probably wouldn’t be manly for a guy to get mad, but maybe, just maybe, you should think before you type.

  20. anna

    You dummies! i disagree with the leather, motorcycles and very very much with the chivalry.
    I’m a woman and leather is very attractive on a man.
    also motorcycles. i find men just a tad more attractive if they have a motorcycle. they’re really sexy, like guitars.
    and if a man isnt chivalrous he’s not attractive at all. and i’m not the type to like sensitive men.
    i hate the wimpy crybaby type, but they’re not manly at all without chivalry, just dumbass unattractive jerks that no one should ever wanna get to know let alone wanna sleep with. and if they do they’re dumbasses too. think about that guys..

  21. B34r

    in the uk chivalry will get you nowhere with women unless u got the startling good looks to go with it.
    Most my female mates still tell me and are convinced they want a chivalarous man, yet they always date the trash, but mostly settle down with a nice man for life.
    Motorbikes its not the bike its the rider, you get a man in his 50s buying one to live up his “life” then its sad, but 16yr olds on peds, or people (like i) who use it for transport nothing wrong, really it must be weekend bikers. You see one going down the M4 at 85 with bags all over and rucksack in the rain you can be fairly sure this is a hardcore biker.

  22. Rafa

    OMG… some of you are so sensitive. Let the guy say what he wants. If youre really offended then you probably have a chip on your shoulder about something. Its just humour, nothing more.
    I suspect most of you are Americans.

  23. Big Earl

    I think the article writer is questioning his manliness. 37 made some good points, so I won’t go over them again.

    I bet the writer sits down to pee.

  24. mronedurful1

    The writer didn’t go far enough.
    In the USA, it’s illegal to be a school boy. If your of normal little boy energy, your “uncontrollable” and put on drugs, so they don’t have to deal with the fact that little boys are not little girls in shirts instead of blouses.
    The required tradings lists have no strong men in them — as well as the text bocks. The 4th grade US History book mentions country western singers and Martin Luther King over and over, but never a mention of the signers of the declaration of independence or presidends — except Regan: Chapter 4 is titles something like “How Reganomics was a failure”.
    Some have wondered what will happen when the youg lady graduates realize there is something missing in the men she has to choose from; getting a man just like her father seems to be a fairly common thread.

  25. zuck


    Once the hallmark of gentlemen and pirates, these things are no longer manly.

  26. Kurt

    After reading all your comments i would like to remind you all of one very important fact.

    Women have no idea what they want…

    so good luck trying to impress them wiht any of that garbage

    (ps: grow a beard and make a mess in the garage)

  27. Manligan

    Not getting married or bonded by any ways with a woman is best way to avoid getting unmanly.

  28. hahaha

    some of you have all watched wild hogs or something too much…just because you are an older biker does not mean you are having a mid life crisis..try going to sturgis black hills rally and you will see plenty of real bikers that are more than just yuppies with a mid life crisis..many of them are just old party animals that live to ride and ride to live

  29. donsfiraga

    “men are truly pathetic creatures. case closed”-havliand

    Who are you to call men truly pathetic creatures!?, isn’t it ironic that the majority of people that call other people bad names are the real truly pathetic creatures? you see just because you had a bad run-in with men doesn’t mean the rest of us are bad, youre just probably angry and jealous at everybody else because there really are some good men out there and if you try hard enough you can get yourself a nice man but then again how would you know that? so the next time you call men truly pathetic creatures you might want to stop and think about it first and then afterwards look for a truly decent man because there really are some men out there with good manners out there so in reality you are the only truly pathetic creature out there you fucking slut.

    P.S.- In the future, think before you speak(or in this case type) before you throw an insult and do all us a favor and just shut up and die to make our lives easier and the world a better place, oh and by the way im a man and you disgust me you whore, enough said

  30. Iam

    Pretty much right on!

    Tattoo’s are the epitomy of lack of individualism. If you disagree at this point in time then you are in denial of your own conformity. Just admit it and move on. Fact: 2 out of 5 people in the United States has a tattoo.

    Stabbing: It’s because people (younger generation mostly) are such panty wastes that they know if they got close enough to the other guy they would get their ass kicked severly. In turn, they need to use a gun from a distance.

    Chivalry: What guys wants to be with a heartless, chain smoking, brainless wretch to begin with? Any woman that’s worth a darn appreciates a little nicety now and again. Unfortunately, you may have to search a little harder for her now-a-days. And I agree, it is mostly dead in the Western world.

    Motorcycles: This one cracked me up because I had been saying that exact thing for the past 5 years. BTW, Harley’s are about the most annoying thing on the road. Note to the hog on a hog: Making louder doesn’t make it any faster or manly.

    Piercings: See Tattoo’s above.

  31. dick

    ime only 15 so i dont really care about this manly stuff all i want to do is have some fun. then go out clubbin in ibza. its not fair why do all of the grownups have all of the fun all of the time. anyway i like harley davidsons so i have one. its great fun in all of the land we have got and i love them

  32. Angel

    Aside from piercings and those lame chinese character/ barbed wire tattoos, all of this stuff is still manly (on the right people).
    Sorry guys, I know you’re trying to deal with this large bitchy/ feminist generation, but there are still a fair amount of us girls who love having a nice guy hold the door for us and treat us nicely. We nice (and grateful!) girls will keep looking for you, but you have to keep up hope until you find us. Sorry. The world sucks and isn’t fair. C’est la vie.

    Good Luck all!

    Oh and…. Zuck? Those things never were very manly.

  33. phil

    Quote Kat

    This is a bunch of bullshit.
    It?s not?
    Let?s just agree to disagree in this subject.

    Tattoos: Self-expression.

    Piercings: Self-expression.

    Motorcycles: Plain fun! And I still let the man drive.

    Leather: I?ve never liked a man in leather anyways.

    And Chivalry: My boy brings me fresh cut roses all the time, and my wall is full of sweet, make-you-cry poems, and he still sings to me sweet lovesongs when I?m feeling down to bring me back into his arms.

    This article is WHACK.

    End Quote

    you know i was gonna finish this entire article… then i read your post and decided to come to the bottom and respond. Firstly… was this called manly stuff that is no longer manly to a crazy asshole woman? no i didnt think so… so let me tell you whats wrong with your post. Listen up retard and learn something.

    “Tattoos: Self-expression.” – Yeah thanks retard… we all know that. What he was saying was that “Back in the day” Women didnt get tattoos… kids didnt get them… and slutty women surely didnt get them. When you saw a guy with a tattoo (normally) it was a badass guy who your mommy and daddy would have pulled you closer to them when they passed him. Get it… expression aside it was a symbol. Just an accepted symbol that the wearer of the tattoo was minutes away from ripping your damn head off. If you disagree then your retarded. It meant something back then… not hey lets go get tribal peircings that that guy from tv had.

    “Piercings: Self-expression.” – Once again thanks, but your reading this with your retarded ass as of today outlook. 14 year olds get their belly buttons peirced because suzy has it… Slaughter got his peircings because he wanted to give you a way to know to back the hell off… kinda like a rattle snakes rattle… get it?

    “Motorcycles: Plain fun! And I still let the man drive.” – You see… this is the problem with women of this fucking time… back then you didnt “Let” a man drive… Bitch… you were gettin your ass in the passenger side and that was that… ESPECIALLY on a bike…you even make your way to the front of the bike and you were gettin slapped… No way around it.

    “Leather: I?ve never liked a man in leather anyways.” – idiot… Men back then didnt care what you liked because he didnt have to… he didnt flaunt his leather around town and expect you to be like ohhhh im gonna go talk to that guy in the leather… no he hung out in a fucking bar, with other men who liked bikes/leather/tattoos (who were indeed badasses) and if you had the balls to come in the bar then you could possibly meet him. Its not like he was at the mall in sears shopping and you would be like oh my god is he wearing leather… yeah… and plus your probly fat anyways…

