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To Those Who Gave

TOP 2: When you spend quality time with your 7yr old son working on his dinosaur diorama for school but your wife comes home and says this looks horrible…

TOP 3: Driving simulator doesn’t go according to plan

TOP 4: This rat is so …

TOP 5: Wholesome Grandpa Youtuber

@karvetv Grandpa Reads the Comics?? #wholesome #grandpa #comic ? Married Life (From "Up") – Sergy el Som

TOP 6: Satisfying door design.

TOP 7: meirl

TOP 8: a cafe in Japan that will put any image you want on your coffee.

TOP 9: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat

Heartwarming Transformation

TOP 2: Man makes an ultrasonic dog repellant for his bike, to stop dogs from attacking him on his route.

TOP 3: Throwing an apple from an offshore oilrig

@tleger1 $15,000 if you retrieve the apple. You jumping? #bullshark #offshore #tagsomeone #thick #fishing #GOM #oil #gas #gulfofmexico #oilrig #fish #dirtymoney #shark #rig #challenge ? original sound – user91208160390

TOP 4: Teacher surprises drummer student with a new drum set

TOP 5: To have a debate with Canadian prime minister

@kassycho His last line omg #justintrudeau #leader #women #feminism #womensrights #pregnancy #abortion #abortionrights #prochoice #prolife #canada #canadian #canadatiktok #fyp #edutok #learnontiktok ? original sound – kassy

TOP 6: The master mixer…

@wechathotnewss #painting #master ? Dance Monkey – Tones And I

TOP 7: I made my pup Olive this tennis ball catapult

TOP 8: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat

Pizza delivery guy ends police chase with his foot

TOP 2: I wanna be a weather reporter too

TOP 3: Oh the irony

TOP 4: Autopilot is a drug.

TOP 5: Newly discovered species of spikey crab (Neolithodes), found in the depths of the Anegada Passage, eastern Caribbean Sea

TOP 6: Went to a kids play with knock off disney characters and Smoking Olaf was the one that killed me

TOP 7: I know people hate John Cena now, but this tells me he’s a good person

TOP 8: Sorvagsvatn, the lake that hangs over the ocean. Faroe islands

TOP 9: A tired mother’s reaction to her baby’s first steps

TOP 10: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat

This is so true….

TOP 2: A dolphin playfully riding the bow wave of a ship

TOP 3: Chipmunk tasting almonds for the first time

TOP 4: At least it’s not a book

TOP 5: My wife hates my favorite summer polo and now I’m uninvited to brunch 🙁

TOP 6: Aww Grandparents! 

TOP 7: This scuba diver creatively defending himself against a rogue sea turtle

TOP 8: I would have been just as flabbergasted

TOP 9:  Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat

I Hate When this Happens.

TOP 2: meirl

TOP 3: Providing free lawncare

TOP 4: I’m u/miraclman31 the guy that recovered from locked in syndrome. Today i had a picnic. So grateful for the little things

TOP 5: Pilot with nerves of steel lands jet with no landing gear. The burst of flames on the wings at the end is terrifying.

TOP 6: this shot of a snow leopard hunting mountain goat

TOP 7: Sounds pretty fun

TOP 8: Fallen tree swings back into its old position after being cut in half

TOP 9: A headline from 1953

TOP 10: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are shocked by the size of an Australian reporter

TOP 2: Box turtles hibernate deep in the ground

TOP 3: Mine roof hath been ARROW’D!!!

TOP 4: To build a wall.

TOP 5: Busted by the Cops

@trafficpolicentkt "Who Would Keep Salt In A Bag Like That?"#cops #tiktok #usa #police #copstiktok #fyp ? original sound – trafficpolicentkt

TOP 6: Skylight in shower

TOP 7: NSFW Washing Machine

Neighbours don’t believe me it’s the washing machine.

@pihi76 Máy gi?t b? h?ng?ph?i làm sao#????? #máygi?t #??? #vitaimport #laumami #???? ? ?? – ?????

TOP 8: A puppy in bad shape nursed back to great health

TOP 9: What is “K” to you?

TOP 10: Victoria Justice loves her fans

TOP 11: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat

I was eating what i thought was moldy muffins.

When i looked at the package it said blueberry muffins. I ate blueberries.

TOP 2: I’ve struggled with math since I was little. I just got a 100 on my business calculus exam! It’s the hardest I’ve studied for anything in my life. Going back to school at 35 and working full time has been stressful. I dropped out when I was younger so always doubted myself. I can do this

TOP 3: A Japanese man rides his bike carrying Soba noodles on his shoulder in Tokyo, 1935, colourised.

TOP 4: Me irl

TOP 5: The members of Trinity Moravian Church in North Carolina purchased nearly $3.3 million of local residents’ medical debt for just $15,048. Then, they held a debt jubilee ceremony and burned up the debt, canceling it all.

TOP 6: Switching from 4×4 to 2×4 on the fly

TOP 7: Prison Escapee Convinces Cop He is Actually a Jogger

TOP 8: Video of a robot collapsing in a scene that seemed to fall from tiredness after a long day’s work.

TOP 9: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat

After eating two of these blueberry waffles, i went to heat up two more

and saw that the package was for plain waffles. I ate mold.

TOP 2: The coffee I ordered in Bosnia came with a complimentary cigarette

TOP 3: Rainn Wilson’s Instagram story

TOP 4: Gary Sinise here. 53 years ago today, Apollo 13 launched. Found BTS pic I hope you enjoy.

TOP 5: Undefeated Japanese wrestler Yui Susaki. Won the Olympics with no one able to score a single point on her and all her wins are by pin or technical superiority. She has 12 gold medals overall at the age of 24

TOP 6: She finally found out who has been cutting her son’s hair.

@breezharley Anyone need a hair cut? #guineapigs #haircut #baby #dayinthelife ? Funny Song – Mas Gombal

TOP 7: Sea cucumber opening it’s mouth to feed.

TOP 8: This owl had been failing to breed for 2 years, and while she was flying away, she was given two orphaned chicks. She accepted them as her own ^^

TOP 9: The adrenaline of this scene where a buck swims for his life from a crocodile

TOP 10: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat

Mom took hairdressing classes to style daughters hair.

TOP 2: So this is how it started?

TOP 3: Developers have never used a flashlight in their lives

TOP 4: This is Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce. One of, if not the greatest female sprinter in history. Retired olympian was recently seen at her son’s school event, dominating fellow mothers

TOP 5: If you get a wet toothbrush and pet a cat it, it supposedly reminds them getting clean by their mother

TOP 6: Wedding for a New dad

@goodtimeweddings A father's love ?? #weddingvideographer #weddings #texasbrides #houstonbrides #htxvideographer #weddingtiktok #weddingfilms #father #fatherdaughter ? original sound – GoodTime Weddings

TOP 7: My niece takes pictures of my cat and then she shows him how he looks

TOP 8: My man deserves better

TOP 9: My dog was neutered yesterday & he hates a cone so I had to come up with a better solution (= the pants). This is his favourite pose.

TOP 10: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat