4 YouTube Tools you Probably Don?t Know About

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YouTube Tools Web 2.0 is a phenomenon and YouTube is the perfect symbol of Web 2.0 applications. It has become wildly popular – one of the most popular, most-visited sites on the internet. No matter how often you visit it, you always come back. Below, we present to you the best applications for dealing with Youtube.

iDesktop.tv – iDesktop.tv is basically a Youtube but with a way more interactive interface plus an option to download and save any video to your PC. It also allows user to choose and download video in desired format, including AVI (Windows), 3GP (Mobile), MP4 (iPod), and MOV (Quicktime).

iDesktop - Youtube Browser, Converter and Downloader

OrbitDownloader (Windows) – Powerful all-in-one media downloader for your desktop. OrbitDownloader removes the download barriers from almost all popular social media websites, i.e. Youtube, Dailymotion, Pandora, Rapidshare and many others. Once installed, you’ll be able to speedy download from almost any video or music streaming website.

Streaming Music and Video Downloader

Highlights include:

  • Download from social music and video websites.
  • Download acceleration. Outperforms most of the traditional Youtube downloaders.
  • Option to pasue and resume download at any time.
  • Check out full feature list here.

Videoembed (Greasemonkey script) – This one is really cool. Youtube videos are linked from everywhere these days. And this addon lets you watch the video right on the page it’s linked from. It automatically adds embedded video after each link to pages like Metacafe, Youtube, Myspace? and many others so you can view the video without going to the website. Check it out in action on the Digg’s video section.


VideoEmbed - Automatically adds embedded video after video links


VideoEmbed- Greasemonkey script for automatically embedding Youtube videos

VideoFocus – Want to watch online videos without any distractions like ads, chats, comments, etc? This Greasemonkey script strips everything (ads, comments, related video?) but video and a plain background. Works with 30+ video sharing sites.

(By) Contributed by Sumesh and edited by Aibek. Sumesh is a blogger and freelance writer. You can check out his blog at Techzilo.com.

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