    “And Chivalry: My boy brings me fresh cut roses all the time, and my wall is full of sweet, make-you-cry poems, and he still sings to me sweet lovesongs when I?m feeling down to bring me back into his arms.” – Your boy? Your boy? I wish i knew where you were i would come over there and punch you in the fucking face… then your parents in the face for having such a fucktard as a daughter/son. And what the hell are you talking about “sings me sweet lovesongs when im feeling down to bring me back into his arms”… what the fuck does that even mean. Your an absolute retard. What hes saying is that women… would much rather take money/looks over the nice guy… Women are so retarded to think they can live without men these days…. Thats why everything has gone to hell… And its true… i have a friend who is obsessed with this very hot chick who is one of our friends little sisters… so of course hes always sweet and nice to her and yada yada… me on the other hand im an asshole to her because shes a kid sister… little sisters have to get messed with… its a rule… anyways one day she tells me she likes me and after a few nights of courting hahaha i ask her what she thinks of my friend… she says i know he likes me, but he just tries too hard… i cant stand that. So after i hear that i give her what she wants… i guy to fuck her and leave her… so every now and again i play the whole “i love you” bullshit just enough to get in there and boom… away i go again. Chivaly isnt dead… now is it… mulletard


    Nobody says whack anymore…

  34. The Man

    If you’re comfortable with your sexuality, it doesn’t matter what you do. You can knit pink socks and be a man. I suggest you try riding a motorcycle and you’ll never write articles like this again.

  35. Chase

    Great article, man, and it actually makes some good points..
    The footnote in the “chivalry” paragraph is my favorite.

  36. eliz

    Personally, I agree with the article written. I think some people need to read the “special note” again.

    I just happened to avoid the guys who are complete jerks and was blessed with one of the few chivalrous guys.

  37. mik

    Good article, although I have to disagree with stabbing. Here in Glasgow there are no shootings, ever, just stabbings. As in proper stabbings i.e. if you get stabbed you’ve got a 50% chance of surviving. And if you survive you end up with a massive scar.
    If anyone carried a gun in this city they would get stabbed, full stop.

  38. Mike

    I think you should add something along the lines of owning a dog. At one point, loyal companions were German Shepherds and Labradors. Now I see way too many guys in the area I work that obviously work out far more than I do, and care more about how the look, and are all walking dogs that are smaller than soda can. How can you call yourself a man if you can kill your dog if you accidentally drop a shoe on it?

  39. Daniel

    Chivalry is, admittedly, on death’s door, but it isn’t giving up yet.
    I myself have no money to my name, don’t lift weights, don’t treat my significant other like something I had stepped upon (a trait I must say that I despise), and yet I still find myself in a mutually loving relationship. Why? Chivalry wins the day, of course!
    And there are a few others like myself. Very few, but there are out there all the same. It just happens to be that the majority are complete idiots who think themselves above all else, including the one they are supposed to love. Utterly disgusting behaviour, truly.

    Oh, and in late response to:

    January 4th, 2008 at 8:13 am

    You’re exactly the kind of “man” who fits into this description. The fact that you’d even think of hurting a woman makes me want to tear you limb from limb. It’s the abusive arses like yourselves that ruin the reputation of men worldwide.
    Here’s a heads-up for you: you’re never going to be happy. You may think that you are, or will be, but you won’t. Do yourself a favour and end your life before it gets worse.
    And before you go around calling people retards, consider your inability to use your native language. Idiot.

  40. chrisB

    Yeah, the problem with chivalry is that it makes you appear to have no backbone. Every time you do something just to make a woman happy you are proving your neediness. Thats what we all want, right? to have some emotional mooch in our lives to soak up every bit of energy we have. Remember…just because it’s good for her does not mean its good for the relationhip. She wants someone who stands straight, not bends over so you can kiss her ass. How much of a man could you be if you are always backing down to her? This is why assholes get the girl…they don’t kiss ass, and they don’t back down because they don’t care. And thats attractive (hey I didn’t write the rules, I just live by them!)

  41. Jonathan

    I agree with #36 and #60.

    And as for Merrill is #35, there should be a rule that the replies to blogs cannot be longer than the blogs itself. Like anyone is going to take the time to read that crap. Especially when you establish yourself as a hypersensitive moron in the first 3 lines.

  42. Phoen

    On June 19th, 2007 at 11:23
    Kat said:
    My boy brings me fresh cut roses all the time

    Yar har har, lass!
    boy = *not manly*

  43. MBT

    I was initially very pleased to find this particular web-site.I want to to thank you for your precious time with this amazing read!! I definitely loving every single little bit of it all and I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out latest items you writing.

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